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10 family rules and mottos from Dream of Red Mansions, 10 great wisdoms in life

The 10 family mottos in \”A Dream of Red Mansions\” are thought-provoking. If you understand one of them, you can use it throughout your life. Anyone who has watched \”A Dream of Red Mansions\” knows that the two mansions Rongguo Mansion and Ningguo Mansion occupy a whole street. What does it take to maintain such a huge family with thousands of people? In addition to the rich family assets left by their ancestors, there is also the favor and favor of the saints. \”Family motto\” and \”family tradition\” are the secrets of their style and style after hundreds of years. \”A Dream of Red Mansions\” is not only a classic, but also the best model for modern families to learn from. The ten family mottos from the Jia family are thought-provoking. As long as you understand one, you can use it for life! Be affectionate rather than doting, be natural rather than willful. \”You know, children from families like you and me, no matter how cunning and weird they are, they must behave politely when meeting outsiders. If he doesn\’t behave politely, we will never allow him to be cunning.\” Once, a visitor from afar came to Jia\’s house, and the old lady asked Baoyu to come out to meet the visitor. When the guests saw Baoyu\’s cute appearance, they all walked up to him and held his hand and asked questions. Baoyu answered with a smile and did not dare to neglect at all. Before leaving, the guests all sighed: As a pampered young master, why does Baoyu have such a good personality? Being dragged around by a few strangers and asking questions, not only was he not angry, but he was also so docile and polite. It can be seen that although Baoyu is the heart of Jia Mu, she has always followed the rules and never acted willfully in front of outsiders since she was a child. Baoyu is still a child, naturally wild and unrestrained, but the release of his nature must be based on \”no rules, no rules\”, so that he can be released appropriately and he can be cute and romantic. If Jia Baoyu was an insufferable and restless \”naughty child\”, no matter how beautiful he was, he would not be truly loved by everyone in the Jia family. It is very common for adults to dote on their children, but true \”love\” is by no means indulgent, but to teach them the rules of behavior and let them understand the long-standing truth behind family mottos. When you are studying, think about books; when you are not studying, think about home. Speaking of reading, the person who hates this most in \”A Dream of Red Mansions\” is Baoyu. One time, Jia Baoyu was about to start school. Before leaving, his maid Xiren told him: \”Studying is a very good thing, otherwise you will be miserable for the rest of your life… But there is only one thing: just think about books when you are studying. When you are not studying, think about home. Don’t play around with them… Even if you have a strong will, you would rather have less work class. On the one hand, you can bite off more than you can chew, and on the other hand, you must take care of yourself…\” Xiren Although she is a young maid, she speaks in a mature and sophisticated manner. In just a few sentences, she captures the core issue of education: Why study? How to read good books? First of all, as a student, going to school is the most important thing. If you don’t study hard at the age when you should study, and don’t learn knowledge and practice skills, how will you enter the society in the future? How can we talk about cultivating oneself and managing one’s family? Secondly, study should be done to a certain extent. It is better to work slowly and carefully than to become fat in one go. Finally, when you are not studying, you should think about your loved ones at home, and you should always keep the advice of your elders and the teachings of your parents in your heart. Taking control of your life starts with controlling your \”mouth\”. Grandma Liu entered for the first timeWhen I was in the Grand View Garden, I admired in my heart: How many fine wines and delicacies are placed in front of these gentlemen, ladies, young ladies and gentlemen every day, if it had been anyone else, they would have become fat a long time ago! But the strange thing is that the men and women in Jia\’s family are all well-proportioned, and they all look like golden boys and girls walking out of paintings! Especially people like Sister Lin, Wang Xifeng, Ping\’er, etc., all have slender figures, like weak Liu Fufeng. Grandma Liu found that these ladies only ate seven-tenths of their meals, and no matter how delicious the food was, they could only hold it with three chopsticks before putting it down. Not only could they keep in shape, but they could also exercise their willpower. Grandma Liu couldn’t help but sigh: This is the true style of everyone! \”Eating\” is the most basic activity in life, and it is also the most difficult to control: If you want to take control of your life, you must start by \”controlling your mouth.\” Don\’t do whatever you want, and avoid overeating. Respect every life, regardless of poverty or wealth. Many people only saw Grandma Liu being teased by everyone, but did not see Jia Mu\’s love and affection for her. Seeing that she ate deliciously, they quickly brought her own dishes to him and ordered an old woman to cook all kinds of food. The dishes were put on bowls by Grandma Liu\’s grandson Ban\’er so that the child could eat happily. After eating, Wang Xifeng and Yuanyang, who had just \”teased\” Grandma Liu, also came to apologize to Grandma. They were afraid that Grandma would be wronged, so they explained that everything was done to make the old lady happy and had no other intentions. On the day when Grandma Liu came home, not only the old lady, but also Mrs. Wang, Sister Feng, and the maid Ping\’er all thoughtfully prepared gifts, including food, clothing, useful things, and a sum of money for Grandma Liu\’s family to purchase land. Or the capital to do small business. I have to say, they are indeed very considerate and respectful. This is the upbringing of the Jia family: Even if you are a prince or noble, I will neither be humble nor arrogant, nor will I cling to you, nor will I flatter you; even if you are a commoner, or even a beggar on the street, I will treat you with courtesy and will never be arrogant. Respect every life, whether poor or rich, because life is precious. People must learn to be grateful, learn to give back, and truly become a \”capitalized person\”. When you have \”good\” people, you can\’t forget your \”family\” people. Bao Dai\’s love in \”A Dream of Red Mansions\” is enviable to others. Everyone hopes to have a confidant like Dai Yu, Bao Yu, and always keep her in their hearts. It seems that \”love\” is everything in their lives. But in fact, Baoyu is by no means a \”love-only\” person. In his heart, in addition to beautiful love in the world, there are also parents and elders who need to be served carefully. Family is always the first in his heart. Even when he expressed his feelings to Sister Lin, he did not forget about filial piety. Jia Baoyu said this: \”Apart from the three people, the old lady, the master, and the madam, the fourth one is my sister…\” Although beautiful women are rare, family members are your blood relatives who will always support you and protect you. They stand unconditionally. Behind you, I have loved you without complaint since you came into this world. Although this kind of love is neither vigorous nor romantic, it is plain and true and will never dissipate with the passage of time. Give your children more loving education. Do you still remember the plot of Jia Baoyu being beaten severely by his father Jia Zheng? That can be called the most dramatic scene in \”A Dream of Red Mansions\”. For Jia Baoyu, the \”evil obstacle\”\” Not only was Jia Zheng heartbroken and angry for not fighting, but Mrs. Wang was also heartbroken and beat her chest. Even the old lady, who had always been calm and composed, was furious and spoke cruelly, but she was not angry because Baoyu made a mistake, but because of Jia Zheng\’s \”violence\” \”The education method. The old lady said it well, how can any child not make mistakes? But as soon as you make a mistake, you will beat and scold you. If things go on like this, you can know what the consequences will be? Children have to be taught. If it doesn\’t work once, teach them twice. , twice is not enough, then three times. But if for the sake of temporary anger and pleasure, the child is frightened, beaten, and broken, the pain deep in the soul can never be made up by parents. . When dealing with young children, careful teaching is always much wiser than shouting and yelling. It is easy to slap them, but the mark it leaves on the heart can never be erased for a lifetime; even if the child is naughty. , there are mischievous behaviors, but the parents are well-informed and mature. We should be more patient, more understanding, and more loving. Because what children need is an education of love. A true gentleman must do what he says. In the book, Third Sister You, who is more beautiful than Daiyu, only loves Liu Xianglian, the young master of the Liu family, but does not want to be cold-hearted. Although the cold-faced young master Liu agreed to the marriage, he later… She felt regretful. In the end, Liu Xianglian came to break off the engagement, and she must get back the engagement token-the Mandarin Duck Sword. The strong-minded third sister was heartbroken. She only wanted to marry him in her life. Now that the other party had gone back on her word, she had no intention of living, so The third sister drew her sword and killed herself. Liu Xianglian regretted it endlessly. She broke her word and ended up killing her beauty. The so-called gentleman must do what he says, and he must defend every word he says. Be responsible for every word and defend the sanctity behind the words. Integrity is the most basic quality that everyone needs to have a foothold in the world: a true gentleman must do what he says and be resolute in his actions. Clothes are your first priority Two faces. Because his mother was seriously ill, Xiren had to go home immediately to serve him. It was not a big deal for the maid to return home, but due to his different status, Xiren was both the eldest maid in Jia\’s house and Baoyu\’s future houseguest, so Wang Madam Wang Xifeng ordered Wang Xifeng to carefully take care of Xiren\’s package, as well as the clothes and jewelry she wore. Sister Feng was used to seeing the world, and she knew the rules and general principles best. She saw that although Xiren wore some hairpins, none of them were decent enough. Wang Xifeng took out her own clothes and gave them to Xiren so that she could wear them home. Firstly, it was for the sake of the rules of the Jia family and not to be underestimated by others; secondly, it was for Xiren herself. She is not an ordinary person now. A servant, but a future aunt, only if you dress appropriately can you be respected by everyone in the house. No matter what your identity is or what job you do, even if it is the most ordinary position or the most ordinary job, your clothes represent It has become your second face. Although clothes are external objects, they can immediately reveal your personality, mentality, status and even situation. A good piece of clothing may not be expensive or luxurious, but it must be generous and appropriate and suit you. Your temperament shows your aesthetics. In this way, no matter what happens, as long as you wear that dress, you can deal with it confidently. Be kind and charitable, and good people will eventually be rewarded. Grandma Liu had a difficult family background.I came to Jia\’s house to beat the autumn wind and ask for some alms. Ordinary people would either drive people away with disgust or pretend not to see them behind closed doors. However, Mrs. Wang and Sister Feng in the Jia Mansion did not look down on the newly arrived Grandma Liu at all. Instead, they invited her to dinner and treated her warmly. He also gave her a bag of silver in a dignified manner, never mentioning the word \”charity\”, just saying it was a \”feeling\” between relatives. Being charitable to such an extent shows how important family motto is! Although the Jia family was unfortunately in trouble in the future, Wang Xifeng\’s kindness to the Liu family was repaid, and her daughter Qiaojie survived. But there is a lot of giving without expecting anything in return. People feel happy from the bottom of their hearts because they help others. If everyone can lend a helping hand to others when they are in danger, help him once, and give him a hand, then the energy of love will inevitably flow continuously, and one day, it will come to you and me. Everything should be done in moderation, and a person should be content. The famous \”Good Song\” in the book once sang about four kinds of \”good things\” in the world that people can\’t forget: one is fame, the other is gold and silver, the other is a loving wife, and the other is children and grandchildren. For the sake of fame and wealth, for the beauty, for the power and status, and for the sake of unworthy children and grandchildren, people spend all their money day and night, thinking that they can get the life they dream of. Little do they know that all the splendid and dazzling things are just fleeting dream bubbles. Only plain and natural can be real. I forgot to hold back my hand when I had enough time behind me, and I had no way to turn back. Don\’t let this sentence happen to you and me again.

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