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10 sentences from primary school Chinese textbooks that people will only chew on when they reach middle age


Oct 1, 2023

Mr. Jiang once said: When I was young, I thought it was not enough to understand life without reading. It was only later that I discovered that if I didn’t understand life, I couldn’t read. When I was young, I read books loudly in Chinese class, but most of them didn\’t understand their meaning. As I reach middle age, I have gone through the ups and downs of life and experienced all kinds of sadness. The sentences in those texts came to mind one by one. After chewing them slowly, I gradually tasted them. When you are young, you don\’t know what the text means. If you read it again, you will already know the meaning of the text. 01 His attitude finally became respectful, and he shouted clearly: \”Master…\” I seemed to shudder; I knew that there was already a tragically thick barrier between us. I was also speechless. ——Lu Xun\’s \”Hometown\” When he was a child, Runtu called Lu Xun \”Brother Xun\” and took him to hunt birds in the snow, pick up shells on the beach, and watch jumping fish. Thirty years later, when they met again, Runtu called Lu Xun \”Master\” in a respectful and reserved manner. A thick barrier separated the two people, and the friendship of the past could never be regained. As I got older, I gradually understood Lu Xun\’s mood back then. I went back to my hometown during the Chinese New Year. I was a good playmate when I was a child, but now I feel completely strange when we meet again. After a few pleasantries, there was a long period of embarrassment and silence. Friends who play well together after being separated for several years will have nothing to say when they meet again. Man is an environmental animal. Different encounters carve different lives. When we are separated on the timeline, each other embarks on a different journey. Many times, this moment is the end of friendship. 02 Really, until now, I have never eaten the good beans that night – nor have I seen the good show that night. ——Lu Xun\’s \”Social Opera\” When I was a child, a \”blind box\” was popular in the canteen in front of the school. You can pull out all kinds of weird gadgets, including cards, character models, cars, and martial arts secrets. Every time I save my pocket money, I have to go to the canteen to squander it all. In my memory, that was the happiest moment of childhood. Twenty years later, I passed by the school by chance. At the school gate, I saw similar blind boxes again, and I bought dozens of them at once. Stand on the side of the road and dismantle it. When I finished unpacking the two volumes of Xueersi Elementary School Chinese Basics 500 questions in ultra-clear PDF format, I completely lost the impression I had in mind. It was a bit boring and a bit lost. I wanted to buy sweet-scented osmanthus and carry wine with me, but it turned out that it was not the same as a young man traveling. We cannot have youth and feelings about youth at the same time. Just as one part of your life is growing, another part of your life is fading away. The social opera that night was not that good, and the beans that night were not that delicious either. What we really miss may not be the old days, but our youth and the beautiful childlike self we once had. 03 A young man doesn’t know what it’s like to be sad and falls in love with the upper floors. Falling in love with the upper floors, I force myself to express my sorrow in order to compose new words. Now that I know all the sorrow, I want to stop talking. I wanted to give it up, but I said it was a cool autumn. ——Xin Qiji\’s \”Ugly Nuer·Shubo Mountain Road Middle Wall\” The young man does not know sorrow, but he likes to be sad about spring and autumn. If you are slightly unsatisfied, you will tell the world and tell others about your depression and sadness. It is as if he is a wise man who has experienced many vicissitudes of life and has already seen clearly the sufferings of life and the truth of worldly affairs. As I get older, I gradually realize that true sorrow cannot be expressed. Overtime work day and night, marriage with daily necessities, physical and mental exhaustioneducation, parting from the vagaries of the world. Sadness and fatigue have become the norm in middle age. But when I look around, I see that I am surrounded by people who rely on me, but there is no one I can rely on. No matter how bitter or difficult it is, you can only swallow it and digest it by yourself. When others ask, we will just smile indifferently: \”It\’s okay, I\’m fine.\” Step by step, we cultivate to become the \”calm adults\” written by Haruki Murakami. In the midst of hardship, I became stronger bit by bit. Walk through the yard and look at the hanging oleander. I thought silently: Dad\’s flowers have fallen, and I am no longer a child. ——Lin Haiyin \”Dad\’s Flowers Have Fallen\” Before Lin Haiyin graduated from elementary school, his father suddenly fell seriously ill and was hospitalized. Her father knew that he didn\’t have much time left, so he began to teach her to take good care of herself and her siblings. She has four sisters and two brothers, and she is only twelve years old. Her father arranged for her to go out alone to do errands, and arranged for her to go to the bank to send money to her uncle in Japan. Whenever something happens, she always learns to solve it by herself. Her usually good-tempered father became strict, and she felt aggrieved and confused. At that time, she did not understand her father\’s intentions, nor did she understand why her mother secretly shed tears. On the day of the graduation ceremony, her father did not come. When she got home, she heard the news of his death. There was chaos at home, but she went to the hospital calmly. When she went out, looking at the fallen oleander, she suddenly understood her father. A twelve-year-old child grew up in an instant. All maturity in life begins with loss. When I was young, my parents were the big trees that shielded me from the wind and rain, and I was carefree under the trees. But as they grow older, gray hair grows on their temples, and their strong arms are no longer reliable. We must grow into a big tree ourselves and fight against the wind and rain outside. Life is a process of constant loss and constant gain. In the constant loss, we eventually mature step by step. 05 The chrysanthemums are blooming in Beihai. Let me take you to see them. ——Shi Tiesheng\’s \”Autumn Memories\” Shi Tiesheng lost his legs when he was at his most restless and exuberant age. His young body and soul were imprisoned in a wheelchair. He refused to give in and became irritable and irritable. His mother carefully asked him if he wanted to go to Beihai to see the chrysanthemums, hoping to ease his mood. Who would have thought that he would receive a scolding from his son. Shi Tiesheng did not expect that his mother was already seriously ill at that time and was hospitalized the next day. And these scolding words became the last words he said to his mother. The author regrets in his heart, but it is irreversible, leaving him with a lifetime of regrets. As I get older, I am most afraid of phone calls in the middle of the night. My parents are getting older and their health is getting worse. I don’t know when we will see each other again and it will become a farewell forever. Nature is ruthless and life is small. Don\’t always lose your temper and don\’t always be stingy with your expressions. We only have this life\’s fate between us. Cherish the people around you and love the people around you. Only in this way, we will not be so regretful when we say goodbye. 06What night is there without a moon? Where are there no bamboos or cypresses? But there are few idle people like the two of us. ——Su Shi\’s \”Night Tour of Chengtian Temple\” In the evening, Su Shi was bored and went to Zhang Huaimin to relieve his boredom, and the two of them enjoyed the night view together. When I was young, I saw the deep friendship between the two and Su Shi’s optimism in the face of adversity.And broad-minded. After middle age, after experiencing the ups and downs of human relationships and the uncertainty of the world, I suddenly saw Su Shi\’s compassion and kindness between the lines. Zhang Huaimin had just been demoted to Huangzhou, and Su Shi had been in Huangzhou for four years. The person who felt lonely and bored was not Su Shi but Zhang Huaimin. Su Shi had experienced what Zhang Huaimin was going through now, and he came specifically to chat with Zhang Huaimin. I hope to give him some comfort at the lowest point in his life. Talking and laughing, enjoying the moonlight together, made Zhang Huaimin, who had just been demoted, less miserable. Life is a long journey, and each of us is a lonely traveler. We are inevitably frustrated and lonely along the way. Having a friend who always cares about you is a great comfort in life. He keeps us from perdition and from wandering. What night is there without a moon? Where are there no bamboos or cypresses? But there are few idle people like the two of us. The world is temporary, but the heart of knowing each other is eternal. Life is a long journey, and I hope you and I can have a close friend to walk through this fleeting century together. 07 Maybe many years later, I will look back on the past with a sigh: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I chose the one less traveled by, and that has decided the path of my life. ——Frost, \”The Road Not Taken\” Life is a collection of countless choices. The first choice you fill out, the first major you choose, the first resume you submit, the first job you do, the first person you find… the sum of these choices is our life. One\’s choice is one\’s destiny. Zhou Guoping said: The road is bustling with people, but I choose the less traveled path. When the world is drifting with the crowd, one must guard one\’s own heart and make one\’s own choices and judgments. Life is not about living for anyone, but living for yourself. Only by respecting your own choices and preferences can you walk firmly on your own path. Kong Yiji was the only person standing drinking and wearing a long gown. ——Lu Xun\’s \”Kong Yiji\” There are two types of guests at Xianheng Hotel. One is wearing long robes and sitting inside eating and drinking happily, and the other is wearing short clothes and standing outside drinking wine. Kong Yiji became the kind of person outside these two types of people because he was the only person who drank standing while wearing a long gown. When I was young, I had no idea what \”Kong Yiji\” was about. Now facing the danger of unemployment and the difficulty of finding a job, I suddenly understood Kong Yiji. I can\’t find a decent job, but I don\’t want to lose face and do physical work that doesn\’t match my diploma. Kong Yiji couldn’t take off his long robe, but we couldn’t get off the academic platform. We carefully protect our fragile face and self-esteem. But in the end, I found that it is difficult to have both face and dignity. Putting down your dignity to make money is the greatest dignity. Shielding your family from the ups and downs outside is a person\’s greatest pride. It is gold and will shine wherever it is. If you do the most basic work well, sooner or later you will have a shining day. 09 I\’m going to buy some oranges. Just stay here and don\’t move around. ——Zhu Ziqing\’s \”Back View\” This should be the most famous and emotional passage about his father. At that time, my father lost his job and was at a low point in his life. On the way to say goodbye to my son, I wanted to go to the other side of the road to buy some oranges for him. When crossing the platform, the clumsy figureThe son\’s psychological defense was suddenly broken, and the author\’s tears flowed down unsatisfactorily. The powerful father in my impression has begun to grow old, but he still does his best to take care of himself. Although I am an adult, I can\’t do anything for my parents. This feeling made the author feel very uncomfortable. Only an adopted son will know the kindness of his parents. After I got married and had children, I gradually understood the dedication and hard work my parents put into their children. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop; the child wants to be nurtured but cannot be kissed. Parents are kind, and children must not blindly ask for it and forget to repay it. Don\’t let your parents feel cold, and don\’t let yourself regret it. 10 There is a loquat tree in the courtyard. My wife planted it the year she died. It is now as tall as a canopy. ——Gui Youguang\’s \”Xiang Jixuan Zhi\” When I was young, I couldn\’t understand \”Xiang Jixuan Zhi\” at all. As I get older and experience family members being separated and people changing, I understand the longing and regret behind Gui Youguang. Gui Youguang lost his mother when he was eight years old. When he was eighteen years old, he wrote the first four paragraphs of \”Xiang Ji Xuan Zhi\”. Through Xiang Jixuan, I wrote about myself and my mother when I was a child, to commemorate my late mother. When he was 24 years old, Gui Youguang married the Wei family whose mother was engaged to him. A year later, his wife gave birth to a daughter for him. While holding his daughter in his arms at night, he suddenly thought of his mother. He was overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears. His wife held him in her arms and carefully comforted him. Another four years later, his wife died. Gui Youguang fell seriously ill and was bedridden, so Xiang Jixuan was abandoned. Until the age of 33, Gui Youguang wrote the last two paragraphs of \”Xiang Ji Xuan Zhi\” to commemorate his deceased wife. The first half of \”Xiang Ji Xuan Zhi\” is about family affection, and the second half is about love. He buried the two most important people in his life together in this text. There are countless ups and downs, and the stars are changing. Facing time and life and death, life is filled with helplessness and confusion. The longing that arose in my heart was hidden by the author in time and embodied among the lush vegetation. This person has passed away, but the loquat tree in front of the court is still remembered. No regrets, no sadness, but my thoughts are like a tree, growing like a tree every year, and now it is as tall as a canopy. ▽Some people say: Reading in a young age is like peeping at the moon through a gap; reading in middle age is like looking at the moon in a courtyard; reading in old age is like playing with the moon on the stage. All are based on the shallowness and depth of experience, and the shallowness and depth of what they have gained. A man of letters, a man of letters, writes for thousands of years, and writes a single life. When you reach a certain age, you have experienced joys and sorrows, and tasted all the flavors of life, and then you slowly understand the deeper meaning. Time is no longer the prime time of youth, and we are no longer ignorant. Although my childhood textbooks have turned yellow over the years, they still contain the most authentic picture of life. The most valuable thing about people is that they can see through the essence of life and still love life. Like it and share it with your friends.

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