• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

100 ways to educate children at home, very simple but super practical

Parents will always encounter problems of one kind or another in the process of educating their children. For example: How can we make children take the initiative to do homework and love learning? How to make children more sensible? How to turn children\’s shortcomings into strengths? How to help children learn to manage their emotions? How to make children focus? What should parents pay attention to in cultivating children\’s self-confidence and eliminating inferiority complex… Is Sun Luhong\’s course worth buying? He said that parents are their children\’s best teachers. How can we make family education more effective with half the effort? People\’s Daily released 100 tips for family education for parents\’ reference. Your child always does what you say and seems very obedient, but if you don’t tell him, he won’t do it! How to let children learn to take initiative? When communicating with their children, parents should also pay attention to some details and listen carefully to what they say; when getting along, showing trust in their children can make their children more sensible. Children always have conflicts with their parents. Parents must try their best to overcome this transitional difficulty and let their children slowly learn to manage their emotions. Learning itself is a patterned process, and children will definitely become tired. How to make children love learning has also become a problem for parents. As parents, we must provide our children with appropriate guidance and comfort, eliminate their learning tension, and give them the confidence and courage to face the challenges that come their way. When teaching children to read, their attention will always be attracted by other things and they will be distracted for six out of ten minutes. You should know how to get your children to focus. Once children have negative emotions, they are reluctant to try things by themselves. Keeping children with a positive attitude is more conducive to their growth. Parents hope that their children can create their own personality and future, so they must first cultivate their children\’s self-confidence and let them know the value of their own existence. For children with poor abilities, it is not enough to cultivate their self-confidence. Eliminating their inferiority complex is the key! No one is perfect, children will have shortcomings to some extent, but there is a lot of knowledge in how to correct them correctly. 100 tips for family education, you will definitely use them! Download the full set of a real Yu Shiwei lecture: A selection of 156 issues of preschool children’s family education story cases. Parents in need, hurry up and collect it~

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