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11 bad habits of failed parents. If you don’t hit any of them, you are a good parent.

Countless parents hope to send their children to the best schools, receive the best education, and do their best to create the best educational environment for their children. But it is often overlooked that parents are their children\’s best teachers. Every word and deed of parents sets an example for their children. Every detail in family life is actually not a small detail. Many times, parents do many inappropriate behaviors in order to protect their children and prevent them from getting hurt. As everyone knows, such behavior has already caused harm to the child\’s growth. Parents are thrifty, but their children are extravagant. Parents live frugally, but they unconditionally meet their children\’s requirements. You think this is a sign of loving your children, but it is not. Indulging children in money is likely to make them learn luxury, not know how to repay, and not know how to manage money. Loving a child does not mean giving him the most expensive thing, the most important thing is to give him the right one. Teaching your children to manage money from an early age, to know how to be grateful and repay, and to truly understand the principles of frugality is the best gift you can give your children. If parents are not polite, their children will imitate them. In life, if parents often behave impolitely when getting along with others, their children will imitate them. For example, if parents use rude words to each other, the children will also be rude to both parties. If parents are rude to their elders, the children will imitate the way their parents treat them. Once a child develops rude habits, it will affect his or her interpersonal, academic, and career development, causing them to miss many opportunities. In daily life, parents should examine their own words and deeds and be civilized and polite people. Teaching by precept and example are two inseparable parts. Watching TV programs without ratings makes it easy for children to learn bad things. Watching TV with your children is a scene that happens in almost every family. In order to save trouble, many parents will take their children to watch adult programs together, but they ignore one problem: many adult programs are not suitable for children. Some programs can easily cause children to have misunderstandings, and the children\’s eyes are not yet fully developed. Watching TV with parents for a long time, radiation, strong visual and auditory stimulation can also harm children, and may also cause the development of cervical spine and other bones. We must realize that when watching programs or playing on the computer for our children, we must follow their development habits. Make sure the content your children are exposed to is positive and healthy. And make a time schedule in advance and don\’t exceed the specified time. If you are worried that your child is bored, you can try using parent-child games to divert your child\’s attention. Comparing children with others makes them worse and worse. In family education, the most common phenomenon is probably to compare children. Many parents think that comparison can stimulate their children\’s greater potential. This idea is actually wrong. When comparing children, children may not necessarily develop a competitive mentality, but may also develop a sense of failure and guilt. These two feelings will cause children to lose self-confidence and become low self-esteem, which will not only affect the relationship between parents and children, but will also cause obstacles in the children\’s future study and work. The most correct thing to do is not to measure your own children by the standards of other people\’s children. Each child’s talent and personality are different, and their development trajectories are naturally different, so there is no need to force comparison. Let children develop naturally,As long as there is no lag or sluggishness, don\’t worry too much. Over-protecting children will turn them into \”giant babies\”. There are no parents in the world who do not love their children. From the moment their children are born, parents worry that they will be harmed by the outside world. Hold it in your mouth for fear of melting, hold it in your hand for fear of falling. I feel sorry for the children who will suffer, and don’t let them do anything. While favoring children, it also deprives them of hands-on opportunities, leaving them without a learning process and without exercise. Without the training of life, it is difficult for children to learn the skills of taking care of themselves. Over time, they will form the habit of dependence and eventually become a \”lazy\” child. When he goes out into society, it will be difficult for him to get along with others and cannot adapt to collective life. Therefore, in life, we must give our children some opportunities for autonomy. Within the scope of children\’s abilities, assign them some things to let them understand that only by giving can you gain something, and let them learn the abilities they should have. Children\’s hands-on learning is the most effective way. Losing your temper in front of a child will determine what kind of environment the child is likely to be exposed to, and what kind of child will be created. Parents who lose their temper tend to raise children who are rebellious, suspicious, sensitive, fragile and aggressive. When children grow up, they will also have a very bad temper and harsh behavior. In severe cases, they may develop abnormal or neurotic tendencies. Children will inherit their parents\’ bad tempers and \”vent out harm and replicate violence.\” At this time, the next generation of young children fell victim to bad tempers. Therefore, we should try our best to avoid venting our temper in front of our children. We can talk to our children in a fair manner and discuss the matter as it is. Tell them that there are bad things in life, and take this opportunity to teach them some survival lessons. Try to give your child a more positive impression. When he encounters similar things, he will not vent his temper blindly, but look for solutions. Parents often lie, and it is difficult for children to be sincere. Children are the most innocent and smartest people in the world. It’s not that they don’t understand your lies, but they are powerless. Children lie for so long that they become part of the lie. Treat your children as equals to you! Don’t use words to fool them just because they are still young, and don’t lay out a world of lies for them just because they know little. In this way, children will also feel that there is nothing wrong with lying, and they are likely to learn to lie. Children\’s trust is very precious. Parents should not be perfunctory with their children. They must fulfill their promises to their children. Regardless of whether the children are present or not, please be a person of integrity. Parents procrastinate in doing things, and children have no sense of time. Some parents themselves are very procrastinating in life. They promised to go out with their children at 8 o\’clock, but they always procrastinate until 9 o\’clock. I usually spend time with relatives and friends, but I never arrive on time. Children will notice their parents\’ unpunctual behavior, and over time, they will also become timeless. They think that unpunctuality and lateness are just minor incidents, and that they are likely to have similar problems to their parents in the future. Parents should establish their children\’s time perspective from an early age and let them understand the importance of time. You must always do things according to plan and complete them strictly according to the specified time. Don\’t always think about \”the future is long\”.there is none left. Failure to obey traffic rules puts children\’s safety at risk. In order to save trouble, adults often do not obey traffic rules when traveling. They run red lights when no one is around and turn where they cannot. In order to save some time, they take risks with their children. Doing so will only weaken children\’s safety awareness and lack self-protection awareness. Whether they are out or at home, they will easily encounter danger. Parents try to save worry for a while, but it affects their children\’s life. So, changes must be made. Whether you go out with your children or not, please obey the traffic rules. At home, we should teach our children more about the importance of obeying traffic rules. Let them understand that by following the rules, they are protecting themselves. Criticizing children in public makes children feel resentful. Many times when children make mistakes, parents teach their children directly in public regardless of the occasion or opportunity, thinking that this can make the children remember deeply and stop falling in the same place. In fact, educating children in this way is not only not conducive to the children\’s understanding of their mistakes, but also has a more profound adverse impact on the children. When a child is criticized in public, it will not only hurt the child\’s self-esteem and make the child feel inferior, but it will also affect the emotions between children, and they will not be able to realize their mistakes. As the saying goes: If you know your mistakes, you can correct them, but there is no greater good. All adults make mistakes from time to time, let alone young children. When a child makes a mistake, what needs to be pointed out in time and the attitude must be gentle. Tell them where they went wrong. The purpose of criticism is not to beat them, but to let them correct themselves. Don\’t put the cart before the horse. We often have parents who don\’t like to exercise and whose children are in poor health. We often have parents who spend two days on weekends either in front of the TV or in front of the computer. There are also some parents who are keen to take their children to various interest classes during the two days of weekends. Regardless of whether the children are really interested, they always feel that if they invest money and time, their children will become successful. It’s rare to find parents who love sports and take their own health seriously. Therefore, our children love sports and are very rare in paying attention to their physical health. A child\’s lack of exercise can lead to delayed development of certain skills, so changes must be made. Exercising more is good for you and your children. Try to take time to do some sports and games with your children, which not only exercises your body but also cultivates parent-child relationships. Many times, every move, word and deed of parents will be subtly imprinted on their children\’s minds, affecting their key choices in the future and ultimately their destiny. If you want your children to become well-educated people, you must first become a well-educated person. No matter how good a prestigious school is, it cannot compare to the words and deeds of parents to their children.

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