• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

19-year-old girl fell to death after being sexually assaulted: Boys need respect education, girls need protection education

After the holidays, another piece of news is heartbreaking. Luo Beibei, a 19-year-old freshman girl, left home after 8pm when the incident occurred and wanted to go to the hospital to visit her sick grandmother. But on the way home, I lost my way. At this time, the drunk suspect Wang Mouwen saw Luo Beibei on the street and had the intention of raping her. He followed Luo Beibei and persuaded Luo Beibei to get into his car and take him home on the pretext of helping him go home. After Wang Mouwen took Luo Beibei home, he \”kissed her, grabbed her breasts, and touched her vagina. Later, Luo Beibei resisted and used the excuse of going to the bathroom to avoid Wang Mouwen\’s sexual assault.\” .\” More than an hour later, the suspect found Luo Beibei falling to his death from the 16th floor. Wang Mouwen was afraid that the matter would be exposed, so he and his brother crushed the body of the deceased to fake the scene of the car accident. Poor Beibei was in her prime, but she passed away forever. Whenever we see cases like this, we always wonder, if the bad guys weren\’t so cruel and the girls weren\’t so \”innocent,\” wouldn\’t this tragedy have happened? Girls will always face more dangers when they survive in this world. Because of his weak strength, when encountering danger, the chance of escape is very slim. Therefore, families with daughters must instill safety awareness and protective education into their children from an early age. Since we cannot restrain others, we can only start by protecting ourselves. First, the girl in the safety education case was coaxed by criminals into getting into the car and encountered danger, which to a certain extent can be avoided. From an early age, we teach our children not to go with strangers and not to believe what strangers say. But in fact, these preachings may not be effective. There was an experiment abroad. An experimenter driving a luxury car passed the door of a house where three children were playing. The experimenter parked his car outside the garden fence. The two girls immediately went to the garden to look at the beautiful car. The experimenter asked: \”Do you like it?\” The children said: \”Yes.\” The experimenter asked again: \”Would you like to get in the car and go for a drive?\” They said in unison: \”Okay, okay!\” and then ran away. The stranger\’s car ran away. My mother watched everything that happened from the window, feeling shocked and sad. Yes, this mother is just like us. She has taught her children countless times to be wary of strangers and not to get into strangers’ cars. But in the face of temptation, children easily forget these words. In fact, it is not just temptation, but \”fake good intentions\” that can easily deceive people. The girl in the example was lost, couldn\’t find the way home, and was anxious. At this time, a seemingly kind-hearted person said that she would help you, and she would easily let down her guard, and the bad guys would get in. This gap. Therefore, it is not only necessary to educate children to be wary of strangers, but also to teach them how to face and use kindness. There was a case before where a girl kindly helped to send a pregnant woman home, but she unexpectedly fell into a trap and was brutally raped and killed. Therefore, whether you are helping others or being helped, as long as the other person asks to take you somewhere or ride with you alone, you must be on guard. It is best to refuse such requests or call 110. Second, life teachingLife is the most precious, there is no doubt about it. Parents should educate their children from an early age to protect their own life and health before doing anything. Helping others is a good thing, but kindness must have a bottom line. If it may hurt yourself, then seek stronger help. Protecting yourself is always the first rule. In extreme cases, girls who are sexually assaulted should not blame themselves excessively, but should realize that they are the victims and the perpetrator is the one who needs to be punished. Therefore, don\’t sacrifice your life as the price of sadness. This is unfair to yourself and a huge blow to your parents and relatives. When we see these terrible news, we always subconsciously tell our children to learn to protect themselves, but often neglect to educate our children not to harm others. For parents of boys, the task of raising children is even more difficult. Parents should cultivate their children\’s character from an early age, educate their children to respect and love women, and treat everyone in the world with a kind and gentle heart. Because their strength is inherently stronger than that of the opposite sex. Only by learning to use this power correctly can you become a better person. In short, whether you are a boy or a girl, learning to protect yourself is the first lesson in life. The world is very dangerous, and only by learning to protect yourself can you live a healthy and happy life.

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