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3 truths to tell your children when raising boys

Raising children is an arduous family undertaking. From food, clothing, housing and transportation to education and guidance, parents spend a lot of effort. Every child is an independent individual; as the saying goes: \”There are no two identical leaves in the world.\” Different educational strategies need to be adopted to treat different children. However, due to the gender differences between boys and girls, when educating boys, many parents emphasize that \”a stick produces a filial son\” and \”boys must be raised poor\”, believing that only in this way can children grow up. However, any education should not be separated from love and respect. When parents are raising boys, they must know these three truths: Raising Boys Collector\’s Edition PDF download [on the bestseller list for 15 consecutive years] 1. Give children the warmth of family; 2. Give children a sense of responsibility; 3. Teach children to be kind. In family education, the cultivation of children\’s excellent qualities should not be neglected at any time; in the future, these excellent qualities will surely become the wisdom code for boys to unlock a happy life. Happy people who give their children the warmth of their families use their childhood to heal their lives, and unfortunate people use their lives to heal their childhood. And for seemingly strong boys, they also need the warmth of family. How important is it for children to have a warm home? During their school years, they can devote themselves to their studies without any distractions and will not look sad because their parents\’ quarrels are echoing in their ears! In adulthood, they can also get positive support from their parents\’ healthy family relationships. According to statistics, almost all of China\’s top entrepreneurs have a happy family of origin. Among them, there are more than ten people including Ren Zhengfei, Jack Ma, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Lei Jun and so on. Along the way, the loving father and mother of their original family gave them a lot of warmth. On the contrary, those boys who have had a rough upbringing are likely to have grown up in troubled families. These boys often face pressures and challenges that their peers have never experienced, and are prone to wandering on the edge of breaking the law and committing crimes. The CCTV documentary \”Mirror\” once focused its camera on the native families of several rebellious teenagers. Fourteen-year-old Zeqing is an out-and-out problem student. His grandparents are both retired university professors; his father works in a public institution, and his mother is the backbone of business in a hospital. Although he was born into a relatively privileged family, he chose to drop out of school when he was in the second grade of junior high school. Usually, Zeqing plays military chess on the computer at home, refusing to be disturbed by his parents, and even scolds his mother who brings him food as \”cheap\”. Once, he even pulled his mother\’s hair and hit and scratched her. The father next to him was lying down to rest, his eyes closed tightly, and there was no reaction. The husband turned a deaf ear to his wife\’s pleas for help, and it was not until his son swung a stool and smashed it that he spoke out to stop her. As a result, the root cause of this family problem came to light: marital disharmony. Zeqing\’s narration showed another side of the family. He said: \”My mother spends less time with me, and then she makes a lot of excuses.\” \”Secondly, she has a bad temper and some domestic violence. Behavior. No matter what the matter is, in the end, she will definitely say that she is right.\” \”When my dad can\’t solve the problem with her, he usually uses violence and curses very harshly.\” These domestic violence, emotions Violence damages already fragile family relationships, causing children toLosing the warmth of family as they grow up; some children slip into the abyss of crime. Therefore, if there is a boy at home, parents must give him a happy family and plenty of warmth! Cultivating children\’s sense of responsibility Yu Qiuyu, a famous writer, believes: \”The first charm of men is their sense of responsibility.\” Indeed, a responsible boy will take his studies and life seriously. When he grows up, he will also be inspired by his sense of responsibility to take on his own job responsibilities and family roles. Some people say that a girl who loves to laugh will not have bad luck; similarly, a responsible boy will not be too far away from happiness. Last year, a boy became famous all over the Internet for his courage in taking social responsibility. On June 6, 2021, a car caught fire on Yinsha Bridge in Zunyi, Guizhou. The local fire rescue station dispatched firefighters and drove to deal with the incident. Firefighting vehicles were driving on the noisy road, rushing to the relatively remote vehicle fire point. In the camera, a young man wearing a yellow shirt suddenly appeared, waving to the fire vehicle. The eleven-year-old boy ran for a while, then stopped, turned around, looked at the fire truck, waved his hand, and continued running. A firefighter recalled: When the child waved, he looked sweaty and tired. I think the children are very cute and heart-warming, and quite touching. Under the guidance of the boy, the firefighters quickly reached the point where the car caught fire and put out the fire with water cannons. This precious sense of social responsibility makes this eleven-year-old boy stand out in the online world. Netizens said one after another: He looks so handsome when he runs! When young people are strong, China is strong, and boys have a bright future! This is what Chinese teenagers look like, awesome! Responsible boys will also transform into \”little warm boys\” from time to time in the family and assume their own family roles. I\’m cooking noodles for my sister, aren\’t you confused? Go and lie down quickly. A boy said to his mother, with a sweet smile of concern on his face. It turned out that my mother was not feeling well that day. She endured dizziness and went to the kitchen to cook. She unexpectedly found the boy cooking noodles. He carried a bowl of noodles and placed it on his sister\’s dining table, looking like a little man. The course of life is full of unknowns. However, a boy who is full of responsibility will undoubtedly have a promising future! Because a sense of responsibility will help him resist the invasion of selfishness and laziness. Inspired by family and social responsibilities, the boys brave the wind and waves, forge ahead and realize their self-worth! Therefore, if there are boys in the family, parents must cultivate their children\’s sense of responsibility and responsibility! Teach children to be kind. Recently, cases of boys harming children have been repeatedly reported in the social news. The cruel and violent method of committing the crime is hard to believe that it was actually committed by a boy under the age of fourteen. The Propaganda Department of Lantian County Party Committee once reported a case of violation of minors. The four male students involved were all under the age of 14, two of them were 11 years old and two were 12 years old. The public security organs have sent four students to Xi\’an Work-Study School. It is reported that this is a specialized school opened to educate minors with serious bad behaviors. Some netizens believed that the punishment was too light and called for lowering the age of criminal responsibility. Others pointed out that violent children often have a delinquent parent. Therefore, society should start from their family education, intervene and guide. At the same time, some people pessimistically say that society is teaching girls to protect themselves, but no one teaches boys to be kind. The British writer Shakespeare once pointed out: \”A kind heart is gold.\” In fact, a kind character is not only as precious as gold, but also as hard as armor. It also protects boys and allows them to run freely on the Sunshine Avenue within the rules! Therefore, as parents, you should pay attention to cultivating a boy\’s kind character as he grows up. A four-year-old boy has been on the hot search list online and has been read 190 million times. At a calligraphy, painting and photography exhibition in Changsha, Hu Pei, the prototype of the painting \”Warrior\’s Hand\”, appeared. During the epidemic, Hu Pei, a nurse at Hunan Provincial Children\’s Hospital, stayed in the isolation ward, and her hands were \”scratched\” with blood stains from talcum powder and disinfectant! At the photography exhibition, a four-year-old boy touched her hand and asked seriously: Does my little sister’s hand still hurt? Simple words, concealing a kind heart, touching! Sharp-eyed netizens pointedly pointed out: Such a warm-hearted child, so well educated! Raising children is a long marathon that tests parents’ wisdom and endurance. When parents are helping the mythical beasts with their homework and preparing three meals a day for them, they should also pay more attention to cultivating their children\’s excellent character. The ancients said: \”Parents love their children for their profound plans.\” To raise children, parents should use warmth and love to open the boy\’s beautiful heart; download the PDF version of the e-book Raising Girls [on the bestseller list for 15 years]. Only then can a child become a responsible and kind-hearted person.

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