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357 summer vacation study schedule is so practical, save it for your children


Oct 1, 2023

Summer vacation is coming, but I am not happy at all. I have a headache when I think about my son sleeping in and playing games all day long during the summer vacation last year, and his grades plummeted at the beginning of school. If the summer vacation is used well, the child may overtake in a corner and catch up later; if the summer vacation is not used well, the gap between the child and his classmates may widen. In order to help children spend a fulfilling and meaningful summer vacation, I have developed a \”357 Golden Plan\”, hoping to provide some reference for parents. Three stages According to the psychological changes of children, we can divide children\’s summer vacation into three stages: · 1 · \”Free-range stage\”: A week or two before the start of summer vacation, a semester of intense study and examinations has just ended. The physical and mental state is relatively fatigued, and a period of time is urgently needed to rest and recover. The summer arrangements at this time are mainly about relaxation. Within the scope allowed by epidemic prevention and control, take the children out to relax and cultivate a good parent-child relationship; you can also let them stay at the homes of grandparents and grandparents for a few days to change the environment. relax for a moment. Only by allowing children to release the pressure accumulated for a semester can children enter the next stage happily both physically and mentally. · 2 · \”Captive Stage\”: The middle of summer vacation. This is the largest period of the entire summer vacation. It is the stage when children are in the best physical and mental condition. It is also the best time for children to check for leaks and fill in the gaps. During this period, it is recommended to focus on studying and supplement by relaxing, arrange learning tasks for children in a balanced manner, and supervise children to carry out their tasks carefully. · 3 · \”Concentration stage\”: Half a month before the start of school at the end of summer vacation, children have begun to enter the stage of concentrating. Do you want to buy a Chinese traditional music machine for your child? The content of 9854 mp3 songs + catalogue. During this period, it mainly helps the child overcome the \”holiday syndrome\”, adjust the child\’s work and rest routine and mentality, and let the child return to the state of school. At the same time, don’t forget to check your children’s homework to help them preview new knowledge in advance and help them welcome the new semester with confidence. If the five key points blindly assign a bunch of summer tasks to children, it will be difficult for children to stick to them, and the meaning of summer vacation will be greatly reduced. If you want to make good use of your vacation time so that your children can not only rest and adjust, but also grow themselves, it is better to grasp these five key points. 01 Let children independently develop a study plan. Only a \”study plan\” that the child thinks and formulates by himself is easier to implement. When a child has a goal and direction that he wants to work hard for, he will have a stronger internal drive. . 02 Focus on developing a hobby. We often say that interest is a child’s best teacher. It’s not just because children are happy and joyful when doing things they are interested in. More importantly, when a child does something that interests him, his imagination and creativity can be fully utilized, and his concentration, seriousness, perseverance, and willpower can also be beneficially exercised. You might as well take advantage of the holidays to let your children develop a hobby, such as Go, dancing, football, etc., which is of great benefit to their learning and growth. 03 Let children experience the hardship of making money. In reality, many children spend money lavishly and do not know the hardship of their parents making money, let alone the meaning of studying hard. Summer vacation is oneIt’s a good opportunity. Don’t just let your children sit at home and study. Let them experience the difficulty of making money first-hand. Only then can they better understand the value of labor, understand the hard work of their parents and the significance of reading. 04 Plan a family trip. If epidemic prevention and control policies allow, planning a family trip is the best opportunity to exercise your children. You don’t need to go far, but you should let your children plan their own itinerary and solve difficulties. Children can become more independent and confident in the process of solving problems and overcoming difficulties again and again. 05 It is impossible to take care of children for a lifetime by learning a life skill. We should take advantage of the summer vacation to teach children some life skills, such as washing vegetables, cooking, boiling water, laundry, repairing electrical appliances, etc. Only then can the children truly learn to \”reliance themselves\” and have fewer children in the future. Some cares and worries. Seven Habits Use the summer vacation to help children develop these 7 habits, which will benefit them throughout their lives. 1. The habit of independent thinking. Only by allowing children to develop the habit of independent thinking can children continue to improve their thinking and problem-solving abilities. The more they learn, the better they become and the easier they learn. 2. The habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Morning is the time when the brain is most alert and focused. Studying during this time not only greatly improves learning efficiency, but also eliminates the health problems caused by staying up late. Only by going to bed early and getting up early can your children have an energy-filled morning and get twice the result with half the effort. 3 The habit of reading Dong Yuhui, a recently popular anchor who sells goods, has impressed countless netizens with his poetry and English, as well as his rich and contagious expressions. It also allowed countless netizens to once again witness the power of reading and the power of knowledge. Only by helping children develop a good habit of reading from an early age can they be given a rich soul; only then can they be allowed to express themselves vividly, and only then can they be given invisible wings to fly higher and further. 4 Habits of previewing and reviewing Previewing not only allows children to better understand knowledge, but also exercises children\’s independent learning ability. Reviewing can help children consolidate their memory, deepen their understanding, and prevent them from forgetting while learning. Helping children develop the habit of reviewing and previewing is to lay a solid foundation for their learning. 5. The habit of summarizing and summarizing. Some children have difficulty in learning. It is often because several problems are entangled together and they cannot distinguish, understand, or find a solution. Therefore, we must take advantage of the summer vacation to help children develop the habit of sorting out knowledge points, summarizing and summarizing. For example: let children sort out their weak knowledge points, classify and analyze the reasons, practice and correct them in a targeted manner; concentrate similar problems, summarize the rules and key points, and improve learning efficiency. 6. The habit of practicing calligraphy. Insist on letting children practice calligraphy regularly and quantitatively every day. It is not only to improve the child\’s test scores and impression points, but more importantly, it can hone the child\’s patience, exercise the child\’s concentration, and help the child develop Rigorous and meticulous study habits prevent children from losing points due to carelessness. 7 Exercise Habits A student who scored very well in the college entrance examination once said in his short video: \”I was able to get into Tsinghua University thanks to my high school teacher. I am still very grateful to him.\” Because since I entered high school Since then, his head teacher has often taken them with himsports. It was not until he later studied brain science that he discovered that it was exercise that allowed him to release his inner energy and physical anxiety; it was exercise that exercised his concentration and persistence, and transferred these qualities to learning. . Therefore, helping children develop the habit of exercising is the best gift parents can give their children during summer vacation. It is said that the Yimi flower that grows in the Gobi Desert of Africa is as unknown as a grass most of the time. Miraculously, it will bloom into incredibly beautiful flowers one morning. However, many people don’t know that it takes 5 years for Yimi flowers to complete the work of intersecting rhizomes before blooming, and then accumulates nutrients bit by bit, and blooms colorfully in the spring of the sixth year. The brilliance of a flower requires a period of quiet efforts, and the excellence of a child requires watering by bits and pieces of sweat. Making good use of your vacation time is the best help for your children.

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