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4 Ignorant Education Ways to Ruin Children


Oct 1, 2023

1. Children are not taught to think independently. In the process of educating their children, many parents will take it for granted to make decisions for their children and will not consider their children\’s feelings. Even if the children have different opinions, parents must force their children to follow the instructions. Acting on their own opinions, the children did not see changes in their parents after experiencing one or two resistances, which only made the relationship between them very tense. So I learned to obey my parents. When I have any problems in the future, I will not try to solve them, but always seek help from my parents. Many parents are very happy when they see their children become such people, because their children are like this. They feel that their children have become more sensible and they respect them very much. In fact, this is harmful to the children. There will always be a day when parents leave their children. When this day comes, the children may be particularly panicked; 10 recommended classic family education books because they have no one to rely on and they have no way to take care of their own lives. Paying the bill, there is no way to plan the next path to take, they still want to rely on others. Such people are very scary, because they have no opinions of their own and only know how to follow the footsteps of others. When they meet good people, there is no big problem; when they meet bad people, they are very likely to follow the bad people. On an illegal path. So parents, don’t always make decisions for your children, let your children think about their own things. 2. Not letting children plan for the future. The reason why many children spend their lives inactive is because they have no plans for their future and no pursuit of life; such children really have no motivation to move forward, so parents should When children are young, they are required to make certain plans for their lives. Such a plan should not be too big. The child\’s growth should be detailed at each stage and the small goals of each stage should be completed. When the child completes the goal, the parents will give the child certain small rewards, which will make the child\’s life better. The more motivated they become, the better they will become. 3. Failure to teach children the concept of time. Many children will be attracted by external things, which will cause them to waste a lot of study time. Many parents also constantly urge their children to do some things in their daily lives, which also It will make children have no concept of time, because they always do things according to other people\’s arrangements. Therefore, parents should not always rush in life, but let their children know the consequences of procrastination. Parents should also let their children refine their time; doing specific things at specific times will make their children happy every day. It is very fulfilling and the children will look back and be grateful to their parents in the future. 4. Children who are not taught to be strong are not always smooth sailing in society. They may experience many setbacks and hardships. It is difficult for those children who are not strong to go far in society. Many parents also know that, but in daily life Zhong always is so cruel that as soon as they find the child crying, they will step forward to help the child. Many children also know this characteristic of their parents and will cry when they feel a little wronged and seek help from their parents. In such a situation, parents should be carefulCome to think of it, when a child cries, parents should let the child cry for a while; let the child understand where his or her bottom line is, let the child learn to be strong, and let the child learn to solve problems by himself. Of course, children sometimes have limited abilities. , parents can lend a helping hand in a timely manner.

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