• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

4 signs that children will not be filial to their parents in the future. The second one must be corrected immediately

The mantra of many parents nowadays is: My child, all the delicious food in the house is yours! Baby, we can sacrifice everything for you! You are only responsible for studying hard, and let mom take care of everything else! … They think this is for the good of their children, but they don’t know that if they keep doing this, their children will become more and more arbitrary and will not understand their parents at all. Raising a filial child has a lot to do with the words and deeds of the parents. Certain behaviors of the parents will directly lead to the child being unfilial. They use the wrong way to make their children mature, but they neglect to teach them to be filial. If you find that your child has the following four behaviors, parents need to provide timely guidance! Contradicting parents at will and making parents angry are the most common manifestations of children being unfilial. Because many children nowadays are only children, their parents will be obedient to them, and their grandparents will also dote on them. Occasionally if their demands are not met, they will contradict their parents and do whatever they want. Those children who are ignorant do not show basic respect and politeness to their parents in terms of speech, and even deliberately go against their parents. When their parents say one thing, they say the other, and their only purpose is to make their parents angry. Of course, this does not mean that filial piety means being obedient to your parents. When children begin to contradict themselves, parents should reflect on themselves to see if they are really doing something bad. If the child really starts acting out, parents should start to guide the child, talk to the child calmly, ask more questions about why they are unhappy, why they are naysayers, patiently guide them, and correct their mentality. We often see this picture of not knowing how to be grateful: children push away their rice bowls after a meal and go to watch TV or play, while their parents are busy clearing away the dishes; if there are delicious things at home, their parents always leave them for their children to taste, and the children But they rarely ask their parents to eat first; when their children are sick, their parents take care of them in detail, but when their parents are unwell, their children seldom greet or even turn a blind eye… Children who grow up in this atmosphere are used to receiving care and attention from their families. If you love and care, you will think that your family\’s love for you is natural, but you don\’t know how to love your family and be filial to the people around you. As parents, we should educate our children to be grateful. We can start from these points: don’t pay too much to your children, interfere too much, and don’t take care of everything for your children. Don\’t let your children eat \”alone.\” Don\’t \”give to everything you ask for\”, let alone \”give to nothing before asking for it\”, and don\’t let your children have things that come too easily. You can often tell your children about the hardships of your work. Parents should set an example for their children and give them space to \”repay\”. Many children feel that they are the \”little princess\” or \”little prince\” in the family. Of course, all the delicious and fun things should be theirs. Therefore, whatever you like appears in your home, you must keep it to yourself. In fact, this is also a sign of being unfilial. It is out of their selfless love for us that our parents are willing to give us all the good things. in turn,If we love our parents as much as they love us, shouldn’t we also do the same as they do? In fact, children who are used to being arrogant will not only not give up the best things in the family to their parents, but will instead occupy those things without humility. Many people don\’t allow anyone to touch their chopsticks as long as their favorite dishes appear on the table; they don\’t allow anyone to touch the remote control when they have a TV show they want to watch; they don\’t even allow their parents to touch their favorite toys. Not even once. If you only have eyes for yourself and no one else, including your parents, how can you be considered a filial person? Many children nowadays are accustomed to blaming the fault on others and are domineering, which is totally unacceptable! There are many things that I clearly know I have done wrong, but when you say something to him, he will completely shirk the responsibility and blame the parents. If he says a few more words, he will roll around on the ground and there is nothing he can do. These children are accustomed to being self-centered, and all this is caused by their parents\’ doting. If you don’t correct it in time, you will definitely not be much better when you grow up! As the saying goes: \”Look at the young at the age of three, and look at the old at the age of seven.\” Parents often only think about how to make their children outstanding, but they often neglect to teach their children to be filial. A child who can be filial to his parents since childhood will definitely have good luck and a bright future.

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