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50 things that expectant fathers must do when they are 10 months pregnant


Nov 1, 2023

Pregnancy is a long tug-of-war that brings excitement, but also anxiety and panic. The importance of the expectant father at this time is self-evident when it comes to miscarriage and morning sickness in the early stage, random thoughts before every prenatal check-up in the mid-term, and an unprecedented glass heart in the late stage. So you might as well participate in pregnancy matters and do what you can. Guama has compiled in detail what changes and needs for expectant mothers at each stage. Remember to save it for expectant fathers ~ What should expectant fathers do during the first month of pregnancy 1 The symptoms for one month include: lethargy, fatigue, sensitivity to smell, nausea in the morning, etc. 1. The father-to-be should quit smoking and drinking! You should start preparing for pregnancy! ! 2. Accompany your wife to the hospital to confirm whether you are pregnant! 3. Urge your wife to continue to supplement folic acid ~ 4. Prepare some pregnancy books and read them in advance to study them ~ 5. Control sexual desire! Sexual intercourse in early pregnancy is not conducive to fetal development! What should expectant fathers do in the second month of pregnancy? This is a sensitive period for the differentiation and development of fetal organs. At this stage, radiation, X-rays, drugs, etc. must be avoided as they will affect the fetus. 1. If you have a strong early pregnancy reaction at this time, your father should give you more comfort and understanding at this time! 2. Take on more housework and remind your wife to get more rest. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! 3. Soothe the mother’s uneasy emotions. 4. Prepare some foods to relieve morning sickness, such as soda crackers, lemon water, etc. What should expectant fathers do in the third month of pregnancy? Early pregnancy reactions may be more obvious and the mood will change. Soothe the mood of pregnant women. 1. Look at some data on diet during pregnancy, arrange your wife’s diet reasonably, and achieve balanced nutrition. 2. Prepare for the first prenatal check-up and go with your wife. 3. Supervise rest, go to bed early and get up early. Prepare a glass of warm milk before going to bed at night. 4. Pregnant mothers may have some changes in their body shape and skin. Please encourage and praise them more. 5. Pregnant mothers may be more emotionally sensitive due to the influence of progesterone. Be more tolerant and spend as much time as possible with the pregnant woman. You can go for a walk or chat. What should expectant fathers do in 4th month of pregnancy? Early pregnancy symptoms gradually disappear and appetite may change. Gotta get better. 1. Help your wife prepare a nutritious and delicious pregnancy meal as early as possible. 2. Urge your wife to get more sun every day and pay attention to calcium supplements. 3. Prepare some pregnancy activities according to your wife’s preferences. 4. The pregnant mother is gradually starting to show her pregnancy. You can buy some thoughtful pregnancy gifts for your wife. What should the father-to-be do when he is 5 months pregnant? The fetus has grown a lot, and the pregnant mother can already feel the fetal movement. 1. Continue to walk with your wife every day. 2. The home environment should be comfortable and as far away from noise as possible. 3. Talk to the baby more. Over time, the baby will remember your voice, which will be better for the development of the fetus. 4. The pregnant mother’s emotions are very important. Don’t make her angry, otherwise it will be detrimental to the development of the fetus! What should expectant fathers do when they are 6 months pregnant? Pregnant mothers will find that their appetite has increased greatly and their weight has soared. Don’t worry too much~ 1. A qualified husband must first learn to listen. It is very important to learn to listen to his wife~ 2. At this time Many pregnant mothers may develop stretch marks, so dads should give more comfort at this time! Don\’t dislike her! They are all sacrifices made for your babies!3. You can plan to take maternity photos with your wife! 4. Remember to accompany your wife to prenatal check-ups regularly, and slowly start to prepare things such as maternity packages. What should the expectant father do in the seventh month of pregnancy? The fetus has basically matured. At this time, the baby is adjusting its state and preparing for birth. The pregnant mother will still have poor sleep quality, and constipation may also worsen. 1. You must accompany your wife for walks, prenatal check-ups, and counting fetal movements every day. 2. Prepare the maternity package with your wife to see if there is anything missing. 3. Check whether the required basic documents are complete. 4. It’s been hard for my wife to persist for so long. I bought a small gift for my wife. What should the father-to-be do in the 8th month of pregnancy? The quality of sleep will decrease and his temper may become louder. You need to be more tolerant. 1. My wife loses her temper and loses her temper. When you complain, listen more and be more tolerant. 2. It’s not that you can’t exercise during pregnancy. Reasonable exercise has many benefits. 3. Insist on counting the fetal movements with your wife. If the fetal movements are abnormal, go to the hospital in time. 4. You can think of the baby\’s name in advance to distract your wife\’s attention and relieve anxiety. 5. It is already the third trimester of pregnancy at this time, and the fetus has entered the body of a newborn at birth. What should the expectant father do in the 9th month of pregnancy? The fetus has basically matured. At this time, the baby is adjusting its state and preparing for birth. The pregnant mother will still have poor sleep quality and may have aggravated constipation. 1. Talk, sing, and tell stories to the little one~ 2. Consider whether to store umbilical cord blood for the baby. 3. Learn about breastfeeding. 4. It is recommended that expectant fathers accompany the baby during delivery. If you have poor psychological quality, do what you can. 5. It’s really hard for my wife to have persisted for so long! Buy another small gift for my wife! What should expectant fathers do when they are 10 months pregnant? 1. In the third trimester of pregnancy, you may have to go to the prenatal checkup every week. Remember to accompany the prenatal checkup. 2. Understand the delivery room environment, doctors, and the delivery packages prepared by the hospital in advance. 3. Determine the route to the hospital during delivery and the transportation arrangements. 4. Some babies are naughty and take a long time to come out. The father should comfort the pregnant mother. Both of you should not be overly anxious and listen to the doctor on everything! 5. Arrange work reasonably to prepare for your wife’s delivery. 6. The environment at home must be guaranteed to ensure that your wife can spend the confinement period with peace of mind. You must know that your wife is still the beautiful and considerate little princess. She just has changes in hormones in her body. She just cares about you too much. Baby. If someone can remind and enlighten her at this time, her mood will be very different! She may just need a hug and a kiss from you~

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