• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

7 of the most tear-jerking family stories in history, deeply touching, especially the last one

Each of these 7 short stories reminds me of my parents. \”Cooking\” Dad was seriously ill once and lay in bed for more than half a month without waking up. Then he suddenly woke up one afternoon. When he woke up, his mouth kept moving. His mother put her ear close to him and said, \”Speak slowly, I\’m listening.\” The father said weakly: \”It\’s time for my daughter to come home from school. Go and cook the meal.\” …\” Sometimes, you don\’t know how happy it is to be a child. No matter what parents themselves are going through, the first thing they care about is \”Is the child okay?\” One of the grandfathers in the \”Chasing\” clan, who was over seventy years old, was sitting on the dirt floor outside the gate playing marbles with a few five or six-year-old kids, and they were yelling at each other. Grandma heard it and came out with a cane to beat him, but he got up and ran away. In the end, he was caught up and got a good beating. Afterwards, he smiled and said: \”If it weren\’t for my mother falling, she wouldn\’t be able to catch me…\” No matter how old you are now, when you hear the word \”mom\”, you will always be surprised and scared, and mothers will always be the same. It is the warmest existence. With your mother here, you can always be a child. \”Longan\” My mother once brought back a bunch of longan that looked average and didn\’t taste very sweet. We complained that it was not delicious, and my mother said in a low voice: \”I think the old lady selling longan is old, like your grandmother.\” We fell silent instantly: it had been more than a year since my grandmother passed away. There are many deep feelings and longings that cannot be expressed. After crying, you can\’t just let it go. Maybe time can slow down, but some deep-rooted love may be remembered in my heart for the rest of my life. \”Walking\” The daughter marries a man against her father\’s wishes, gets married and divorces, and the father and daughter turn against each other. My daughter has a very hard life with her own children. The mother felt distressed and advised her daughter to take the child home for dinner while her father was taking a walk. So the daughter took the child and deliberately avoided her father and went back to her parents\’ house for dinner. Until one day when it rained heavily, the father and daughter met by chance in the community and couldn\’t avoid it. The father looked at his daughter and said: Don\’t hide when you go home to eat from now on, because I have to come out even if it rains heavily! You have conflicts, quarrels, and disagreements with your parents, and you never interact with each other until death. But in the eyes of your parents, you are always their child and a piece of their heart. He hates you for not cherishing yourself, but they want you to be well. \”Kung Fu\” Dad: Son, do you think dad is strong? Son: Yeah. Dad: Do you think Shaolin Kung Fu is powerful? Son: Awesome. Dad: If I shave my head, can I practice Shaolin Kung Fu? The son clapped his hands: Great! On the %1st day, his son saw his bald father and said happily: \”Come on, Dad, you must become a master.\” That day was the day before his father\’s chemotherapy. Don\’t panic when you hear these white lies. That is the courage they want to give you and the tenderness they want to leave you. \”Dumplings\” The father has Alzheimer\’s disease, his memory is getting worse and worse, and he can\’t even recognize his son. The son took him to eat. There were two dumplings left on the plate. The father grabbed the dumplings with his hands and put them in his pocket. The son was stunned. Dad said, this is reserved for my son, who loves this most. Many times, parents will grow old,Parents also get sick. Even if he doesn\’t remember himself, he forgets everything, but he never forgets to love you. \”Sigh\” I once talked on the phone with my parents for a long time. About half an hour after hanging up the phone, my mother called back and asked, \”Is there something wrong? Why do you keep sighing, did you break up with that girl?\” In this world, probably only parents can do that. I can hear the child\’s inadvertent sigh… Each of these 7 short stories reminds me of my parents. My parents were also not good at talking, and would often yell at me. But in fact, we all know that they also feel sorry for me the most. In fact, every child is the treasure of his parents. That kind of cherishment can only be tasted when we are all parents.

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