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8 of the most classic quotes from To Kill a Mockingbird, treasure them


Oct 1, 2023

Some people say that if you have ever felt hopeless in life, you might as well read \”To Kill a Mockingbird\”. This world-famous book has been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and won the Pulitzer Prize. It has been popular for decades and once influenced 50 million families around the world. The United States once held a \”Most Popular Novel Selection\” event, and more than 4 million people chose \”To Kill a Mockingbird\” as the number one novel. In 1962, after the movie of the same name adapted from the original work was released, it was shortlisted for three Oscars and changed the perception of several generations. After Reading Railway Guerrillas, 18 selected articles of about 500 words are selected. If you collect and read the original works carefully, you will find: the reality reflected in it, the truth contained in it, about human nature, about education, and about being a human being. Every sentence is deeply rooted in people\’s hearts and explains life thoroughly. . These 8 sentences in the book are enough for everyone to benefit from for a lifetime and are worth reading again and again. There is only one thing in the world that cannot be socialized, and that is human conscience. In a university psychology class, an old professor asked a question: \”What is conscience?\” A classmate replied: \”Conscience is a triangular thing that exists in the heart. When you don\’t do bad things, it stays silent; when you do bad things, it becomes silent. It moves, and every corner can sting me.\” The more I experience, the more I understand: kindness is not just a nature, but more often a choice. A person\’s life is a process of \”seeing the world, seeing all living beings, and seeing oneself.\” Seeing the world, seeing the complexity of the world, no longer limited to narrow cognition, and having a compassionate heart. Seeing all sentient beings, understanding the sufferings of others, no longer looking at problems with prejudice, and having compassion. See yourself, understand your own insignificance, no longer be arrogant and arrogant, and have a tolerant heart. No matter how far you go or how time changes, you must remember to keep your conscience, have a bottom line as a person, and have principles in doing things. You can never truly know someone unless you step into his shoes and walk with him for a while. There is no real empathy in the world, and there will never be exactly the same situation. Many times, you think you see the whole world, but in fact you only see the tip of the iceberg. Never judge other people\’s lives based on a few clues. There are many things you don’t know in the corners you can’t see. No one can predict how much frost a casual accusation will add to the thick layer of snow in other people\’s lives. If you don\’t know the suffering of others, don\’t persuade others to be generous; if you haven\’t experienced the suffering of others, don\’t ridicule them wantonly. The highest level of wisdom in life is to try not to do these two things: first, use your own tongue to evaluate other people\’s lives, and second, rely on your own brain to think about other people\’s lives. If someone calls you insulting words, it does not detract from your character. You can only see how pathetic the person who scolds you is. I agree with Schopenhauer\’s point of view: To be angry at other people\’s behavior is as stupid as to be angry at a stone that crosses our path. When faced with bad people and bad things, not getting involved with them is the best way to behave. Throughout your life, you will meet all kinds of people and experience all kinds of strange things, and not all of them are worthy of your attention. Don\’t let unworthy people ruin your good mood; don\’t let unworthy people ruin your good mood;It\’s a waste of your precious time. If someone doesn\’t like my lifestyle, I don\’t care. Have you ever experienced such a moment: you politely refused meaningless social interactions and enjoyed the beauty of being alone, but some people said you were unsociable; you kept running and reading every day to improve yourself, and some people said you were \”pretentious\”; you carefully wrote down your feelings about Some people say that you \”pretend to understand when you don\’t understand\” based on the feelings and insights of a movie. The sign of a person\’s maturity is to recognize this reality: no matter how you live, there will always be people who don\’t like you. If you always care about other people\’s evaluations, you will not only make your life very tiring, but you will also easily lose your original self. In the second half of your life, don’t please anyone, let alone live in other people’s evaluations. Please believe: For people who don’t like you, no matter how much you explain, it will be in vain, and no matter how much you cater to, it will be in vain. People who like you must appreciate your confidence and calmness, not your humbleness to please. A person does not need to show everything he knows. The biggest taboo in life is to be smart; the biggest taboo in life is to show off your cleverness. I have seen some people: show off their knowledge when they are 20 years old, show off their fame when they are 30 years old, show off their wealth when they are 40 years old…showing off too much will attract jealousy; being too arrogant will attract jealousy. Disaster. If you shine too brightly, you will eventually hurt others. Instead of showing off frequently, it is better to restrain yourself and leave some room for yourself. Real wise men are those who know how to keep things hidden. Being quiet, keeping a low profile and doing things humbly is the attitude an adult should have. Never get to know a person from other people\’s mouths, and don\’t believe in rumors. The reason why people have one mouth and two ears is because they listen twice as much as they speak. It is precisely because of this that \”gossip\” is given the opportunity to hurt people. We are always used to getting to know a person and judging right from wrong from other people\’s mouth. But they forget that everyone\’s position in their heart is different, the bottom line is high or low, opinions are black or white, and evil comes from the mouth. Trust is the most basic bridge to maintain a relationship, and many times, it is the collapse of trust that destroys a relationship. There is a saying that is right: \”Don\’t understand me from other people\’s mouths, because I treat everyone differently.\” Cherish every hard-won fate and every rare sincerity. Never let down the people in this world who are really good to you because of rumors. Before accepting others, you must first accept yourself. When people reach middle age, they finally wake up: accepting oneself is the most important practice for a person. Accept the troughs of life, do not blame others, be able to withstand the storm, and withstand the ups and downs. Only by facing it calmly can you get out of the darkness. Accept the short-term pain and stop escaping. Instead of wallowing in the past, it is better to stop the loss in time and give yourself a new start. Accept your own ordinaryness, don’t envy other people’s lives, reconcile with imperfections, and live your own small life with a normal heart. Only by accepting all the good and bad can we free ourselves and truly take control of our lives. There are always those people who are always worried about the afterlife but have never learned how to live in this world. Writer Cai Lan said: \”Study as much as possible, try your best, try your bestWhen traveling, eat as much good food as possible, and life will be better. It’s that simple. \”If you are always obsessed with the gains and losses of the past and worry about troubles that have never happened, then your life will always be bleak. You will always live in the past, you can never go back, and you will never let go. You will always worry about the future, which will never arrive, and will never come to you for the rest of your life. Can\’t move forward. You only have one life and can\’t repeat it. Instead of worrying all day long, it\’s better to be grateful for yesterday, seize today, and look forward to tomorrow in the limited time. Don\’t be distracted by your heart, don\’t be trapped by emotion, don\’t be afraid of the future, and don\’t think about it. The past is the most advanced way to live in the second half of life. ▽Some people say that when you are young, you must read \”To Kill a Mockingbird\”, the sooner the better. Only when you understand the complexity of human nature can you become better You can deal with the world better and live more transparently. Only when you understand the truth of life can you know yourself better and deal with the world more calmly. Like the 5 sentences from the movie To Kill a Mockingbird that expose social truths. I wish you After reading all the prosperity and seeing the depth, I can meet my more mature self.

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