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8-year-old boy touches young woman\’s butt, and his mother\’s actions leave everyone stunned

When you take your children out, you will inevitably encounter crowds of people. When people are crowded, no matter how careful you are, you will inevitably bump into others accidentally. As a parent, what should you do when your child accidentally touches someone else\’s body? I believe that the first reaction of many mothers will be to ask their children to apologize first. But if the other person is a young woman and she accuses your child of touching her sensitive parts, can a parent apologize calmly and calmly? A similar incident happened recently at Shanghai Disneyland. Instead of apologizing, the mother of the child started beating someone on the spot. The specific story is this. When the Disney theater was over, an 8-year-old boy somehow touched the butt of a young lady walking next to him while he was walking. The young lady said something to the boy. Who knew that after the little boy\’s mother heard the details of what happened, instead of apologizing, she got angry and pushed and insulted the young woman, with a very bad attitude. At the beginning of the video, someone was heard shouting: \”I touched you, I touched you, why are you shouting…\” Then I saw a woman in black clothes aggressively began to curse a series of swear words, \”I touched you, I touched your butt. Have you ever been touched by someone? Are you delusional? You look like this and yet you touch your butt!\” The woman in black scolded and hit the girl head-first with her hat. Not long after, the woman in black was pulled away by the people next to her, but the fighting did not stop there. The woman in white who had been watching the fight joined in again. Not only did he not apologize, but he accused the girl and said: \”You are so embarrassed to say it.\” While saying this, he pointed his finger at the girl\’s face very impolitely, and even directly pushed the girl with his hands: \”If we touch it, we touch it, why are you shouting…\” …\” At this moment, Disney staff arrived and both parties were eventually taken away. The police also reported the final settlement of the matter, and the two parties reached a settlement. The boy\’s mother compensated the girl 1,000 yuan. Because the videos currently circulating on the Internet are all from after the quarrel started. Only the parties involved know the true situation of what happened at the beginning. We can only infer from the words of both parties in the dispute that the most likely reason is that the little boy touched the young lady’s buttocks during the closing of the Disney Theater. However, the young lady did not tell the boy’s parents, but directly and loudly accused the boy of touching her. The people leaving the theater at that time were particularly Most likely, the boy\’s mother may have lost face or acted out of trust to protect her child, so she acted excessively. From a mother\’s perspective, I think it\’s understandable for the boy\’s mother to be angry and make a fuss in an extreme way. There were already a lot of people in the Disney Theater, and when the show ended, everyone was in a hurry to leave. From the mother\’s perspective, the child may have accidentally touched the girl\’s butt, but the girl\’s extreme reaction made people around her look at her strangely, as if the 8-year-old child was a \”gangster.\” The mother was ashamed and annoyed, and out of the instinct to protect her children, she chose to fight back, using scolding, accusations, and fights to make herself appear strong. From the mother\’s perspective, she feels that she is protecting her child by doing this. I don’t deny that this method does provide protection for children, but making noises and fighting in public places, is not the correct approach, but a wrong example. Children may mistakenly believe that when conflicts arise with others, they must resort to extreme means to resolve them. When children encounter problems in the future, they will only solve them through violence and do not know how to communicate correctly. A really good approach would be to provide timely clarification. When a mother discovers that her child is being criticized by a stranger, it is her responsibility as a parent to step forward and understand the situation. Not only do you want to learn about the situation from strangers, but you also need to listen carefully to your child and understand what is going on from a neutral perspective. 8-year-old children are no better than 2- and 3-year-old children. They are already familiar with various rules and politeness. They have learned early in school that if they accidentally bump into or step on others, they should apologize in time. If they really did something wrong, They will take the initiative to apologize. Parents’ supervision will help them understand how to take on their own responsibilities. If parents ignore the inconvenience and just shirk responsibility, the children will not learn to take responsibility, but will only shirk responsibility like their parents. What\’s even more frightening is that this mother\’s behavior will also cause the child to form a wrong consciousness. The child will mistakenly believe: Even if the fault is really mine, my mother will support me. This is also detrimental to the growth of children. As a woman, I still can\’t understand how this mother could say such offensive words to a young woman: \”You look like this, who touched your butt?\” We all say that we should pay attention to children’s sex education and tell them from an early age that their private parts should not be touched casually. Many parents, especially those who raise daughters, will teach their children to protect themselves every day. Private parts such as breasts and buttocks cannot be touched at will. If these sensitive parts are touched, they must speak up and speak up in time. warning. On the basis of understanding this, let\’s take a look at the reaction of the young lady. In a crowded place, the young woman suddenly felt that her butt was touched. In the moment of excitement, the young woman\’s first reaction was that someone was playing hooligans. , my butt was touched without realizing that I was in a paradise. There were many children around me, so I might have been touched accidentally by the children. So she screamed out uncontrollably. It wasn\’t until she screamed and looked back and saw that the person who made such a move was an 8 or 9-year-old boy that she realized that she was overreacting. This 8-year-old boy embarrassed her even more. Because if it is a 3 or 4-year-old boy, the girl may immediately relax. After all, any 3- or 4-year-old boy can understand that his actions were careless. But 8 or 9-year-old boys are really embarrassing, especially today’s children are generally taller. Some 8-year-old boys are almost 130-140cm tall, and some are even taller. Take a look at the Internet In the screenshot, this little boy is already taller. How could such a child not be nervous when he was standing behind him and touching his butt? Especially the unmarried girl, in her opinion, this is a sensible big child, \”Such a big child touches my butt? Is he doing it unintentionally or is it harassment?\” In addition to being shocked, because of worry and fear, the girl did not have time to think. Yelling is a normal reaction. even thoughThe girl\’s reaction was a little bigger. If the boy\’s parents could solve the problem rationally and patiently, the matter would be over soon and there would be no big fuss at all. It\’s a pity that the boy\’s parents equated \”touching butt\” with \”hooligan\”. They became angry and reacted too extreme, which ultimately made the matter get out of hand. Having said so much, what I want to discuss most is whether the 8-year-old boy touching someone else\’s butt was intentional or accidental. Attitudes about boys on the Internet are now divided into two groups. Some people think that 8-year-old boys are ignorant and will not deliberately touch other people\’s butts. They think that many people think of children too complicatedly. Some people think that 8- and 9-year-old children already have a vague sense of sexuality, and they should not be treated as children who are ignorant of the world. I also have a 9-year-old boy at home, and I understand the sexual and psychological characteristics of children at this stage. Indeed, as analyzed by most netizens, many boys at this stage do not understand what sexual harassment is. But not understanding sexual harassment does not mean that they do not understand their boundaries with strangers. Nowadays, children are generally precocious. In the educational environment they have been exposed to since childhood, whether in primary schools, kindergartens or families themselves, they have begun to pay attention to sex education for children. Even though sex education still has a long way to go, most children know from a very young age that their own bodies Which parts of their bodies should not be touched casually. Similarly, they also know that they cannot touch sensitive body parts of others at will, whether they are acquaintances or strangers. Most children know how to abide by the boundaries of interpersonal relationships and will not touch other people\’s bodies at will, let alone touch other people\’s butts. So if the little boy is really just acting unconsciously, the parents can clear up the misunderstanding by calmly clarifying. But why are parents so excited when they learn that a little boy touched a girl\’s butt? Behind this is something worth pondering. What we also need to think about is, what if the child’s behavior is really not a misunderstanding? If a child really touches a girl’s butt intentionally, how should we treat it? After all, he is already 8 years old, and 8-year-old children are not completely ignorant. Not long ago, a friend called me urgently and said that her daughter was touched on the buttocks several times by a boy in the class at school and asked me what I should do. My friend’s daughter is also 8 years old. The little boy who touched her butt is the same age as her and is sitting right behind her. During art class that day, when the boy squatted down to pick up a pen, he accidentally touched the girl’s butt. Later, he deliberately dropped the pen. , and touched the girl\’s butt several times until the girl became alert. The girl immediately reported the incident to the teacher. Because the matter was sensitive, the teacher called both parents to the school. My friend insisted that the teacher change her daughter\’s seat, but she was afraid that this would leave a psychological shadow on her daughter, so she came to me for help. I later learned that the boy’s parents had divorced and the boy was living with his father. The father was busy at work and had no time to take care of him, so the boy just browsed the Internet all day long. He saw some relatively explicit content on the Internet, and his sexual consciousness was aroused early. And imitative behavior occurs. Therefore, not every 8-year-old boy is innocent. Sometimes, their sexual consciousness will be awakened in advance due to the surrounding environment, and sometimes they will engage in some \”excessive\” behavior.. Of course, my purpose in sharing this case is not to make everyone look at children through colored glasses in the future. What I want to say is that children are growing at every stage. An 8-year-old child has his own thoughts and views on the world. Do we need to look at children with a growth perspective instead of treating them as if they don’t understand anything? ignorant children. Just like a piece of news not long ago, the mother of a 7-year-old boy brought her son into the women\’s locker room. The mother felt that my child was only 7 years old and didn\’t understand anything, but did the child really understand? When they see the body of a strange woman, will their sexual consciousness really not be awakened in advance? Perhaps, treating children as ignorant children who don’t understand anything is truly irresponsible to children! Mature parents need to look at their children from a growth perspective, respect them, understand them, and protect their children\’s sexual awareness on the basis of treating their children as independent individuals! This is the question behind this incident that every parent needs to think about. If parents can look at their children from a growth perspective and use this incident to re-evaluate their children, if their children are really enlightened about their sexual consciousness and provide timely and correct guidance, will they be able to provide their children with better growth support? After all, 8-year-olds are no better than 2-year-olds. They are more sensible, more independent, and have their own ideas and opinions. They need to be treated and respected as sensible independent individuals. If a child does accidentally encounter someone, even if the other person is overly aggressive, the parent can maintain a stable attitude and deal with it calmly, which will not cause any psychological burden to the child. If the child really does it intentionally, parents should understand the meaning behind the child\’s behavior. Is it the beginning of the development of sexual awareness, or is it a lack of care? As long as parents make timely changes based on understanding their children\’s psychology, even if their children\’s behavior deviates, they can be corrected immediately. When something happens, if you blindly protect your child indiscriminately and act like \”my child doesn\’t understand anything,\” then you will push your child into the abyss and really ruin your child, right? ! Every parent needs to understand their children with kindness, but understanding their children with kindness does not mean treating their children as knowing nothing!

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