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8-year-old child was beaten to death by his own mother! You really can’t hit these parts of your child

Homework has been a big problem for parents since ancient times. When it comes to tutoring their children with homework, many parents get headaches and wonder, \”Why did I raise such a stupid child!\” Whenever their children frequently make mistakes in their homework, parents can\’t help but feel angry and can only help them. The child needs a good beating to vent his anger. However, can you think that your slap may kill the child? Lingling is an 8-year-old girl, lively, cute, smart, and a good child in the eyes of many adults. That night, Ling Ling suddenly told her parents that she felt unwell and felt dizzy. But the parents didn\’t pay much attention. It wasn\’t until the child\’s face became worse and worse that they took the child to the hospital. Unfortunately, the child died because rescue efforts failed! How come the child is gone just as soon as he says he is gone? The child had eaten chicken feet with pickled peppers before he was born, so the mother wondered if the chicken feet were poisonous? After a complete examination, the doctor found that the child\’s death had nothing to do with chicken feet. The real cause of death was intracranial contusion and laceration, which was caused by external force. However, the cause of this injury turned out to be a habitual action of the mother. So what\’s going on? According to her mother\’s recollection, that afternoon, Lingling was doing homework and watching cartoons at the same time. As a result, she made a lot of mistakes in her homework, and her anxious mother slapped her child hard on the back of the head. Who would have thought that just such a slap would send the child to death. In this regard, the doctor also gave a relevant explanation: the child\’s brain itself has some lesions that are difficult to detect. The mother\’s slap caused the child\’s malformed cerebral blood vessels to rupture, leading to death. How regretful my mother must be! If he knew that his slap could be so harmful, he would never hit his child so cruelly! However, there is no regret medicine in the world that can be taken. But this is not the only case of a child being accidentally beaten to death by his mother. Yuyu was a lively 13-year-old child who was beaten to death by her mother because of poor academic performance. Yuyu had a little quarrel with her classmates at school before her death, and her previous academic performance did not meet her mother\’s expectations. As a result, after returning home at the weekend, her mother beat Yuyu severely, but she did not expect that a tragedy would occur. When Yuyu was sent to the hospital, she had already begun to roll her eyes and her breathing was very weak. After the doctor\’s full rescue efforts, Yuyu still could not survive and unfortunately passed away. At that time, the policeman with knowledge of the situation said: \”The child is her biological child, and the mother is also her biological mother. I can\’t understand it. A few lessons would be enough, and it wouldn\’t be like this.\” Yes, the child was beaten to death by his mother just because of such a small thing. . How sad it must be! A happy family was separated because of a mistake. When educating children, these parts of the child cannot be hit! First: There will always be times when children with temples do something wrong. At that time, parents will not be able to control their emotions and will give them a slap in the face when they are particularly angry. However, this slap can easily hit the temple. At this time, the temple will receive a strong shock. Since the child\’s skull is relatively fragile, it will inevitably affect the child\’s brain development. Second: When some parents hit their children on the back of the head, it is not serious at all. It is easy for them to slap their children afterward.It can cause problems with the baby\’s respiratory tract, lead to various diseases, and also damage the child\’s intelligence. Third: Ears. You can always see some parents on the street twisting their children\’s ears when they are disobedient. In fact, twisting a child\’s ears many times can easily damage the eardrum, thereby affecting the child\’s hearing. Every time I see news like this happening, I feel very sad. As the old saying goes, dutiful sons come out of the stick. However, the living environment has changed, and today\’s children are very rebellious. Beating and scolding education often causes conflicts between parents and children, and serious consequences may lead to breakups. If the mother could control her temper and handle her violent emotions in the right way, things would not have reached this point. Psychologist Wu Zhihong once said this. \”A good mother is the kind of mother who is always willing to admit that there are problems with our education, admit that I have done some wrong things to my children, I am willing to admit my mistakes, and I am willing to improve.\” In the process of children\’s growth, a mother The real educational power of education lies in \”softness\”, rather than relying on beatings and scolding to solve problems. The gentler the mother, the better the child\’s character will be, and the family atmosphere will be more harmonious. Children are all fragile and need encouragement as they grow. Strict but not harsh encouragement is the best. Every parent hopes that their children will become the dragons and phoenixes they want to be. But I never thought that educating a child well also requires continuous learning and efforts from parents! Parents are responsible for the ups and downs of a child\’s childhood. Don\’t let the parents\’ bad mood become the eternal pain in the child\’s heart! Controlling your temper is difficult! But for the better growth of children, these are no longer a problem. What parents look like now determines what their children will look like in the future!

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