• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

90% of children are dragged down by this bad habit

No different than we did back then, children today have a harder and harder time learning. However, the moral, intellectual, physical, artistic, and physical aspects that should be developed in a balanced manner are mostly subject-mattered in most children. Many parents have neglected labor education and only focused on results, but did not pay attention to the laziness habits that are dragging down their children. How many children succumb to laziness? I have talked with many parents about this topic: Should we let our children do some housework? Some parents said: Children are tired just from studying, so where can they have the energy to do this? Now as long as I can study well, I will be satisfied. Some parents said: The child is still young! Besides, he hasn’t done it since he was a child, and he can’t do it well if I ask him to do it. I might as well do it myself if I leave it to him. Some parents also said this: Studying in high school is stressful now, so when the child goes to college, let her do something. Not only housework, but also other tasks are regarded as unnecessary hardship. It seems that it is dispensable to the growth of children, and it is not too late to leave this kind of hardship until the children go to college. But in fact, labor is a kind of education that is invisible but has far-reaching influence. Goethe said: \”Labor can free us from three major disasters: loneliness, bad habits, and poverty.\” Children who are separated from labor often succumb to laziness. A colleague’s child went to college, and when he came home during the holidays, he annoyed his colleagues: “I lie on the sofa and play with my mobile phone all day long. When I saw me cleaning, I didn’t say anything to help me. I’m so lazy.” \”I refused to do any favors. She didn\’t seem to hear me. It\’s better to start school early and leave early.\” When her child was in high school, her colleagues didn\’t let her do any work. She was pampered like a princess at home. . It is impossible to suddenly make children become diligent when they go to college. What\’s more, the concept instilled in many parents is that labor is tiring and not worth doing. Children will naturally despise labor and look down upon the hardships of life. Once people\’s laziness forms a habit, how can it be so easy to change? A child is a living person, not a programmed machine. I was used to being lazy when I was a kid, but I won\’t suddenly change when I grow up. Children rely on their parents for everything, and this kind of laziness has become a normal life. Laziness is a terrible chronic virus. Many parents do not take laziness seriously. However, the laziness that penetrates into the bones is an invisible chronic virus. There is a line in \”Yan\’s Family Instructions\”: One in ten people give up on everything in the world because of difficulty, and nine out of ten people give up on it because of laziness. Children have everything they want and are comfortable at home, but when they grow up, they cannot endure much hardship and do not have much perseverance in society. Nothing big will happen in this way. What is more terrible than laziness in action is laziness in mind. Yugoslavia said: \”Laziness can make young people prematurely old.\” My nephew\’s grades were not good when he was studying, and he barely passed a university. After graduation, I entered the unit that my parents helped me find. Every time I go to his house, I see him playing games on his mobile phone. Although he is obviously young, he has no youthful vitality. I once asked him if he had any ideas for future development. He lowered his head to play with his mobile phone and said without raising his head: \”My mother has arranged everything for me, what do I have to worry about?\” However, I have seen many children of the same age who have dreams and pursuits. bodyThere is always a drive to dare to think and fight. Even if a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, it is still a spirit worthy of recognition. At least these children never back down when faced with challenges, but always try and fight. As for my nephew, he grew up under the care of his parents. Now he is dependent, content with pleasure, and his enterprising spirit has been corroded by the comfortable life. The future should be full of infinite possibilities, but the child himself has given up the thought of working hard and just settles for the status quo without seeking to make progress. Laziness ultimately makes children depressed and wastes their future. Parents\’ doting is an accelerant of laziness. Under doting, parents are indulging in their children\’s laziness. Some time ago, a man in Hunan threatened his parents with a knife after being rejected. This man, whose pseudonym is Xiao Chen, found several jobs after graduating from college. He either felt that the money was too little or that the work was too tiring. Later, he simply stayed at home and had nothing to do, relying entirely on his parents\’ financial support. Xiao Chen asked his parents for money again for his new girlfriend. When his parents said they were unwilling, he excitedly picked up a kitchen knife and threatened them. When he was finally taken away by the police, he did not admit his mistake. Instead, he said: Before he asked for money, his mother gave it to him. It was only because of this unexpected rejection that he made such a move. There are just a lot more similar cases. There are also some children who study abroad and are unwilling to work when they come back, and still rely on their elderly parents to make ends meet. On reflection, my parents\’ doting is the cause of all this. Children are the treasures of the family. Some parents take care of everything in their children\’s growth, trying to create a comfort zone for their children. However, this is not loving the child, but ruining the child and hurting yourself at the same time. Halbert said: \”Becoming lazy is the worst crime of education.\” Instead of giving children an illusion of life, it is better to teach them the ability to live. Parents\’ education for their children should be to guide them to overcome laziness and learn to be independent. Excellent parents often see far and will not limit their children\’s lives with their love. Diligence is often the key to success or failure. With a little more diligence, there will be more possibilities in life! Children must first overcome their own laziness before they have the strength to create a miraculous future.

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