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A 12-year-old boy was beaten by a group of classmates: \”Kid, if you have to fight back, fight back.\”

Children have to receive two educations in their life, one is family education and the other is school education. School can be said to be a child\’s second home, and sending our children to school can be said to be the most reassuring thing for us parents. The only thing I am worried about is my child\’s learning problem. But do parents ever worry about their children’s safety? Ms. Wu has a son named Xuanxuan, who is twelve years old this year. His grades are not bad and he is usually very lively. Because Ms. Wu and her husband are usually busy with work, they have no time to take care of their son\’s studies and cannot help them with their homework. So the child was sent to a daycare center closer to home for care. At noon on February 13, Xuanxuan went home for lunch. Ms. Wu and her husband found that their son\’s face was injured and there were blood stains on his face. Ms. Wu immediately asked the child if he had fought with his classmates. The child nodded aggrievedly. After questioning, he found out that the child was beaten by many classmates in the daycare class. Later, Ms. Wu and her husband came to the day care class and retrieved the surveillance video of their son. The moment they clicked on the video, everyone was shocked. It was supposed to be the end of get out of class, and there was no teacher in the classroom. At first, Xiao Xuanxuan was cornered by four male classmates, and several people pushed and pushed her. Soon, Xuanxuan was beaten by a classmate. Xuanxuan kept struggling, but couldn\’t break away at all. Then Xuanxuan was sat on the ground by a strong classmate, and several classmates held Xuanxuan down. I don’t know if Xuan Xuan’s words stimulated a student. The student used his strength to hold Xuan Xuan and throw him hard, and kept hitting Xuan Xuan with his fists. Perhaps because they didn\’t stand firm, both of them fell down. Some of the other students were watching, and some were doing their own things in their seats, as if nothing happened above. Not long after, several children stepped forward to control Xuan Xuan. This time, several classmates stepped forward to beat Xuan Xuan, and a female classmate also took action. After watching the surveillance, the couple felt heartbroken. Ms. Wu was so angry that she even had a heart attack. Fortunately, she took medicine in time and there was no accident. Then Ms. Wu and his wife called the police, and then took the child to the hospital. Xuanxuan had been diagnosed with a concussion and other wounds on his body… According to Ms. Wu, this fight not only affected the child\’s physical health He suffered physical injuries as well as psychological injuries. After Xuanxuan was beaten, his mental state became relatively depressed. Moreover, I always wake up at night. If I raise my hand a little at home, the child will think that I am going to hit him, and he will be frightened. A lively and lovely child turned into an autistic and timid child because of school violence. School violence is actually not uncommon around children! The harm that school violence brings to children is something we parents can never imagine! On September 28, 2018, a 14-year-old girl, whose youth had just begun, chose to jump off her bedroom balcony alone and died unfortunately. At the girl\’s home, the parents and Jingfa found a letter, which read: \”I really can\’t bear it anymore. I have endured too much that I should not bear at this age. Death is a relief for me.\” \”Rumors.\” Rumors can really kill people, and pressure can really make people breathless…\”At the age of 14, youth has just begun. However, with the sound of \”bang\”, everything disappeared, and the future was lost in an instant. The cause of girls\’ suicide is school violence. It turns out that there are always a few classmates in the class who lead people to beat the children every day, and they never hit the obvious parts of the children, but only hit places that cannot be seen. The child did not dare to tell his parents when he got home, so he could only bear it silently. In the end, he couldn\’t bear it anymore and chose to commit suicide to end his life. So how should parents teach their children to protect themselves? What if we protect our children from bullying and harm caused by school violence? 1. Tell the teacher in time. After being bullied by classmates or harmed by school violence, the child must tell the teacher in time. The teacher is the child\’s \”parent\” at school. We parents cannot be by our children\’s side to protect them immediately, but teachers can. Teachers are children\’s \”protective umbrella\” at school and will do their best to protect children. Children must learn to trust teachers and tell teachers no matter what difficulties they encounter. 2. Do not give in to school violence. Many children who have been harmed by school violence may not dare to tell their teachers or parents because of fear, timidity, etc. This is wrong. There are only 0 and countless times of school violence. Once a child bows his head the first time he is bullied and endures it silently, the second and third time will follow. The abuser will think that the child is timid and dare not speak out, so he will continue to harm our child. 3. Pay attention to their children\’s campus life. Many parents do not pay much attention to their children\’s campus life because of busy work and other reasons, but only care about their children\’s academic performance. As a result, the children did not dare to tell their parents when they got home when they were wronged at school or encountered campus violence. You can’t just focus on your child’s grades, but also your child’s physical and mental health at school. 4. Contact the class teacher more often. The class teacher is the parent of a class and the only support for the child in school. He is also the person who sees every move of the child in school. Sometimes children do not tell their parents everything about their life at school, so parents need to contact their teachers more in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of their children\’s life at school. If you feel that your child is being bullied by school violence, you must communicate with the child in time and let the child know that behind him are the support and protection of parents and teachers. Don\’t let your children suffer in silence and bear all this in silence. From now on, let us fight against school violence together, give children a pure land to study with peace of mind, and let them grow up healthily and happily!

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