• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

A 4-year-old girl was crushed to death in Shenzhen: You only have one life, don’t gamble with death

I saw a video today, and in less than 30 seconds, I paused three times in worry. According to Shenzhen traffic police, at 11:12 pm on December 1, a car accident occurred at an intersection of Xin\’an Street, Bao\’an District. A 4-year-old girl, Chen, was held by her family as she crossed the zebra crossing. At the same time, a car traveling at a constant speed also approached the zebra crossing. In the video, the parent raised her hand to indicate that she should continue driving, but the car did not stop as she wanted. The driver didn\’t seem to notice anything strange, so he knocked down the girl and ran over the child. The parents jumped up and shouted, then knelt down and howled, but everything was irreversible. If the time had been rewinded by 5 seconds and she had chosen to wait and let the car pass first; or the car had chosen to stop and let the pair of pedestrians go first, the tragedy would not have happened. But there are never ifs in the world. The police report stated that the little girl died after being sent to the hospital. This is an avoidable tragedy. Is this not a common tragedy? Today I want to say something about this matter, precisely because it is so common that we think it is just an accident. However, most accidents are actually planned secretly for a long time. Let’s take the matter of crossing the road as an example. I had just graduated ten years ago, and the only way I got around was a small electric donkey, which stayed with me for three whole years, come rain or shine. When encountering a car that is carefree on the road, it is a habit to \”increase the power\” and pass in the fast lane like the battery car in the video. Because I subconsciously believe that cars dare not touch battery-powered cars. Later, when the little eDonkey passed away, I got a promotion and a salary increase, so I switched to taking a taxi for my daily commute. In order to save trouble, I often ask the master to park opposite the company and then cross the road to go to work. The pedestrian zebra crossing on the road is still 20 meters away from the entrance of the company\’s office building. As long as you wake up late on any day and check in at the dot, you will not go around the zebra crossing, but directly cross the road. I also subconsciously concluded that cars should not hit people. In this second of gap, if I don\’t leave, the car will leave; if I leave, the car will definitely stop. In the past two years, I also became a car owner. On the road, I have met countless \”myself from back then\”. My choice also confirmed what I thought back then: I really didn’t dare to hit anyone, nor did I dare to hit a battery-powered car. If there is no way to avoid it, I would rather hit the green belt and hit other cars. In this game, I, as a pedestrian and riding a scooter, won against me, a car driver. Just like in 99% of cases, pedestrians and electric vehicles will eventually win over cars. But what about the remaining 1%, what if an \”accident\” occurs? Can you afford the consequences? In China, every day, at every intersection, pedestrians and drivers play a game of \”who is more ruthless than who?\” Whoever is more ruthless will pass first. If you hesitate for a moment, I\’m sorry, but your \”right of way\” will be taken away. As mentioned above, in 99% of cases, the driver is the loser. Because \”cars dare not hit people\” is a common consensus among people. Few people think that the premise for this consensus to be established depends on the driver being a conscious, normal and focused driver. And in the remaining 1%On the other hand, the driver may be mentally disturbed or even have an extreme personality, looking for an opportunity to retaliate against society. Just like the group of children at the No. 2 Primary School in Jianchang County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, on November 22, they encountered the same driver: an unemployed vagrant who decided to commit suicide because of his marital conflicts, which made him depressed. Five innocent children became the \”burial companions\” of his world-weary suicide. The five happy families no longer talked and laughed about their family happiness. Or maybe, among the 1% of drivers, there is a drunken fool who still insists on driving despite being lucky. Just like the driver encountered by four children in Weishi County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province in June this year: He was driving drunk and knocked down a battery car and a bicycle, causing the four children to die on the spot. The mother who rides the bicycle is left behind in this lonely world. Living is already a torture for her. Not to mention these extreme cases, among friends who have driven, including myself, who can say that they have not read messages, made phone calls, or even just been in a daze while driving? No one can predict in advance that the next driver they meet will be a \”normal person\”. Therefore, every time you cross the road as if there is no one around, you are betting with your life that everyone is \”normal\”; you are tying your head to other people\’s belts. You only have one life to live, and your life is your own. Why would you give yourself to others and take your life or death? The parent in the video, I think she may have always been the winner of the game of \”who is more ruthless than who?\” But who can guarantee that he can win 100 consecutive bets from the God of Death? This is an accident in a day, to a certain extent, but it is inevitable in a lifetime. This time, the car didn\’t stop and she lost. The price paid was the life of a 4-year-old child. What happened to the parent and the little girl is also an experience that everyone who has ever had a chance can experience. A 1% probability, as long as the denominator is infinitely magnified, it will happen one day. If it happens, it’s 100% for the parties involved. We often overlook a truth. There are always some \”abnormal human beings\” in the world who cannot be inferred by common sense, cannot be judged by experience, and have no reason to explain. Crossing the road, only to meet a driver who doesn\’t know how to stop; returning home late at night, only to meet a bastard with a spermatozoa; throwing away a courier note with an address, only to be targeted by bad guys with ulterior motives; or even just doing it every day out of habit After eating a late-night snack at a food stall, I was finally diagnosed with gastric cancer… All of these are extremely unlikely events. But they are all matters of paramount importance in life. If you choose to ignore it every time, the denominator will accumulate and when the worst outcome occurs, do you think it is accidental or inevitable? Just like in the game of Russian Roulette, we cannot predict which trigger pull will result in the bullet being fired. All we can do is to put down the revolver in our hands and refuse to play a life-and-death gamble with death. Mencius, the Yasheng, said that a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall. The great wisdom of nipping problems in the bud is a responsible attitude towards life. Everyone has only one life, never bet with death, and never put your life in the hands of anyone else. Don’t let the evil hands hiding in the shadows single you out as the next victim of tragedy.

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