• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

A 5-year-old boy’s eyes feel uncomfortable when wearing sunglasses. The truth makes his parents regret…

In fact, Doudehui has mentioned it more than once in previous content: Don’t put sunglasses on your baby! But some parents think: The sun is so strong that wearing sunglasses for your baby can not only protect your eyes but also make them look concave. It’s like killing two birds with one stone! However, is the reality really what parents imagine? On June 25, 2018, Changjiang Daily reported: Dongdong (5 years old), who lives in Houhu, Wuhan, saw that his father wore sunglasses every day when going out, looking as cool as a star on TV, so he clamored for a pair, and Dongdong’s mother asked. A pair of fashionable children\’s sunglasses was carefully selected for him online. But after wearing it for a week, Dongdong always said that her eyes were uncomfortable and a little painful. Her mother discovered that Dongdong’s eyes were indeed a little swollen, so she took Dongdong to the Ophthalmology Department of Houhu District, Wuhan Central Hospital on the morning of June 23. After a detailed examination by an ophthalmologist, the doctor told Dongdong’s mother that the problem was with her sunglasses. The doctor said: Children’s sunglasses should not only focus on the shape but also protect against ultraviolet rays because the pupils will shrink under strong light to prevent large amounts of ultraviolet rays from being absorbed. After wearing sunglasses, the outside light becomes darker and the pupils dilate. If sunglasses do not provide UV protection, your eyes may be harmed. Moreover, the development of children\’s vision has special physiological characteristics, which requires normal light to effectively stimulate the macular area of ​​the retina, otherwise it is likely to cause amblyopia. Therefore, the light transmittance of children\’s sunglasses should not be less than 30%, and it is recommended that children under 6 years old should not wear them. sunglasses! I believe that after reading the above case answers, you should be able to understand why Xiaokangjun has never recommended letting babies wear sunglasses. Moreover, children\’s sunglasses on the market are of various kinds and of varying quality. Many are made of organic glass or ordinary glass. They are toys at best and cannot filter ultraviolet rays, nor can they provide any protection. If the weather is too hot or the sun is too strong, Doudehui recommends that you try not to take your baby out, or control the time of outdoor activities, avoid the time when the sun is strongest, and wear a hat with a brim when going out ( Or parents help the baby hold a sunshade). Babies in strollers need to use sunshades to protect them from ultraviolet damage. In addition, parents must go to regular optical stores when buying sunglasses for older babies. When purchasing, they should choose products with anti-UV logos and try to choose well-known brands (companies with certain brand influence generally pay more attention to product quality) ). Try to choose gray, smoke or brown lens color. These colors cause less color distortion and provide better color perception. In addition, Doudehui would like to remind everyone of two more points: ❶Do not wear sunglasses for your children on cloudy days or at night, and it is best not to wear them indoors; ❷Put away the glasses when not wearing them and keep them out of the reach of your baby. . If children are allowed to play around with sunglasses, they can easily injure themselves or injure their eyes due to improper wear. To sum up, there are actually two points: first, it can be worn, but it is best for children over 6 years old. Babies under 6 years old should try not to wear it, and even if it is worn for too long, it should not be worn for too long; second, it should choose a big brand product and would rather not wear it. , and do not wear decorative products that are of poor quality or have no protection. After all, the baby\’s eyes are still developing and their refraction is not correct, soNever put sunglasses on your baby just because they look cute or good-looking, or because you assume that sunglasses can block the sun, as this will affect your child\’s eye development!

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