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A 6-year-old girl developed urethral stones and stopped growing because her mother fed her this way

It is not unreasonable for people to say that food is their first priority and safety is their first priority. But do parents know that sometimes we think food is good for our children, and we think it can supplement nutrition for our children. After the child eats it, it will cause harm to him. As we all know, symptoms such as high uric acid will appear in older and middle-aged people. But in Fuzhou, a 7-year-old girl was found to have high uric acid, twice as high as her peers. This can\’t help but surprise the doctors. How could a 7-year-old girl have high uric acid? The doctor said: Generally, people with high uric acid are obese, but symptoms of obesity are not seen in little girls. So what is the reason that causes the little girl to have high uric acid? It turned out that the little girl\’s physical condition was not very good and she was relatively thin compared to her peers, so the mother felt that she needed to supplement her child with some nutrition. Otherwise, if this continues, how will the child live with a sickly body when he grows up? There is a saying that goes like this: Drink soup first before eating to avoid injury to the intestines and stomach. So every time the mother ate, she would stew a pot of soup for her daughter in advance. And in order to get more nutrients, my mother adds very little water every time and makes the soup very thick, thinking that this kind of soup will have more nutrients and the child can absorb it better. It can achieve twice the result with half the effort. The main culprit of high uric acid in children is the pot of \”soup\” cooked by the mother. There is nothing wrong with mothers making soup to supplement their children\’s nutrition, but the soup is too thick, which is the root of the problem. Because the purine content in the soup is very high, the child is still young and his body is still developing in all aspects, so he does not need too much nutrition and purine intake. If your child drinks thick soup for a long time, the child\’s liver will be unable to bear it, putting a burden on the child\’s liver, resulting in high uric acid in the child. There is nothing wrong with the mother\’s good intentions, but she pities the child, who is only seven years old and has to lie in the ward to endure the torture and pain of the disease. It is not uncommon for children to be harmed due to their parents’ “care”. Some time ago, a baby had problems because his parents gave him calcium supplements. An 18-month-old baby suffered from nausea and vomiting for several days. After going to the hospital for examination, a stone was found in the child\’s urinary tract. The doctor searched for the cause and learned that it turned out that it was because parents had been supplementing their children with calcium for a long time, which led to stones in such young children. There is also a 6-year-old girl. Because her mother feels that the child is in poor health, she makes the child drink 3 bags of milk every day. For a while, the girl kept complaining that she had a stomachache, and the adults didn\’t pay attention at that time. Only when the child was rolling on the ground in pain did the parents take the child to the hospital for examination. As a result, it was discovered through X-ray that there was a stone with a diameter of 1.3 cm in the child\’s ureter, and because he drank too much milk, the child\’s bones closed prematurely and stopped growing. In other words, the child\’s height will stay at the 6-year-old stage in the future and will never grow taller. I believe that parents worry about their children\’s health and provide them with nutrition. I believe this happens to every parent.. However, supplementing nutrition to children also requires a certain degree of caution. Children’s bodies are more fragile than ours, and supplementing nutrition also requires scientific supplementation. For the health of our children, what should we parents pay attention to in daily life? 1. Milk and eggs. Many parents think that milk and eggs have high nutritional value, so they prepare milk and eggs for breakfast every day. In fact, this is wrong. Milk and eggs are high-protein substances. Children\’s body functions are not very mature yet and cannot fully absorb the nutrients in them. If it is given to children for a long time, it may also affect the child\’s height development. 2. Calcium supplementation Most parents believe that their children are in poor health and often suffer from leg and hand pain due to calcium deficiency, so they will give their children calcium tablets and other calcium supplements. This is also a big misunderstanding. In fact, children\’s bodies are not deficient in calcium, but in vitamin D, which promotes the body\’s absorption of calcium. Therefore, parents will find that even if they supplement their children with calcium, the child\’s body will not change much. If they feel that their child\’s physical condition is poor, they can supplement their child with more vitamin D through food. 3. Fruit juice drinks Children all like to drink juice, because it not only tastes sweet and sour, but also quenches thirst. Parents also think that juice is squeezed from fruits and must be very nutritious. But this is not the case. During the process of squeezing the juice, most of the nutrients have already been lost. If children are allowed to drink juice for a long time, it will affect their growth and development. 4. Peel vegetables. Many parents think that peeling vegetables will make them more nutritious. However, in fact, vegetables must be boiled with their skins on to make soup more nutritious. Especially when making soup, do not peel off the skin of vegetables. . Every parent wants their children to grow up healthily and happily. Every child is the sweetheart of his parents. For the health of our children, we parents should worry more and study more. I hope that more parents will read this article and pay attention to these details, so that every child can grow up healthily and happily!

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