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A classmate said that her daughter is a liar. I give this mother’s answer 101 points.

Ever since my daughter entered kindergarten, my husband and I have prepared a gift for her every Christmas, and we have been doing so until now. This is not to promote foreigners\’ festivals, but to use my own way to make my daughter\’s childhood more colorful. Santa Claus Didn’t Come At first, my daughter’s expectations for Christmas were no less than our childhood expectations for the Spring Festival. In her ignorant little mind, there always lived an old grandfather wearing a red robe and a hat, riding a sleigh, and with a thick white beard. He was omnipotent and could always fulfill her little wish on this day. Thus, there were beautiful stories about Christmas from her childhood. I remember that she was in the middle class of kindergarten. On Christmas Eve, my husband and I were both on a business trip and did not prepare any gifts for my daughter. Because of the vague memories of the previous year, my daughter still hoped to find the long-awaited gift on her pillow when she woke up on the morning after Christmas. However… at night, my daughter told her grandma angrily. :Grandma, do you know why Santa Claus didn’t give me a gift this year? That’s because if you turn on the stove this year, Santa Claus will be afraid that our chimney will burn his buttocks and he won’t dare to come down. Don’t turn on the stove next year. Later, I heard my mother-in-law tell us about it. I laughed heartily at my daughter\’s innocence, and at the same time I understood better that no matter how busy I am in the future, I should not let down her little expectations. Santa Claus is afraid that the smog will turn around again. On the eve of Christmas of the next year, Qingdao began to suffer from a long period of smog. It was foggy every day. My daughter was very worried and kept asking: Mom, the smog is so heavy, Santa Claus What should we do if grandpa can’t see the way to our house? What a good opportunity for environmental protection education. Pointing to the heavy fog outside, from car exhaust to white pollution to caring for trees, etc., I explained to her in simple terms how to protect the environment and some knowledge about caring for the environment. . Please click here to enter a picture description. That year, the gifts my daughter received were a stuffed toy and a box of chocolates that stopped in the shopping mall window. When my daughter brought the chocolate to the kindergarten to share, she and her friends kept promoting the need to care for the environment. He said that if we don’t protect the environment, we won’t be able to eat the chocolates sent by Santa Claus next year. When I got home, I told me seriously: \”Mom, all my friends have said that during the Spring Festival this year, parents will not be allowed to buy firecrackers, littering, and parents will be asked to drive less. But the only thing that makes me sad is that there are A female classmate called me a liar. She said there was no Santa Claus in the world. My friends and I didn’t believe her, so she sued the teacher. Mom, I didn’t lie to my classmates. Chocolate is Christmas. Grandpa gave me a gift, right?\” \”Of course, you didn\’t lie to your classmates. There are too many children across the country. Santa Claus\’s gifts are limited, and they are only given to children who have wishes and are sensible. Because you are great, That\’s why I receive gifts.\” What an innocent child. In her innocent heart, these stories of truth, goodness and beauty will always live. Gradually, my daughter grew older and read more books. She learned about the origin of Christmas and that Santa Claus was a virtual person, but she never told her about it. Before Christmas, it was stillShe would shamelessly yell at me about what kind of gifts she would receive this year, but I would just smile knowingly and help her prepare with all my heart. Santa is the funniest Christmas for a female first grader. On the night of Christmas, I borrowed the Santa Claus equipment bought by my work and hid in the bathroom to put it on. Take out the small items that have been hidden for several days from the closet: a copy of \”Little Beans in First Grade\” that she likes, a chocolate milk bar in the shape of a Christmas tree, a package of her favorite pastries, a beautiful scarf… …all packed into big pockets. Find the song \”Jingle Bells\” on your phone. When I opened my daughter\’s bedroom door wearing a Santa Claus costume, a long snow-white beard, and a big bag on my back, accompanied by music, she and grandma were stunned. I lowered my voice and said, \”Children, since you are With excellent performance over the past year, Grandpa, I decided to give this year’s gift in advance. As a result, before I finished speaking, I burst into laughter, making myself \”revealed\”. But I believe that this scene will always bring her very good memories… A child\’s childhood should be colorful, which requires us to use our little stories one by one, our small intentions again and again, and our care. , love to dress up. I believe that it is much better to let a kind-hearted old man who can give gifts always live in the children\’s hearts than to yell rudely: \”Fool, that\’s all a lie to you children.\” A small gift doesn\’t cost much or takes much time, but it gives children a little hope and a little sense of happiness at this time of year.

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