• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

A collection of 20 at-home games for two people to keep your kids entertained in minutes. Take it away without any thanks.

In this special winter vacation, the children have more time to communicate with their daddy and mommy at home, so let’s do some exercise with them~ Sports Game 01 Push the daddy with wood or mommy will lie down first On the ground, let your child push your body. At this time, use your whole body to stop the body from rolling, and then encourage your child to push your body as hard as possible. It can exercise children\’s physical fitness and perseverance, making them stronger. 02 For the cave drilling game, please sit on the ground and straighten your feet first, and then the child will jump over your feet. After the child jumps over, raise your waist and let the child get under the waist. Cultivate children\’s spatial cognitive ability, while exercising muscle strength, balance, explosive power, and dexterity. Be careful not to crush the child. 03 The little kangaroo dances in circles. Sit on the ground first and spread your feet. Have your child jump over your feet, or walk over your feet with their left and right feet. After jumping or walking across, have your child go around behind you and to the front again. After getting familiar with the movements, you can let your child try jumping on one foot, sideways, or jumping over your feet backwards. Exercise children\’s motor skills-muscle strength, dexterity, and explosive power. 04 The little equestrian father put his hands and feet on the ground, making a posture of four knees on the ground. Let your child climb onto your back, then have him kneel down and stand in the center of your back. Please pay attention to safety when playing. Cultivate children\’s spatial cognitive ability, while exercising muscle strength and balance. 05 Knee Mountain Challenge: Parents lean against the wall with their knees bent. While holding the child\’s hands, let the child\’s feet slowly climb up to your knees, hold the child\’s hands firmly, and let the child learn to maintain balance and not fall. While standing firm, slowly release your hands and let your child spread his arms to improve balance. It can exercise children\’s motor skills – muscle strength, balance and dexterity. Please pay attention to safety when playing. 06 Knee Mountain Challenge 2 Stand face to face with your child and hold his hands. While holding your child\’s hands, let your child\’s feet slowly climb onto your knees. Hold the child\’s hands firmly to help the child learn to maintain balance and not fall. 07 Step on the bubble wrap paper. The bubble wrap received by express delivery will make a crackling sound when spread on the bottom board. The children like it, let them run on it! 08 Divide different distances with standing long jump tape, take off from the origin, and see how far you can jump. 09 When crossing obstacles, put the tape on the wall to become a laser line, so that the children can cross without touching it. Isn’t it a thrilling feeling? 10 The kangaroo ball holds a small balloon between its legs and jumps around like a kangaroo. Then the parents give their children different instructions, such as: jump forward, jump forward and backward, jump left and jump horizontally, and jump over a certain obstacle. 11 Throw Throw the colored sandbags to the throwing points of the corresponding colors and see who is more accurate ~ 12 Throw The \”bowling ball\” of the home version of the paper cup tower. Build the paper cups high and throw them with small balls to see who knocks down more paper cups. 13. Throwing tape. Post different tracks on the door with tape. Let the children throw the paper balls through the tape and pass through without getting stuck. 14. Hit the paper cup. Hang the paper cup upside down like this, write different numbers on it, and then give instructions to the child. Hit the instructions with a small ball.cup. 15 categories of tackle: Use a shovel to scoop the balls of different colors to different places. Parents can compete with their children to see who can scoop them accurately and quickly. 16 Football on the Tip of the Tongue uses cardboard to make a simple court, find a ball of cotton to make a ball, and then the father or mother and the child each blow the ball with a straw to see who can blow the ball into the opponent\’s goal first. 17 Maze Ball Catch: Use tape to post a maze on the ground, and let the children push the ball out of the maze with a thin rod. Certain mechanisms and obstacles can also be set up. Please use your parents\’ imagination. 18 paper cups catch the ball. Parents and babies throw ping pong balls at each other in each other\’s paper cups to see who can shoot more accurately. 19. A roll of white paper for Bumping Balls, and it becomes an excellent partner for Bumping Balls in seconds ~ 20. Throw small balls. Put a sheet on two chairs, throw balls to each other on both sides, and enjoy the joy of the game! Dear parents, have you got all these mini games? Are you still worried about your children having nothing to do at home? Come and play the game now!

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