• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

A complete guide to self-study calligraphy for primary school students, so they can practice good calligraphy this holiday

As the saying goes, a word is like its face, and a word is like its person. Let your children practice calligraphy during the summer vacation, which will benefit them for life! How to write horizontally, vertically, skimming, and pressing in order to condense the atmosphere? Doudehui has compiled a complete guide for you to practice Chinese calligraphy from scratch during the summer vacation, so your children can learn quickly! Preparation before practicing calligraphy 1. Pencils are suitable for children and beginners. They help to express the thickness of strokes and practice the sharpness of the strokes. 2. Gel pens are cheap, easy to obtain, and easy to control. The 0.7 and 1.0 refills are more suitable for practice. 3. Fountain pens can best express the frustration of strokes and the rhythm of writing. However, the water output of fountain pens is larger than that of ordinary pens, so you need to choose paper with a certain thickness for practice. 4. Copybook: Choose a copybook that suits you, such as a stroke copybook or the works of ancient regular script calligraphers. 5. In the early stage of practicing calligraphy on copy paper, you can choose Tian-zi grid paper or rice-zig grid paper to facilitate familiarity with the structure of calligraphy. After a period of time, you can switch to ordinary square paper or calligraphy work paper. The correct way to hold a pen is with the pen resting against the knuckle of the index finger, with the thumb and index finger slightly separated or lightly touching, and the index finger slightly lower than the thumb. Basic stroke writing

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