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A father with high emotional intelligence and a mother with a good mood are the best feng shui for a family.

I saw a piece of news some time ago: a 10-year-old girl lost her temper at her mother because she was angry when she got up, and she also said a lot of hurtful words. The mother sadly locked herself in the room, but the father deftly resolved the awkwardness between mother and daughter. The father wrote down 15 things that the mother had done for his daughter and asked her daughter to confirm them one by one. ● Did your mother buy you clothes? ●Did mom buy something delicious? ● Has your mother breastfed you since you were a child? ● Has your mother taken you to class? ● Has your mother taken you on a trip? ● Did your mother help you study? ● Did your mother give you many gifts? ● Did your mother take you to watch movies? ● Did your mother stand up for you? ● Did your mother plead for mercy when you were beaten by your father? ● Did your mother give any gifts to your friends and classmates? ● Has your mother ever fed small animals for you because you like them? ● Did your mother stay with you when you were sick, give you injections, or shed tears for you? ● Does your mother always encourage you to keep making progress? ● Does your mother love you? ● So, what have you done for your mother? My daughter gave positive answers to all 15 questions one by one. When she saw the last sentence, \”What have you done for your mother?\”, she burst into tears. The daughter ran to apologize to her mother. At that moment, all the grievances and resentments between mother and daughter were melted into the hug and turned into lasting love. Dad\’s heartwarming gesture not only restored the smiles of mother and daughter, but also added happiness and sweetness to the family. A mother\’s mood determines the temperature of a home. Psychological counselor Lai Peixia once gave a speech on the stage of \”I am a Speaker\”. She mentioned that she was often scolded by her mother when she was a child and was very unhappy. When she grew up, she continued to hit the wall in her relationship. She lamented: \”When your mother lives in sorrow and pain all her life, do you dare to be happy?\” \”The answer?\” Yes, it’s difficult.” If the mother is in a negative mood for a long time and yells at her husband and children at every turn, then the family will always be filled with a depressed and unhappy atmosphere, and no one dares to be happy and cannot be happy. Only if the mother maintains a gentle and loving appearance at all times can the children grow up freely and happily. I recently watched the cartoon \”Peppa Pig\” with my daughter, and she became a fan of Mommy Pig. Mummy Pig always looks gentle and rarely yells at her children. She can handle them calmly no matter how chaotic they are. In this gentle and free atmosphere, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig have always been in love with each other, while Peppa Pig and her brother George are able to retain their innocence and childishness. They are filled with a sense of security and can play freely. and growth. Mother\’s mood determines the temperature and happiness of a home. Mother’s emotions are hidden in father’s emotional intelligence. I once read a passage: Mother’s emotions are the family’s thermometer, and father is the “control button” on the thermometer. Dad can use his small actions to help his mother adjust the \”temperature\” of the home and make the home \”cloudy\” turn \”sunny\” at any time. I have been a bit short-tempered since I was a child, and after becoming a mother, I often became flustered and impatient due to unexpected situations. Fortunately, my husband plays the role of \”fire extinguisher\” every time, quenching my anger.Kill in the cradle and keep a happy atmosphere at home. For a while, my daughter often played until 12 o\’clock before going to bed and woke up at 5 o\’clock in the morning. I couldn\’t stand it at all and always wanted to get angry. My husband noticed my irritability and always urged me to go to bed while he played with my daughter. Recently, due to various reasons, I gained 20 pounds in two months. I couldn\’t fit into any of the clothes at home, and I felt completely shattered. Every time I mention that I am fat, my husband will say: \”Where are you fat? How cute she is.\” Every time I mention that I want to lose weight, my husband will say: \”You are in good shape now, there is no need to lose weight at all.\” When I praise my daughter for her beauty Sometimes, he would add: \”As beautiful as mom\”; when I called my daughter little princess, he would also say: \”We have a big princess and a little princess in our family.\” Mom\’s emotional control, You can\’t do without your father\’s love, and you can\’t do without your father\’s emotional intelligence. A father with high emotional intelligence can quickly identify the mother\’s emotional changes and help the mother to get out of negative emotions as quickly as possible and maintain a relaxed and happy mood through joking, praising, etc. The higher the father\’s emotional intelligence, the warmer and more loving the family will be. Du Jiang is recognized in the industry as having high emotional intelligence. After marriage, he continued to spoil his wife Huo Siyan like a little princess. During an interview, he would answer with a serious face: \”When I go out to film, what I miss most is my wife more than my son.\” When he goes out, he will tell his son, \”Take good care of mom.\” On his wife\’s birthday When I am with my wife, I carefully plan various little surprises. Even if I cannot be with my wife due to work reasons, I will send a little love poem on Weibo. When it comes to educating his son, Du Jiang, who has high emotional intelligence, is also very good at it. When his son lost his temper willfully, he would not stop him blindly. He said: If he could be willfully pampered, which child would be willing to become sensible despite being wronged? I don\’t want my child to be like this, losing the wantonness and willfulness that a child should have. After you calm down, you can analyze the problem and reason with him. At the same time, he will always express his love for his son, often telling him: \”Dad loves you.\” Du Jiang\’s love for his wife and son fills the home with a warm and loving atmosphere at all times. In this warm and loving environment, children are filled with love and security. They can act coquettishly, be willful, and pursue what they like without restraint. A loving growing environment is the best family tradition for a family. There is a question on Zhihu: What is it like to have a very happy family of origin? The answer with the most likes is: I miss my mother when I\’m hungry, and I want to go home when I\’m tired. I never feel wronged because I have a father. Most of these children are very courageous, cheerful and righteous, not afraid of other people\’s eyes, dare to take action, and have flexibility in dealing with things, but they are not easy to give in. Because I am sure of being loved, I tend to live according to my heart. He knows how to care about others. He is different from the polite and restrained children who lack love. He is the kind that really makes people feel comfortable. In a warm and loving family environment, parents understand each other\’s love and convey love to each other. Influenced by their ears and eyes, children have seen what love looks like, and naturally understand what real love is. In the future, they will also know how to love others and enjoy the favor of others. A warm and loving growing environment is the best way for children to grow.Gifts are also the best family tradition for a family. If the father has a high emotional intelligence and the mother is in a good mood, the atmosphere at home will become very warm, and the children will naturally have more freedom and happiness.

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