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A father’s influence on his children is far greater than you think

One day, I ran with my child in the sun to finish her planned target of 6 kilometers. On the way back, she told me excitedly about the movie she had just watched. I didn’t necessarily listen to everything, but I nodded from time to time and asked a few questions. sentence. Walking home from the playground, she chattered, and I listened patiently and silently. When we were approaching the gate of the community, the child said, \”Mom, I really like being with you. You are always willing to listen to me.\” I put this Evaluation is regarded as one of the highest praises for children. I\’m really not qualified to say too much about \”how to raise my daughter.\” The child is not yet 14 years old, so we have made a lot of mistakes. However, her growth always reminds me of myself, of being good at listening, How did my father, who always caught the big and let go of the small, train my daughter? My father has always been full of confidence in me. I have always believed that my father is an expert in education. He is a man who has great confidence in himself, so he always has confidence in his children. He comes from an enlightened family. Our ancestors came from Wuxian County, Jiangsu Province. Our ancestors produced Jinshi scholars. My great-grandfather and grandfather were both scholars, and they came from a scholarly family. This enlightened family values ​​equality between men and women, and my father practices it. Not only that, he also pays special attention to the education of my daughter. I think this may also have something to do with the cold reception he received from my grandfather. My father is handsome and tall. From elementary school to middle school to university, he was the \”ace\” in the eyes of teachers at any stage of his studies. Not only was he talented, but he was also extremely diligent. Such a talented and beautiful person in the eyes of his family, classmates and friends was not favored by my grandfather. Because my grandfather came from a relatively remote and backward rural area in Guangxi, where the preference for boys over girls was a natural principle. My mother is the eldest daughter, and although she is also the only graduate of a prestigious school in the family, my grandfather only sees his only son. I saw with my own eyes how my grandfather doted on his only granddaughter at the dinner table and turned a blind eye to the grandchildren surrounding him. I was young at that time and rarely lived with my grandfather, so I could not feel the shadow of this kind of discrimination. However, this shadow deeply pressed on the hearts of my mother and aunts, and even made my proud father often Furious. Perhaps some or even all of this anger turned into extra love for my daughter, even a little too much. But this kind of favor is not material. I remember that in my junior year of college, my father took me to climb Lushan Mountain, along with his colleagues and family members. However, he was unwilling to follow everyone and walked slowly. Instead, he took me to find the most difficult road to climb early in the morning. On the way, I saw that the snacks couldn\’t move, but he remained calm and ignored me. At most, he gave me a few fried broad beans, which made me scold him for being \”stingy\” so many times. But because I don’t eat snacks, I climb mountains every day. When it’s meal time, I wolf down the food and eat it very deliciously. But as a snack, I still miss the snacks. So now that I see my daughter worrying about snacks, I\’m not angry at all. I just turn a blind eye. That\’s how everyone does it. I was admitted to Sichuan University, and originally wanted to be admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University. Looking at the admission notice, I felt a little unhappy. Dad spoke up and said, \”Don\’t think that those who are admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University are necessarily better than you. You should pay attention to making friends when you enter college. Dad, I have been able toTo do any decent work depends on the support of friends. \”With my father\’s advice, I paid great attention to making friends in college, especially in the year when I was about to graduate. I was named \”President\” by a boy in my grade. He said that I had too many friends, and we were in constant contact with each other. There are students from all departments and grades in the dormitory. I have two graduation albums, one is used to collect messages from classmates of this grade in this department, and the other is to collect messages from students from other departments or other grades in this department. My father’s love for me Shown in his patience and trust in my academic performance in college when my academic performance plummeted, he always seemed to believe that I could do anything I wanted to do. Even when I felt most unlucky, he could still do it. Seeing the positive side of me makes me feel that he is the most appreciative person in the world. This makes me feel that I can’t stand up when I encounter any setbacks. When I was in college, I repeated a grade because of my professional mood. , when I graduated, my father saw that I was depressed, and he said something: \”I think you had a good time in college. You exercised a lot and found a partner. \”My father loves exercise. When he was studying in the Department of Mathematics at Wuhan University, he was not only the top student in his class, but also held the school pole vault record for several years. He also chose my mother, who had better athletic ability than him in the class, as his wife. Therefore, our family has a tradition of loving sports. My father attaches great importance to my athletic ability. When he saw that I was running or swimming in college, and I got a tan, he thought it was good. This is indeed what I insisted on in college. It’s a very good habit. I won’t sleep unless I work myself into a sweat every day. I was originally a little proud of finding my partner, but when my dad affirmed me, I immediately magnified this achievement tenfold. , and became quite proud. With this confidence instead of depression, I entered the first work unit. Of course, I would not be downcast, but with my head held high. My dad knew that this would help me start another life. The stage is very important, but he only said this sentence, but it was enough. In the few years after my father graduated from safety education, my job in the publishing house was quite easy, and my boyfriend worked in other places, so I had no free time in my spare time. I started I practice internal boxing. I spend five or six hours every day practicing boxing. I go out early and come back late. My mother can’t stand it. She says that I don’t accompany my parents when I have time, so I go to practice boxing. My father doesn’t say anything, and He won\’t complain that I don\’t accompany him. He is busy on his own and doesn\’t need my company. My dad is neither worried that I will affect his work, nor is he worried that I will affect society. In short, he just watches and doesn\’t care. Three days passed like this. In 2008, I finally got a little bored and felt that I couldn’t train as well as Zhang Sanfeng. The enthusiasm finally passed, and the senior brother I got along with very well also graduated and left. When my interest was waning, my dad spoke up and said: \”How do you practice boxing?\” Didn’t it take a little more time? \”——He was really tactful, so I borrowed the donkey from Slope and took it away. Instead, I just did the exercises by myself for half an hour every day. Then I planned another action to take my boxing friends to Wudang Mountain. At that time, I thought I had After a little effort, I jogged all the way up to the Golden Summit of Wudang Mountain. I was really in good health at the time and had no idea what \”fear of heights\” meant, so I took the lead on the most prominent stone on the Golden Summit.I meditate, imagining characters like Huang Rong and Xiao Longnu. My boxing friends are not willing to be outdone. Then they either do Golden Rooster Independence on this stone, or do various movements of Xingyi Quan… I develop the photos and give them to my dad. Look, my father frowned and didn\’t praise me for being \”valiant\” or anything like that. He never said these empty words. After a while, he spoke: \”You are kidding! What if that stone has weathered parts and your and your friends\’ lives are in danger?\” I suddenly became speechless and didn\’t say anything for a long time, but I knew what my father said That\’s right. Slowly, I started to sweat and my spine felt chilly. Dad didn\’t say anything more, but his tone, his expression and his words were deeply engraved in my heart. Not long ago, a child from our neighbor ran to the rooftop to play with my daughter and some friends, and caused a thrilling scene. The child was not afraid of heights, so he dared to stand on the rooftop without guardrails and open his arms to take photos. A slight accident – such as a sudden flying bird or small insect – might cause him to panic and fall off a tall building… This is so similar to when I meditated on the stone on the Golden Summit! I quickly sat the children down and told them stories about my past, and told them what the unexpected meant. The children\’s faces turned pale when they heard this. I also quickly told the parents, who were frightened when they heard it. Only then did they realize how inadequate the safety education for their children was. Today, we have established a parent support group to frequently exchange experiences on children’s education, including safety education. One day after my father taught me to think about others at work, I parked my bicycle in the community. As soon as I put it away, my father came back from work. When he saw the bicycle, he immediately said: \”You are so overbearing when you park like this, blocking other people\’s way!\” From then on! , I never let go of a bike like that again. Nowadays, I often teach my daughter: put your bicycle aside and don’t block other people’s way. In fact, my father taught me this when I was a child. He took me to a relative\’s house for dinner, and said to me on the way: \”When I was a child, I would not sit down when I went to other people\’s houses for dinner. I would try my best to do something for others, so that others would welcome me more.\” Slowly. , after I went to my relatives\’ house, I was too embarrassed to sit there, so I would always help with serving dishes, or help with washing dishes and taking out the trash, and I would always do something. Today, I educate my daughter in exactly the same way. She has to work at home and have work outside. Therefore, it is very popular for my daughter to visit her classmates’ homes because she sees something interesting. Dad taught us how to survive in Guandong. One winter, Dad asked his brothers to deliver two cans of boiled lard to a family of farmers in the market who pushed a cart all the way from Anhui to Wuhan to sell ginger and lived in a simple tent for the winter. He didn’t let me deliver it, but he said to me: Look, you come all the way here to sell a load of ginger, but people can live like that. After I got married, my parents asked me to move out and rent a house by myself. At first, we could only rent private houses owned by farmers near the school. My father didn\’t think I was suffering, and I didn\’t want to complain. Later, we moved to a bungalow allocated by my lover\’s employer. The bungalow was very dilapidated, not only had air leakage, but also had a lot of mice, so we raised two cats. Dad came to visit me and watched Cats with meShu didn’t say a word of sympathy for me. He thought I was doing well. After that, we moved six times before we moved to our current house. My father never said a word. He watched us from afar as we bought this and that, never interrupting or letting my mother interfere. It really knocked us out. Few of my parents’ colleagues in college were willing to put their precious daughter through such trouble. They would try their best to get their children to be assigned a small room in the college and live next to them. . I am very happy every time I move because I have more autonomy every time and the house gets better and better every time I move. Besides, if I didn’t live in a bungalow, how would I have the chance to raise a cat and watch the cat climb trees? Besides, we only lived in the bungalow for less than a year before moving. My younger brother started his own business when he was a graduate student, and he started working enthusiastically. In order to save money when traveling back and forth, he would sometimes sleep directly under the seat of a hard-seat carriage. My mother couldn\’t bear to hear this, and I also sighed, but my father said to me: \”Your brother can\’t even do this.\” He can do everything, so what’s so hard to do about him?” I thought about it, that’s not it! In the future, my younger brother will work hard and take root in Silicon Valley before starting his own business. Isn’t it because of his down-to-earth energy? My parents, two southerners, responded to the call of the times after graduating from the Mathematics Department of Wuhan University and went to the Northeast, struggling in the ice and snow. When I was 4 years old, I was sent to the rural areas of Northeast China with them, where I stayed for 4 years. Such days are just joy for the children, but they are severe challenges for the parents. Compared to the low mud shacks my parents lived in when they were sent down to the countryside, all the houses I lived in were considered good houses, so my father looked at my situation without saying a word. He probably thought that he could handle it back then because he loved sports. My daughter is still fine. Sure enough, there is no problem. A few years ago, when the TV series \”Crossing the Guandong\” was broadcast, my mother called me and said, \”Your dad told me that we were the ones who conquered the Guandong back then, but now it\’s the children who are conquering the Guandong!\” I learned how to swim only in high school because of my father\’s charm of leading by example. My father worked abroad for two years, and my mother took my brother and I on foot to East Lake to learn how to swim. The two brothers laughed and learned it quickly, but I was timid and shy and never learned it. I was very envious of my two brothers. , my mother is not as good at understanding my thoughts as my father, and she does not have the patience to teach me, so I always stand in the water and watch others swim. My father wrote me a letter, and I don’t remember anything else. I only remember that he wrote: \”…I know you most want to learn to swim this summer vacation.\” He really understands my thoughts, just like I understand my daughter\’s thoughts now (please Forgive me for boasting). Dad came back and took me to East Lake alone, regardless of my brother. He threw me into the deep water and swam forward. He swam to a stone pier about 20 meters away and waited for me. Suddenly I lost the support of the railings on the shore and was thrown into the deep water. I had no choice but to drink. Water is still drinking water. At this time, I remembered the key points my mother taught me. I was hurriedly thrashing around. I actually drank a belly of water and was able to rush 20 meters to my father. Just when I wanted to take a rest, he rushed me to the water again. Throbbing in the water… drinking water… scrambling… struggling…..In less than a week, I learned to swim, but my mother took me for two summer vacations and I didn\’t learn how to swim. After I learned how to do it, my dad started taking me across the East Lake (he was a veteran who had crossed the Yangtze River four times). I was frightened at first looking at such a wide lake and had doubts about my physical strength, but my dad was by my side. , What am I afraid of? Finally, I crossed hundreds of meters again and again, becoming more and more courageous. My father saw that I was breathing a little quickly and told me to adjust my breathing and make it even. That summer vacation, I was as tanned as a black fish, and my whole body was black, but I was extremely happy. One day, it suddenly started raining heavily, and my father and I were the only ones in the lake. My swimming skills were already pretty good, and I knew how fun it was to go with the waves. As a result, we swam in strong winds and waves that day, following the waves up and down without fear at all. , was extremely happy and became an unforgettable memory in a lifetime. From then on, I fell in love with swimming. I am studying at Sichuan University in Chengdu. The swimming pool of Sichuan University is always open from June to October. I go home to swim during the summer vacation. I can swim until late October when school starts. This is to my liking because not many people can swim in it. Chengdu still insists on swimming early in the autumn. Those who can persist are strong guys, mostly boys. I like the feeling of getting into the water and starting to swim before dawn. I swim for half an hour every morning, surrounded by boys and girls who may be familiar or unfamiliar. I feel like I am hanging out with strong people. This feeling of pride has always been with me. It inspired me, so I kept swimming for several months every year in college, and I always swam early in the morning. A few years later, with my help, my daughter learned to swim early from a good coach. With my strict requirements, her physical fitness and swimming skills were quite good. We took her to swim in the sea in Sanya. Lang, this little guy is like a small fish. He dives to the bottom of the water and emerges. I don’t know how happy it is. It reminds me of the scene when my father took me swimming. Dad is now 77 years old and has a serious lumbar disc herniation, but he has not stopped exercising because of this. During the summer vacation, he also rode his bicycle to swim in East Lake every day. Compared with him, I was far behind. My father taught me how to distinguish true beauty. When I got married, I went on honeymoon with my lover and brought back some photos to show to my father. Although I was 25 years old at the time, I was still quite naive. For example, I would put some stickers on the door, including ones with cats and Brigitte Lin. My father didn’t say anything after seeing them, so I put them on. When I showed my honeymoon photos to my dad, I said: Oh, I wish I were as beautiful as Brigitte Lin. While talking, he was playing with the Brigitte Lin stickers he just bought. Dad spoke up: I think you are prettier than Brigitte Lin! I couldn\’t believe that these were my father\’s words, and stared at him. He took out a honeymoon photo of me: me standing in the Li River with a smile. He said: \”Look, your picture looks very good, better than Brigitte Lin.\” Then he said nothing more. After \”Red Sorghum\” was released, he happily watched it with his mother and came back and said to me: Gong Li is very beautiful. Later, Gong Li left Zhang Yimou and got married. He said, look, Gong Li married such a person. That person is not good-looking! My dad let me know that what he meant by \”good-looking\” had little to do with facial features. This powerfully adjusted my aesthetic. Nowadays, my daughter doesn’t judge people by their facial features.Exquisiteness is the standard, and she is basically immune to plastic surgery advertisements. In addition, when my daughter looked at photos of Brigitte Lin when she was young, she didn\’t think they were very beautiful. She felt that Brigitte Lin was not spirited enough. My father never interfered with my key choices. The three children in our family (me and my two younger brothers) are all in free love, and my parents didn\’t worry about it at all. But the three siblings seemed to have made an appointment. They all decided to have children very late. They all considered the matter after they were 35 years old, one later than the other. My dad never said anything about it, except for my mom who would nag about it, which was amazing. When I was 35 years old, I suddenly decided to take an MBA. My mother was silent and my husband was dissatisfied. But my father, although he did not express any objection, he did not support it at first. The first time I took the exam, I failed because of poor information (I chose the wrong review materials). Decided to continue taking the exam. One day, my parents came back from visiting my younger brother in Beijing. My father took out a roll of paper, which was full of math problems that he had done. He bought me a set of MBA review textbooks from Tsinghua University and solved all the math problems. I still treasure this roll of paper, along with all the letters and notes my father gave me. This kind of silent support gave me great encouragement. I took the exam for the second time and my score was quite good. Dad looked at my report card and smiled. But after I passed the exam, I didn\’t insist on finishing it because my life had changed. I began to consider getting pregnant, transferring my job, and building a team. For a time, my energy was very scattered. I lost my job and saved my car, so I decided to give up studying for an MBA. Even though I have paid tens of thousands in tuition fees. My father only persuaded me once, asking if I could consider persisting. I said there was no way, because I couldn\’t handle it physically, so he didn\’t say anything. Just give up. After that, he would have nothing to say about it. He would not complain and say: \”I have done so many math problems for you, but you don\’t cherish it…\” No, he would never say this. Like me, he just does it when he does it, gives up when he gives up, and doesn\’t dwell on it anymore. In fact, my father would not interfere with most of the family members\’ choices. For example, his younger brother failed to start a business after eight years, and he did not say anything worrying. He is also very tolerant to his mother at home. He rarely interferes with anything her mother does. He is a true liberal, and his restraints mainly apply to himself. Kindness is more important than intelligence. When I was twenty years old, I thought I was smarter than others and often looked above my head. My father looked at me and didn\’t give me any advice. He once discussed mathematics with me, and he believed that he had a deeper understanding of mathematics than my mother, even though my mother was his classmate. This sentence was misunderstood by me to mean that he thought my mother was not as smart as him. Now my mother and I have become best friends, and we talk on the phone every day. But when I was young, my mother and I were always at odds with each other, so my heart was biased towards my father and disgusted with my mother, which often made my mother cry. My mother does not think as deeply as my father on some abstract issues, but my mother\’s practical ability is very strong. But I looked at my mother all the time and wanted to find fault with her. One day, my father and I were chatting. I talked about the way my mother handled some things in a light tone. My father said alertly: Oh, in your opinion, my mother is very mean, right?? (Tiao is Wuhan dialect, meaning stupid) Listening to his tone, I blushed immediately. Dad didn\’t say much, but his expression and tone expressed his disapproval of me. Soon after, he took the initiative to talk to me about his mother and her kindness. He himself used \”蕕\” to describe his mother from time to time in his narration, but the \”蕕\” he said was obviously full of love for his mother, with tolerance, consideration and understanding for her. Yes, my mother’s family background was not as good as his since she was a child, and she also came from a family that valued boys over girls, so many of her natural instincts were suppressed. Fortunately, my father had such a tolerant personality, so my mother never felt depressed when she was around him, and she was always happy. Even her \”sweet potato\” is a by-product of this happiness – because she lives in luck, she sometimes does not understand the unluckyness of others. Dad didn\’t say the big truth that \”kindness is more important than intelligence\”, but he made me realize this with his words and deeds. From then on, I never talked about my mother in a disrespectful tone in front of my father. There is always someone who deserves to be remembered and respected forever. Dad is very tolerant to others, but at the same time he is also proud. There weren\’t many people he really looked up to. But he does not think that I am the best in the world. He always has people he misses and respects in his heart, who are the lights in his life. He often talked to me about the teachers at Wuhan University who cared and helped him: Qi Minyou and Yu Jiarong, as well as his teachers and close friends in the mathematics community across the country. When I first entered college, he told me: Whatever I can do in my life depends on the help of my friends, so you should pay attention to making friends when you go to college. I listened to this and made many friends in college, including men and women from all departments and grades. I also remembered the principle that when doing things in the world, you need to make friends all over the world. But the person whom my father respects and appreciates the most is the late Huang Shuhuai, the former president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. When Principal Huang was in office, his father was the head of the Department of Mathematics. The principal supported the construction of basic disciplines and emphasized a pragmatic style. He never did anything in vain, but worked hard. That was the golden age of my father\’s life. Often before dawn, my father would get up and start working. During those years, he was very busy, very happy, and very busy with hope and success. Principal Huang supported him in every aspect in developing disciplines and cultivating teachers. My father often traveled for business meetings, but his face always looked grim. It\’s bright. After Principal Huang retired, my father was depressed for a long time. I often read from my father\’s expression the distress of \”I have few close friends, and no one will listen when my string is broken.\” One day the year before last, my father took out a newspaper, with tears in his eyes, and asked me to read this report: \”In Changleyuan Cemetery, a pair of teachers and students are buried. The teacher is Huang Shuhuai, the former president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and the student is Huang Shuhuai, the former president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Chen Liliang, a young professor at the University of Science and Technology. Chen Liliang, known as \”Brother Liang\” to the students, passed away at an early age, which is sad. Yesterday, in the spring breeze, a group of Hua Science and Technology students came to Changyuan to pay homage to these two academic leaders. \”Dad He said to me with some excitement: \”This is the first time I heard that a student is buried with his teacher, first time!\” I heard my father\’s deep love for Principal Huang, which is also eternal. I also gradually came to understand how much a person’s life needs to be illuminated by such a bright light. If you encounter it, you must be extremely careful.cherish. There is nothing wrong with having a baby at the age of 38. I was worried about having a baby at the age of 38 and it would be painful, but in fact I really wanted to insist on a normal delivery. My father saw my thoughts at a glance and said, \”Actually, the pain will only last for a moment. Just grit your teeth and let it go.\” It\’s over.\” It\’s amazing. As soon as my father said it, I felt like there was nothing I couldn\’t hold on to. Sure enough, I was a natural birth mother and I breastfed. I took the baby back to my parents\’ house for confinement. When my father saw that I was proud of myself, as if I was carrying private property, he said to me seriously: \”This child is an independent life. You must remember this.\” Waiting for the child It was almost a full moon, and I was exhausted, looking worried at my infant baby. My dad saw my frustration just like he did when I graduated from college. He held up the doll and said, \”Look, what a wonderful baby. It\’s better to be born early than to be born well!\” With one sentence, my heart was dispelled. The dark clouds – yes, what a good baby, why should I worry about raising it? When my daughter was in the third grade of elementary school, her parents bought the \”From Textbooks to Mathematical Olympiad\” exercise book and started tutoring their children to do math problems. I looked disapproving. Dad said calmly: \”Whether it is exam-oriented education or quality-oriented education, we need to practice mathematical thinking.\” I immediately retracted my disapproving expression and turned to support my parents\’ approach. Under the guidance of her grandparents, my daughter learned mathematics with gusto. Mathematics has always been her dominant subject. This year, my daughter, who is in the second grade of junior high school, started learning trigonometric geometry. My grandfather wrote to her, saying: \”This semester, Chapters 11 to 13 are about plane geometry. More than two thousand years ago, the Greeks completed Euclidean geometry. An important progress of civilization, it tells people to be reasonable, use rigorous logical thinking to understand problems, and discover new scientific laws. Rational thinking is very important. Some of the questions here are difficult. Don’t worry if you can’t solve them in one or two days. If you try more, you can always solve it.\” My father told me not to make a high profile when starting a business. At the end of 2010, I decided to leave my employer and go out on my own. My father and I were sitting by the tennis court, watching my daughter practice tennis. I said to my father excitedly: \”Dad, from now on I will only write books.\” Unexpectedly, my father did not give me a thumbs up. Instead, he said sternly: \”Don\’t brag about this. What if you can\’t make money by doing good books? You must first try to survive.\” A basin of cold water was poured down, and it came from a father who had always been such an idealist in my eyes. oh. I remember when I was working for my first employer, I made a bunch of books. When I excitedly told him about it, he said to me sternly: \”Don\’t look at how much you have done, but how many books you can keep.\” You have to come down.\” Tell me, is my father a reality or an ideal? My father is a doctoral supervisor. He can only supervise two PhD students at most every year. As the head of the department, he will never recruit one more student. When it came time for the final exam, no one from the class my dad taught (my dad has long insisted on teaching mathematical analysis to undergraduates) dared to call and ask about their scores, but the phone calls at my house were still very busy, and they were all from my mom’s class. Some students called my mother to ask about their scores. For such a father, how can you say that he is not an idealist? But when I started my business, he told me not to brag and think that I could only make good books.This is so easy to do, but you have to compromise when you need to compromise for the sake of long-term development. He knew that there was no need to tell me \”Don\’t forget your ideals\” at this time. He was afraid that I would be beaten down by reality before I even saw the shadow of my ideals. Dad’s words made me quickly start to estimate the cost of starting my own business, calculating when I would reach the break-even point, which product I should invest my resources in first, and which things I should stop immediately. So, I immediately decided to get rid of the office building with a facade and rent a private residence instead. The cost was immediately reduced by a large amount. The office furniture that should be sold and given away was dealt with immediately, and the employees who should be dismissed immediately negotiated to resign… A series of very realistic things After taking action and cutting my losses quickly, my dad praised me: \”This is what it\’s like to do business.\” At this time, he talked to me about Steve Jobs\’ \”Stay hungry\” and said to me: \”You have to work very hard. Dare to pursue your dreams! \”When it\’s time to roll up your sleeves, roll up your sleeves. Five years ago, my mother suddenly fell ill. She suffered from high blood pressure, high blood lipids and high blood sugar. My mother, who had always been strong, was bedridden and weak. She never took medicine, so she took a lot of medicine from the hospital. When she started taking the medicine, it was inevitable that the medicine would have side effects, some of which made her miserable. My mother, who usually cooked, lay down, and my father, without saying a word, took over the task of buying vegetables and cooking that had long been borne by my mother. The first two days When my mother was seriously ill, my father stopped doing morning exercises that he had been doing for many years, and instead practiced at home to prevent his mother from getting flustered when he was gone for a while. In the past five years, my father learned how to cook from recipes on the Internet to take care of his illness. The mother in the middle. He was a true learner, not just for temporary convenience. Soon, his father’s cooking skills were praised by the whole family. Not only did he learn to cook a lot of dishes, he also learned to mix noodles, mix stuffing, and roll dough by himself. My son made dumplings, and later learned how to make dumplings. He claimed that the dumplings he made could be sold for 2 dollars each in the United States, and I was sure someone would rush to get them. In the past five years, I followed my father step by step and learned how to cook. I haven’t learned how to make pasta yet. Whenever I feel like it’s too much trouble and I don’t want to persevere, my father, who is a doctoral supervisor, will appear in front of my eyes, going to the kitchen whenever he wants, working hard to improve my mother’s food every day. Under my father’s meticulous care , my mother’s confidence increased greatly and she recovered well. As for me, I insisted on taking the father with me every night in the past five years to carefully prepare the ingredients for the next day’s breakfast, so that our family’s breakfast in the past five years was always rich. Diverse. My daughter is 13 years old and now she is 1.72 meters tall. It probably has something to do with eating breakfast like this every day for five years. The age of 3 determines a child’s life. The father must take a good look at it and let me know. , in one\’s life, one must calmly accept the reality. If you sing which song on which hilltop, roll up your sleeves when you should. Don\’t be depressed or entangled. If your loved ones feel that they are with you, then there will be hope in the world.

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