• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

A girl with cerebral palsy drowned, and the truth was actually related to her relatives…

More than a month ago, the body of a girl was found in a river in Jiangning, Nanjing. But the police have been unable to find the child\’s relatives. It wasn\’t until a few days ago that an insider provided clues that the police found the girl\’s family. The girl\’s uncle told the police that the child had cerebral palsy. The girl\’s biological father and grandfather admitted the crime of causing the child\’s death by drowning. According to the girl\’s uncle\’s statement, the girl\’s family spent about 100,000 yuan on medical treatment for the child. The family could not make ends meet, so the girl\’s mother chose to give up the child and divorce her husband. The grandmother felt sorry for the child, so she took the child to live in her hometown of Wuhu. The child and his father and grandfather had been separated for a long time. But later, grandma got cancer and needed to go back to Nanjing for surgery, so the child came back to reunite with his father and grandfather. Who would have thought that what awaited the child this time home would be cold death. The child\’s father and grandfather admitted the crime, but the child\’s life was gone and everything was irreversible. Who is to blame? The mother who abandoned the family, the cruel father and grandfather, or this innocent child with cerebral palsy? We cannot choose our origin. Everyone accepts God\’s arrangement and comes into this world without preparation. All we can do is try our best to be ourselves and wait for the baptism of fate. However, helplessness in life should never be an excuse for committing a crime. The father and grandfather in the incident did not give their children enough care. Relatives who were seriously lacking in family responsibilities pushed their children to the abyss of death when they first met many years later. And how could the mother who walked away ever feel sorry for the child who had been abandoned for many years? It\’s not the child\’s fault to be sick, but she has to bear the consequences. Everything is too cruel and too undeserved. I can only think comfortingly that in such a family, death is also a kind of relief for the little girl. She has no well-off family and no hope of recovery. This result may save her a lot of pain. But the actions of her father and grandfather still cannot be forgiven. Avoiding will not solve the problem, it will even aggravate it. In this world, facing the cruel reality, we still have to be responsible for our actions. Even if our lives are full of holes, taking responsibility is just the basic principle of being a human being. I hope that in the other world the little girl goes to, there will be no pain or harm.

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