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A letter from the head teacher to parents: Warm reminders for the fall semester of primary and secondary schools in 2022


Oct 1, 2023

Dear parents and students: Hello! The happy and fulfilling summer vacation life is coming to an end, and we will usher in a new semester. In order to actively deal with the \”back-to-school syndrome\” and ensure that children can invest in their new learning life at their best, the teacher reminds parents to seize the time and do the following to help their children return to school quickly! 1. Help children adjust their work and rest habits before school starts. During the summer vacation, children have more independent time. Internet surfing, watching TV, staying up late and other entertainment activities lead to going to bed late and getting up late. School is about to start. How should parents restore their children to a regular work and rest time? Establish and implement a regular schedule at least one week before the start of school, and allow children to implement the schedule during school. This is a step-by-step process that can effectively prevent children from being distracted, sleepy, and unfocused at the beginning of school. Establish reasonable study and entertainment time. Many children often use electronic products and other entertainment tools during the summer. Parents can indulge appropriately, but they must intervene in advance and strengthen supervision before school starts. Parents can discuss with their children to establish regular study and entertainment time together. 2. Before school starts, help children adjust their living habits and encourage them to be active and participate in physical exercises. As the saying goes, the body is the capital of revolution. After an entire holiday, the child\’s physical fitness has dropped significantly and it is difficult for him to withstand the heavy learning tasks in the new semester. It is recommended to choose some sports that your child likes, so that your child can maintain sufficient physical strength and welcome the new semester in the best mental state. Adjust your diet to relieve your child’s fatigue. During the summer vacation, many people break the eating rule of three meals, and have a lot of drinks and snacks all the time. One week before the start of school, parents should begin to adjust their children\’s diet, strictly implement three meal times, eat mostly light meals, eat less fried foods, fully supplement their children\’s diet with vitamins, and reduce fat intake. 3. Help children adjust their mental state before school starts. Before school starts, parents should communicate more with their children and observe their children\’s mental state during the communication process. For example, whether you are nostalgic for the holidays, whether you are looking forward to the start of school, etc. For first-grade students, parents should stimulate their children\’s interest in going to school. For example, what interesting knowledge will be learned, what kind of teachers and classmates will be contacted, so that children can understand the new campus life in advance. Some children will experience anxiety such as irritability and insomnia before school starts. Parents should understand their children\’s problems in a timely manner and help them overcome their anxiety. Special reminder: At the beginning of the school year, children should be encouraged more and should not be given too much pressure or competition. Children should be positive and optimistic and welcome the new semester with full spirit. 4. Before the start of school, help children formulate study plans for the new semester. Help children identify their strengths and weaknesses, clarify their own learning characteristics, tailor their studies, and formulate reasonable study plans. Set goals based on reality. When making plans, do not deviate from the reality of learning, and the goals cannot be set too high or too low. Long plan, short arrangement. In the study plan, short-term goals are mainly used. The goals are specific, the difficulty is moderate, and the best can be achieved through hard work. The plan needs to be comprehensive. In addition to the normal study plan, there must also be plans and arrangements for extracurricular activities. For example, how many books do you read per month?Books, time and frequency of physical activity, etc. After completing the plan, parents should strictly abide by their commitments, give rewards in a timely manner and make summary adjustments. 5. Help children form correct study habits before school starts. Cultivating children to form good study habits is an important guarantee for the smooth progress of learning activities and an important condition for improving the quality of learning. Preview habits: Preview is a process of active learning. It is especially effective for students with poor foundation to prepare well. Review habits: Reviewing can not only provide a deeper understanding of knowledge, but also better connect the next stage of learning. Writing Habit: Develop the habit of writing a diary. If you have something to say, it will be long, and if there is nothing to say, it will be short. Hang in there, keep writing, keep writing! Adapt to teachers: Don’t have any special emotions when facing teachers of various subjects. You must learn to adapt in different ways and improve yourself. Reading habits: Read Chinese and foreign classics or biographies of great people, make a reading list, and arrange reading time reasonably. 6. Help children understand safety knowledge before school starts. In September, primary and secondary school students will usher in a new semester. Parents must remind their children to pay attention to traffic safety, property safety, etc. when returning to school and on their way to and from school. 1. Observe traffic regulations and do not run red lights or climb guardrails. 2. Under twelve years old, do not ride a bicycle or sit in the passenger seat. At the same time, do not use scooters or electric balance vehicles on the driveway. 3. When crossing a road, students should use zebra crossings and other crossing facilities to prevent running red lights and illegal activities, and at the same time, try to minimize the occurrence of multiple people walking in parallel. 4. Do not play around the vehicle, fasten your seat belt when getting in the car, do not play in the car, and remind parents to drive in a civilized manner. 5. When taking a bus, you must get on and off the bus in an orderly manner after the vehicle has stopped, abide by the rule of \”getting on the bus through the front door, and getting off through the back door\”. Do not extend any part of the body out of the bus or throw objects outside the bus. 6. Take good care of your belongings on the way to school and do not leave your luggage to strangers to avoid losing it. 7. Tell your children to travel together as much as possible on the way to and from school. If you encounter a stranger striking up a conversation on the way, you should be more vigilant and seek help from the police if necessary. 8. Remember your parents’ names and phone numbers, the name and address of your workplace, the buildings around your home address, etc. 7. Before school starts, help children make a summary and buy school supplies. During the summer vacation, many students take advantage of the vacation time to study by themselves or go out to practice, increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Before the official start of school, parents can review the entire holiday life with their children and summarize gains and losses. They can encourage children to summarize and record in the form of compositions or diaries. At the beginning of school, children can also share it with their friends. When school starts, parents and children should prepare school supplies in advance. Such as: school bags, pens, exercise books, pencil cases, notebooks, drawing tools, etc., to create a good atmosphere for children to start school, so that children can feel the happiness of going to school and look forward to the start of school. In addition, the beginning of school requires a sense of ceremony. Parents can prepare a big meal for their children or take photos of their children on the first day of school as a souvenir. School is about to start, and we have prepared these 7 warm tips for parents and students, hoping to help children prepare for returning to school both physically and mentally! The teacher hasWe are ready to welcome our dear classmates, let’s start a happy new semester journey together! The first lesson of school safety education content Lebi Yoyo complete collection of popular science knowledge 52 episodes

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