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A mother’s model of family rules and training for her father has gone viral on WeChat Moments

My friend is a real winner in life. Not only does she have a considerate, patient, and diligent husband, but she also has a sunny, motivated, and worry-free son. Once, I exclaimed with envy: \”You really have a good harvest in your family and career. Can you teach me how you manage your husband and teach your children well?\” My friend smiled and said: \”You know? A family education expert once said: \’Behind a good child is a good mother. Behind a good mother is a good father.\’ Good family education must be inseparable from a good family atmosphere and Mom\’s good mood. To do these two things well, dad is the key. So, I set 10 family rules for dad. It is these 10 family rules that make dad more and more reliable. I Become happier and happier, and your children will become better and better.\” Today, I will share these 10 family rules with you, hoping that we can all gain something from them. 60 Tips to Cultivate Your Child to Be a Responsible Person PDF01 The way home from work is the way home. Teacher Zhang Wenzhi, a family education expert, said: \”The biggest trouble with family education in China today is that parents cannot live with their children. , and the second is that many parents cannot return home in time after work.\” Most of the time, dad is the busiest one in the family. I always think that the more time I devote to work and entertainment, the more I can improve the family\’s economic level and the more happiness I can bring to my family. Little do they know that the child\’s growth is not due to the great principles his father talks to him when he is free, nor is it how many toys his father bought him or how much wealth he left him, but how meticulously his father pays attention to his daily life. Understand him and be patient with him. Studies have shown that children who often have dinner with their parents can get better nutrition, have higher academic performance, and are less likely to smoke, drink, take drugs, fight, have early sexual intercourse, etc… Therefore, dads must Remember, the way home from work should be the way home. The warmth and beauty of sitting together as a family to have dinner and chatting will nourish the child\’s soul and allow the child to grow up healthily and happily. 02 Be considerate. Saying \”I love you\” ten thousand times is not as good as \”Let me come.\” In fact, a marriage mentor once told such a case: There was a couple who rarely quarreled. The two of them are like a pair of well-understood partners. The wife was afraid that she would get angry if she tutored the child in homework, so the husband took the initiative to take over the task of tutoring the child in homework. After the wife finishes cooking, the husband will take the initiative to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. The wife\’s heart is always warm, because every \”let me come\” from her husband shows her tolerance and consideration. The husband\’s heart is always warm, because the smile on his wife\’s face gives him great affirmation and warmth. A husband\’s \”Let me come\” is really worth ten thousand \”I love you\”. Because understanding and sharing can cure all the wife\’s anger and hypocrisy. 03 Interaction Dads should take their children to exercise more. Many fathers in North American countries take their children with them while exercising. There are three reasons: 1. Dad is the best physical education teacher for his children. Dad\’s strong body and abundant vitality can deeply influence his children.I feel the charm of sports. 2. According to a medical study, fathers who take their children for 12 minutes of exercise every day can improve their children\’s attention, self-control, reading comprehension and cognitive skills. In other words, children who perform better in exercise will also perform better in learning. 3. Dads and children exercising together can strengthen the emotional communication and connection between parents and children. As one educator said: You don\’t have to be a good father through money, but through a football. Therefore, no matter how busy he is at work, dad should take his children to exercise more. 04 Take control of yourself. Children cannot play with their mobile phones when they are doing homework and studying. You often see this picture: the child is doing homework at the desk, and the father is sitting aside playing with his mobile phone. It seems like you are accompanying your children, but in fact you are holding them back. Every child has a playful heart. When a father plays with his mobile phone, it is not only easy to distract the child, but also easily arouses the child\’s rebellious psychology: \”Why can you play, but I can\’t play?\” they all said. , the best education is to lead by example. Without leading by example, no matter how strict discipline is, it will be ineffective. If parents want to control their children, they must first control themselves. 05 Tolerance: Give your children more love and care when they make mistakes. Some time ago, a 10-year-old boy in Shandong ran away from home. When his father found him, instead of criticizing him or beating him, he immediately took off his coat and put it on him. The father\’s heartwarming gesture not only warmed the children, but also warmed countless netizens. German education scholar Herbart said: \”Children need love, especially when the child is not worthy of love.\” When a child makes a mistake, rough beating and scolding will not make the child realize his mistake, but will only make the child get a \” Dad doesn’t love himself” conclusion. Only by letting the child feel his father\’s love with a tolerant heart can he let go of his guard, face up to his mistakes, and listen to his father\’s teachings. Love is more powerful than punishment. 06 Sharing children is neither my home nor a hotel. Someone once said: \”Behind every collapsed mother, there is a dormant father.\” Many times, the mother\’s anger and madness are all because of the father. of inaction. Mom is tired after taking care of her children all day, and dad is either out enjoying himself or lying down as soon as he comes home. The mother\’s throat was filled with smoke while she was tutoring her child in homework, but the father smoothed things over as if \”it doesn\’t hurt to stand and talk\”: \”Speak to the child properly.\” The mother\’s wrists hurt from doing housework all year round, and the father\’s biggest concern is not to take over the mother\’s hands. Instead of a broom, I gave my mother a box of plaster. It\’s obviously a battlefield for two people, but my mother is always fighting alone. She obviously has a husband, but she lives like a single mother. There is a saying that goes well: Love means sharing the wind and rain and sharing the glory. A happy marriage is not about the mother giving in and the father sitting back and enjoying the results. It is not about being moved by both parties, but about going in both directions. The child does not belong to the mother alone, and the home is not a hotel. Dad\’s participation and dedication are the best glue for a family and a marriage. 07 Don’t settle old scores. It’s okay to quarrel, but you can’t quarrel in front of your children. No matter how serious the quarrel is, you are not allowed to settle old scores the next day. most of the time,In order to express our thoughts and dissatisfaction and determine each other\’s principles and boundaries, we will inevitably have quarrels. However, you must not argue in front of your children. Moreover, no matter how loud the quarrel is, old scores are not allowed to be settled the next day. Because young children have a \”world-centered\” psychological trait, they often blame their parents\’ quarrels on themselves and feel regret and guilt about their inability to resolve their parents\’ conflicts. More importantly, quarrels between parents will seriously damage children\’s sense of security. Children will worry about the breakdown of the family and worry that they have nothing to rely on. American psychologist Cummings said: \”Children will pay great attention to the emotional interaction between their parents.\” When couples quarrel, it is always the children who are hurt the most. Only when parents are full of love can their children be fully nourished. 08 Be appropriate and set a good example for your children. A video of a 3-year-old cute boy criticizing his father in a restaurant has been reproduced by major media. The family was having dinner in a restaurant. Dad felt it was too hot, so he took off his shirt and wore only a vest. As a result, the three-year-old son glared at his father, pouted and said, \”It\’s embarrassing for you to eat shirtless in a restaurant.\” The father explained disapprovingly: \”Son, Dad is too hot.\” The son angrily educated him. Dad: \”You can\’t take it off if it\’s too hot. Put it on.\” Netizens said: \”The child is right to criticize.\” In fact, the insignificant \”image management\” in the eyes of the father is the \”enlightenment of beauty\” in the child\’s life. A child\’s first aesthetics comes from his parents. Dads should pay attention to their own image, keep them well-dressed and clean-looking, and set a good example for their children. Only when their children grow up can they become a pleasing and popular person. 09 Planning Dad regularly reserves education funds for rainy days to protect his children’s future. A father is the backbone of a family and the planner of his children\’s future. I remember someone once calculated such an account: from birth to high school graduation, a child spends nearly 350,000 on education. If there are plans to study abroad in the future, or if the child happens to study art, then the education expenditure may still be To double. Education is a long-distance race. Parents\’ investment in their children\’s education is a long-term and arduous task. For parents, the biggest fear is that their children want to continue their studies, but parents are unable to support and help their children. This feeling of powerlessness will become the biggest regret in parents\’ lives. Therefore, a father with foresight must be a father who knows how to prepare for a rainy day. Regularly reserving a certain amount of education funds for the children to protect the children\’s future and allowing the children to fully interpret their own lives is the deepest love a father has for his children. 10. Equal discussion: Hold regular family meetings where the whole family sits together to discuss and solve problems equally and democratically. \”Positive Discipline\” tells a story: Dr. Jane Nelson\’s daughter always throws her toys, clothes, shoes and socks everywhere. Dr. Jane Nelson asked the children to organize their things, but the children were indifferent. Dr. Jane Nelson had no choice but to hold a family meeting and discuss a solution with the children. As a result, children are happy to implement the rules they have participated in and superviseothers and regulate their own behavior. It can be seen that holding regular family meetings, sitting together as an equal, and democratic discussion is the most efficient way to solve problems. Because if you control your children as an adult, your children may not be obedient and cooperative. If we listen more to children\’s ideas, allow them to participate in family management, and cooperate with children, we will make children feel the warmth of the family, reduce the chance of children getting into trouble, and let children learn respect and cooperation early. do you know? This is how American mothers teach self-confidence pdf download. Nature has given mothers the instinct of maternal love, and it has also given fathers the instinct of paternal love. Many times, the reason why children cannot climb the mountain of father\’s love is probably because the father has not had the opportunity to form the mountain of father\’s love. Only by allowing fathers to be more involved in their children\’s lives and taking on more responsibilities for the family can fathers become more responsible and know how to love their children. When you are a father who is not \”invisible\” and is responsible, your family will be warm and harmonious, and your children will be excellent and worry-free. All dads should watch this.

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