• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

A naughty kid rowing a car: Because he lacks love, he is immoral

The naughty kid is in trouble again! A few days ago, residents living in Haishangmingcheng Community on Youyi Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, reported that more than a dozen cars in the community\’s parking garage were scratched. After a day and night of investigation, it was finally confirmed that it was done by three naughty children in the community. They claimed to have gone to the garage to explore and use stones to paddle the car. In the garage, the logo of a Porsche car was scratched, a Mercedes-Benz car was painted with several five-pointed stars, and some cars were left with scratches or writings. After investigation and statistics, a total of 16 vehicles were scratched, including R-class Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Infiniti and other high-end cars. It is estimated that repairing the paint surface of the vehicles will cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. Surveillance at the entrance of the underground garage showed that three boys walked into the garage, one of them holding a sharp object and paddling toward a car parked at the entrance. The police searched from house to house and found two of the naughty children, both 12 or 13 years old. Parents of naughty children will definitely be so angry that they will vomit blood. The children paddling are all minors, and their parents must pay for their frivolous behavior. If your family is in a difficult situation, it will only make matters worse. As for naughty children, they are likely to be punished by angry parents with a stick. If the naughty kid can wake up and be a good person, the price paid will be worth it. It’s not terrible to make mistakes, as long as you correct them. What if, not only do they not know how to reflect, but they also feel aggrieved: We went on an adventure and just graffitied and painted on the car. It’s not a big deal. Can’t the car still be driven? Do you deserve to go to war like this? This is terrible. If a person does not know how to reflect and face his own mistakes, it will reflect his unscrupulous heartlessness and selfishness. On the surface, this incident is just like a naughty child paddling a car, but it reflects the lack of family education just like a naughty child stepping on a melon. These naughty children lack the most basic respect and cherishment for people and things. These are the most basic qualities that parents should pass on to their children when they are young. Cases of naughty children frequently getting into trouble have sounded the alarm for us time and time again. Parents really need to pay attention and accompany and educate their children attentively. Otherwise, the next naughty child may appear in their own home. The term \”adventure\” is too far-fetched. A boy of twelve or thirteen years old has long been sensible and should have at least some social ethics. Paddling is called adventure? That\’s called destruction! You can explore if you want, as long as you don\’t destroy other people\’s property, don\’t harm other people\’s interests, and abide by the law. Even kindergarten children know this. Whether it is someone else\’s or your own, any property is the result of countless people\’s efforts and is obtained through hard work. Our parents have taught us since we were young that we should cherish and treasure everything, even if it is as small as a grain of grain, every grain of it is still hard work. Be grateful, be in awe, cherish the gifts of God, and cherish the fruits of labor. This is the consciousness that everyone should have and the minimum moral character that should be observed. Don’t they understand these naughty kids who step on other people’s cars and wreak havoc lawlessly? Didn\’t their parents teach them this when they were young? Perhaps, their parents will say: The conscience of heaven and earth has taught them! How can we not teach it? This child is too naughty and it is useless to teach him. It can only be said that the teaching is far from enough, or that the teaching is not taught when it should be taught, and it should be controlled.The best time for discipline has passed. No matter how much you say, it is still nonsense. If you don\’t water a small sapling when it\’s time to water it, and don\’t fertilize it when it\’s time to fertilize it, by the time it has grown crooked, no matter how much water you put on it, no matter how much fertilizer you put in it, it will be useless. The expiration date has passed! The formation of naughty children is the responsibility of parents. Such a good child, why did he grow crookedly? The reasons are nothing more than the following: parents are traveling all year round to make a living, children are extremely lacking in love, education is seriously lacking, children grow wildly and are infected with bad habits. Parents are \”lazy in teaching\” and don\’t care about their children at all and don\’t understand them well. Although the family is together, the parents do nothing and let their children do what they want. They have no idea who the children are with or what they are doing. This type of parents doesn\’t have high demands on themselves or their children, and they just muddle along. Parents do not set an example and even set a bad example. For example, in front of children, they are extravagant and wasteful, destroy public property, do not appreciate the fruits of other people\’s labor, show a hatred of the rich, etc. If you don’t teach when it’s time to teach, what’s the use of hitting and scolding your child after he gets into trouble? Tracing back to the source, the problem lies with the parents themselves. Children should reflect on it, and parents should reflect on it even more. Education should begin as soon as a child is born. When a child does not understand, he or she will watch; when a child cannot speak, he or she will listen; when a child does not know what to do, he or she will imitate. Early childhood is the best period for education. Parents should set an example, influence with words, influence with actions, and nourish with love. Only with a good family environment and children who grow up in love will their hearts be full of love, will they be compassionate and grateful, and will they be able to convey love to others instead of doing evil, causing damage, or hurting others. The so-called naughty children, the reason why they get into trouble is because they lack love in their hearts, lack of love from their parents, lack of love for others, and lack of love for everything. They are self-centered, go their own way, do not know what awe is, do not know what morality is, are indifferent in heart, behave arrogantly, and are destructive. Because of the lack of love, there is no morality. If you want your children to have good thoughts and morals and become successful adults, you don’t need to deliberately raise them rich or poor, you just need to raise them with love. Parents whose hearts are full of love, kind-hearted, friendly and teach through words and deeds will naturally bring up children who will also be full of love and become people who are beneficial to society.

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