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A new type of corporal punishment is becoming popular among students. It does not hit or scold, but it makes people suffer physically and mentally.

In ancient times, there were many famous educational stories. For example, the story of the head hanging beam and the cone stabbing the buttocks describes the inspirational stories of students to prevent themselves from being sleepy in studying and to study hard. These stories are very educational. In addition to inspirational stories about learning, there are also stories about students being filial to their parents. For example, the story of lying on the ice to ask for a carp tells students that filial piety is a virtue. Students have such moral character, which is inseparable from the teacher\’s teaching. As the saying goes, only a strict teacher can produce a good disciple. In ancient times, most teachers\’ education methods were corporal punishment, which was also allowed by the ancients. But we are already in the 21st century, and it is no longer the time when filial sons emerge from the stick. So how do teachers educate students now? 36 Kinds of Parenting Methods by Chen Meiling to Help Your Child Go Directly to Top Schools MP3 [Complete] The new type of \”corporal punishment\” is popular in primary and secondary schools without hitting or scolding, but it makes people suffer. Today\’s teachers advocate that children should be moved with emotion. Reasonable education method. Teachers will find ways to understand students\’ psychology and adopt different educational methods according to students\’ different psychological characteristics. Of course, this is an educational method for some obedient and sensible students. After a little explanation, students can understand these principles and stop being naughty and troublesome. For those disobedient and particularly naughty students, this method is not feasible. As a result, some teachers had no choice but to resort to other methods, and a new form of \”corporal punishment\” emerged. Punishing students for copying homework has become a new form of corporal punishment, which is recognized by teachers but not by parents. There are two main situations when students are punished for copying. The first situation is that the student is punished for copying because he never knows the knowledge point, or often writes wrong words. Some teachers will punish the student to copy several times, because they believe that the more students copy a few times, they will naturally understand it. In fact, it is a better form of education for teachers to punish students for copying. After all, students can also memorize and consolidate students\’ memory through multiple copying. The second situation where students are punished for copying is because the students are often naughty and do not obey the teacher\’s discipline. The teacher believes that punishing them for copying will make them remember longer. Such punitive measures can indeed play a certain role. After all, if they find something to do, the students will not make more trouble. Many teachers feel that this method is actually good. It can not only increase students\’ knowledge but also make students suffer physically and mentally without hitting or scolding, which can achieve unexpected results. But parents don\’t think so. Parents think that students\’ frequent copying will waste their time and students will spend less time studying. Some parents think that students’ hands will be tired if they copy frequently, which makes them feel distressed. Parents\’ worries are actually reasonable. Every parent feels sorry for his or her children. Download the PET Parent Effectiveness Training Manual pdf to make you and your children more considerate. But in fact, teachers have no choice but to use such punishment methods. After all, today\’s students are indeed difficult to control. It is a helpless act for teachers to adopt a new type of \”corporal punishment\”. Students\’ educational issues need the attention of parents. Today\’s students are the treasures of the family., parents are very protective and caring towards their students, even to the extent that they would never give their students the moon if they want stars. Some parents even directly condone their students. Whatever the students do, they will get the support of their parents, which makes the students lawless. Such students are also a \”constant problem\” in school. Faced with such students, if the teacher educates them a little, they will get complaints and reports from parents. Therefore, teachers do not dare to discipline students, which is really a helpless matter. Regarding this kind of thing, parents should reflect on whether there are still many mistakes in their education of students, which makes students become like this. In short, Teacher Xi Xi believes that corporal punishment is definitely not advisable. A German mother’s experience in teaching the code of integrity and self-discipline: Teach good children who are strong + independent + tolerant + frugal. However, teachers adopt new forms of corporal punishment and make children copy homework, which is a helpless move. Students’ educational issues need the attention of parents. Parents paying attention to students’ educational issues have the following two benefits: 1. It helps parents adopt correct educational methods for students and cultivate students to become talents. Parents pay more attention to students’ educational issues, and they will naturally think about what kind of education is suitable for students, which can also help Parents are encouraged to explore more suitable forms of education for students, thereby cultivating students into talents. 2. It helps parents to better discipline students and make students listen more to themselves. Parents will pay more attention to students’ educational issues and will study out how to manage students more appropriately. Students will also listen to themselves more so that they will not go too far. worry. In short, students’ educational issues should not only attract the attention of teachers, but also parents. Only when teachers and parents cooperate together can students become better. I hope that teachers and parents will cooperate well, communicate well, learn from each other\’s strengths, and strive to educate students better. Do you agree with this new method of \”corporal punishment\”? Or how do you want teachers to discipline children? Recommended classic parenting books: Zheng Yefu’s Educational Pathology in China pdf download

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