• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

A poster on family education in 1952 makes contemporary parents think deeply.

I accidentally discovered 8 educational posters from 1952. They are simple and clear, and they convey the correct view of parenting. I would like to share them with everyone. 01 Giving moderate love to children is like watering a flower. If it is too much, it will drown, but if it is too little, it will wither. 02 This poster is really prescient. From today\’s perspective, parental overprotection is indeed a common problem. 03Parents lead by example and implement the concept of fairness, which can set a good example. The average cutting of melons is consistent with the wisdom of the monk in dividing the porridge in management. It is unfair for the monk to divide the porridge. The old monk said that the person who divided the porridge was the last to take the porridge, so the distribution was fair from then on. 04 Compassionate children are better able to understand the feelings of others, and know how to care about and share with others. 05For a child, it is important to let him use his imagination. 06There was actually a sex education poster in 1952. Many parents are used to making up random things to explain where their children come from, but using metaphors not only makes it easier for children to understand, but also gives children a certain understanding of sex, which is actually very necessary. 07 Nowadays, the psychological problems of children cannot be ignored. Letting them understand death is an important lesson in life education. 08 We are doing a very bad job at this point now. We scold the child for all destruction, but cannot understand that it is his curiosity about the unknown world. How to Be a Smart Parent and How to Carry out Family Education. The complete 51-lesson MP3 download contains 8 simple and clear posters, which will make the correct concept of parenting deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. I really don’t know why our education has taken such a big detour over the years!

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