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A rural mother knelt down and begged the doctor to turn her deformed son into a normal one. The doctor\’s reply made her collapse and cry!

Recently, Xinyu\’s mother broke down and cried with her four-year-old son in Taiyuan Central Hospital. She even knelt down and begged the doctor to make her child \”normal.\” However, the doctor could only keep shaking his head and looking at Standing aside, Xinyu, whose ribs were malformed, regretfully told Xinyu\’s mother that the child was too big and had missed the recovery period. If he wanted to develop normally, he could only rely on hormone injections to maintain it. Xinyu\’s parents were in good health, and Xinyu had no obvious problems when he was a child. However, in recent years, when the child was supposed to be growing rapidly, the child\’s ribs developed deformities. What exactly is going on? It goes back to the day the child was born four years ago. Xinyu\’s parents were both from rural areas in Shanxi Province. Due to the popularization of science, they did not pay attention to the common sense that children should go to regular hospitals to give birth. Xinyu was born in the early morning. Her mother was still waiting for delivery in her hometown in the countryside. It was a long way to the county town, so she had to call the midwife from the village to deliver the baby. Due to the limited local equipment resources and the skills of the midwife, the baby could not be delivered in time. The inspection paved the way for Xinyu\’s misfortune. After nearly two and a half years, Xinyu\’s parents realized that Xinyu\’s development was very slow and that he was very different from other children. His mind was a bit \”stupid\”. When trying to teach him to speak, he could only babble inarticulately and often not cry. He was in a daze without any fuss, without any aura or liveliness of a child. Xinyu\’s parents also went to the midwife many times to question whether there would be any abnormalities during the delivery, but the midwife was irresponsible due to her reputation and excused herself as \”normal.\” It was not until the age of four that the parents discovered that the child\’s problems were getting more and more serious and were reminded by neighbors, so the parents decided to go to the hospital for a detailed examination of the child to see what was going on. The test result turned out to be congenital hypothyroidism! After listening to the doctor\’s detailed explanation, my mother realized the seriousness of the problem, but at this time there was nothing she could do to save it! So there was the scene at the beginning where he broke down and cried in the hospital. The cause of congenital hypothyroidism is mostly thyroid abnormalities during embryonic development, or due to autosomal recessive inheritance. The incidence rate is low and it is not easy to detect without scientific examination. If it is in a large hospital (with examination equipment), it is usually The baby will notice it around 3 months old. Thyroid hormone secreted by the thyroid gland has an extremely important impact on children\’s bone development and gastrointestinal development. When thyroid hormone secretion is insufficient, children\’s bones cannot develop normally. At the same time, insufficient secretion of thyroid hormone can also affect the secretion of growth hormone by the pituitary gland, leading to developmental abnormalities in children and even cretinism. Unfortunately for Xinyu, long-term hormone injection therapy is not only extremely expensive, but also has terrible side effects. For Xinyu, who was born in the countryside, we don’t know how he will go in the future, but we can at least draw lessons from Xinyu’s story: 1. Childbirth is a lifetime event for parents and babies, and should be given full consideration. Pay attention to. During pregnancy, you should go to a regular hospital for check-ups in time, follow the hospital procedures, and ensure that all preparations for labor, delivery, and postpartum are completed in cooperation with the regular hospital. Only in this way can the health of mother and child be ensured. Don\’t be like the confused Xinyu mother who mistakenly trusted a midwife with insufficient qualifications. 2. During pregnancy ifWhen mothers have a cold or fever, they must not think it is just a common cold. They must go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination. A mother who catches a cold during pregnancy is likely to be infected with a virus, which may affect the development of the fetus, leading to fetal malformation or even miscarriage. 3. During pregnancy, you should avoid crowded places, especially cats and dogs, and other creatures that may carry Toxoplasma gondii, to avoid infection with Toxoplasma gondii, which may cause fetal development abnormalities. 4. During pregnancy, you should go to the hospital regularly for routine blood tests, urine tests, weight and blood pressure tests, etc. to follow up on the development of the fetus at any time. 5. Newborns should keep warm, wear soft and breathable clothes, keep clean and bathe regularly. All in all, before and after your baby is born, you should pay attention to timely medical examinations and trust the doctors wholeheartedly. These angels in white will definitely take good care of you and your baby!

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