• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

A small movement can cause intestinal necrosis in your baby! Nine out of ten mothers are wrong, maybe you are doing…

Have you watched \”Where Are We Going, Dad 4\” recently? Normally I watch this show just for fun, but there is one thing that I really can’t help but find fault with – the intern dad Dong Li just taught Sha Yi how to prepare milk powder, but he turned around and made a few mistakes. an error. Shake the bottle vigorously and test the temperature with your mouth. Oops, that’s not how milk powder is prepared! It made me really anxious, and I wanted to jump in and help him rush. But at the end of the day, intern dad Dong Li is a boy in his early 20s and has not officially become a father yet. Therefore, it is understandable to make mistakes when preparing milk powder. So, today we will talk about the correct posture for preparing milk powder. Dear parents, be sure to take a good look, but don’t step on the thunder ~ Breastfeeding posture 1: add water first, then add milk powder. Our former \”Lao Bai\” is now the father of two children. It\’s a pity that \”Lao Bai\” is a good father, but there is a slight flaw~ When making milk powder for his son Anji, Sha Yi actually added milk powder first and then water. The milk prepared in this way has too little water and is too thick. The child may suffer from indigestion after drinking it. In the long run, overfeeding will lead to obesity. Step 2 of preparing milk: Don’t make the milk powder too thick. The number of spoons of milk powder and how many milliliters of water should be added are marked on the milk powder can. Some parents feel that the milk prepared according to the instructions is not thick enough, so they reduce the amount of water and make the milk powder thicker. After the child eats thick milk, he will grow great. However, milk powder that is too thick is not easy for children to digest and may cause serious health problems! The new parents in the news gave their babies intestinal perforation just because they made the milk powder a little thicker! It is understandable that parents want their children to eat more and grow faster. But the diet should be appropriate, not the more the better. Otherwise, you may get into trouble if you are not careful. Breastfeeding posture three: Warm water at 40~60℃ In the cold winter, boil a pot of water, make a bottle of milk, and hold the child in your arms to drink. This scene is really warm to think about. However, milk that is too hot may burn your child, and may also destroy heat-labile nutrients such as probiotics in the milk powder. Therefore, when preparing milk powder, use warm water between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius, with a maximum of no more than 70 degrees Celsius. This can not only retain the nutrients in the milk powder, but also avoid scalding the child. The instruction manual for milk powder will indicate the best amount of hot water to use to prepare milk. Parents can pay attention to this before preparing milk. Breastfeeding posture four: To dissolve milk powder, some dads should rub it back and forth. In order to make the milk powder dissolve faster, they will shake the bottle vigorously like \”dad\” Dong Li. But, have the dads discovered it? By doing this, the milk powder dissolves quickly, but there are a lot more bubbles. These bubbles will oxidize the vitamins in the milk powder. Children who eat such \”bubble milk\” can easily cause flatulence and intestinal colic. In order to avoid the above situation, it is best to put the bottle in the palm of your hand and rub it gently back and forth. Breast-preparing posture five: Drink only when you want. Some parents don\’t have time, or are afraid that their children will suddenly need to drink milk and have no time to prepare. They will prepare a little more milk, put it on the milk warmer, and let their children drink it directly when it is needed. Putting milk directly on the milk warmer will cause the milk to growBacteria may cause diarrhea in children. It is best to prepare the milk when the child needs it. If not, the excess milk should be stored in the refrigerator. It is best to drink milk placed in the refrigerator within 24 hours, otherwise bacteria may still breed. After reading today’s article, have you discovered that preparing formula milk may seem like a trivial matter, but actually contains a lot of knowledge? In fact, this is how raising children is, everything is a big deal and we need to take it seriously. So, how do you make a cup of formula milk that is full of nutrients? The best way is to follow the milk powder instructions \”by the book\”.

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