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A truly excellent family must protect and practice these three points

A child only grows up once, and education cannot be undone and repeated. The influence of parents on their children is lifelong. What kind of person a child will become in the future depends largely on the family education of his parents. A good family must start with companionship, focus on education, and be loyal to three views. It starts with accompanying outstanding children. Today’s life is very fast-paced. In order to cope with the complicated work, it is common for many parents to work overtime and spend very little time with their children. Unfortunately, children grow up very quickly, and when they grow up, there may be less places where they need you. The most precious gift that parents give to their children in childhood is never toys or material satisfaction, but your attentive companionship. Every outstanding child is born with the care of his parents. True \”accompanying\” does not mean just being with your child, but being good at discovering the child\’s shining points and working hard to cultivate him while accompanying him. So how should parents discover their children’s shining points when accompanying them? In fact, some special performances or special \”hobbies\” of children are the highlights. Have you noticed? Children under 1 year old will put anything in their mouths as soon as they get it; children around 2 years old can stare at the little ants on the ground on the side of the road for a long time; children over 4 years old like to cut paper Work, there was no second job in the morning… Behind all the children\’s behaviors, they point to a concept as precious as gold: \”sensitive period\”. Excellent parents can not only discover the unique \”characteristics\” of each stage of their children\’s growth, but also create a suitable environment for these \”sparkling points\” of their children. Excellent parents can always seize the critical period of their children\’s development, provide their children with enough companionship, and make full use of the once-in-a-lifetime sensitive period of their children\’s growth. The age of 3 is a critical year for cultivating children\’s creativity. They encourage children to draw, make up stories, play with colored clay, and do handicrafts. The age of 5 is the year when parent-child relationships are most intimate and harmonious. They often accompany and praise children; the age of 6 is In the year when children begin to have inner conflicts and become rebellious, they give them more patience. Dr. Montessori said: Only in an environment appropriate to his age can a child\’s psychological life develop naturally and reveal his inner secrets. Just like flowers, they need water, sunlight and soil to grow. The secret garden in a child\’s heart also needs to be cared for, watered and cultivated by adults. When you pour companionship, patience and love into your children, your children will naturally reward you with a star-like self in return. Get stuck in education. Educate your children first. A successful family education will cultivate a successful child, while a failed family education will pamper a failed child. No outstanding child is raised by his parents. If you don\’t ask, you won\’t be able to teach good children; if you are slack, you won\’t be able to raise excellent children. For a child, studying hard may be the most important responsibility at a certain stage in his growth. For parents, educating their children well is a lifelong responsibility, and it is a success that cannot be matched by any career. To educate children, teach and do firstpeople. Discipline, teaching, and punishment are the best love for children. \”Fu Lei\’s Family Letters\” can be called one of the most famous family letters in modern China. One hundred family letters among them record the father-son friendship between Fu Lei and Fu Cong, and also reveal the truth about education. \”Be a person first, be an artist second, be a musician third, and finally be a pianist.\” This was Fu Lei\’s only advice before his son Fu Cong left to study abroad. In the field of education, someone once gave such a speech, which is still influential even after a hundred years. He is the famous educator Mr. Liang Qichao. Liang Qichao\’s family education was very successful. All nine children in his family were trained by him to become pillars of the country. The eldest son Liang Sicheng is the founder of architecture, the eldest daughter Liang Sishun is an expert in poetry research, and the younger son Liang Sili has become a rocket expert and was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences… Liang Qichao mentioned in a speech more than 100 years ago: The ultimate goal of education The purpose is not to simply instill knowledge, but to teach students how to behave. Develop their fundamental wisdom, protect their free will, and ultimately let them have their own personality and outlook on life, and become a person who is free from confusion, fear, and worry, and who stands upright. As Socrates said, education is not indoctrination, but igniting the fire in the heart. In educating children, the most important thing is never grades. Grades are just a temporary business card, while character is a lifelong armor. Cultivating a child with excellent personality and sound personality is the true meaning of education. The pattern of parents who are loyal to the three views determines the height of the child. The vision and mind of the parents are the starting line for the child. The pattern and foresight of the parents determine the height that the child can achieve in his life. Different circles lead to different depth and breadth of understanding of things; different structures naturally lead to different methods of handling things. As parents, we are our children\’s first teachers. The way we deal with problems and our attitude towards life reflects the truest character. The child will naturally learn and imitate subtly, thereby affecting the formation of his pattern. Zeng Guofan said: \”Those who plan for great things first pay attention to the pattern.\” The size of the pattern in mind determines whether the vision is long-term, and whether the vision is long-term determines the success or failure of things. The same is true for education. Only when parents have a big picture can their children go far. Parents with a big picture can create various possibilities, allowing children to see their own abilities and discover their own value, so that they can become mentally strong. In educating children, parents\’ overall pattern is reflected in not labeling their children indiscriminately, and understanding that their children\’s character education is more important than their abilities. Don\’t be irritable. When faced with children\’s mischief, you always have a good temper and adhere to rational educational principles gently and firmly. Don’t be arrogant, know how to be strict when it’s time to be strict, and let your children know what to do and what not to do; be willing to let go when it’s time to let go, and let the children try, experience, and exercise. Don’t be discouraged and firmly believe that children always have their own shining point, just like flowers in the garden, each flowering period is different. Don\’t be anxious, don\’t be angry, let your child grow up slowly according to his original attitude. Life should be a \”slow\” art. Only by slowing down can you calmly appreciate the flowers blooming on the roadside. Educating children is like growing flowers, watching them while growing them, and waiting for them to bloom.Parents who have a big-picture view are never absent from their children\’s growth. Because they understand that only when father\’s love is not absent and mother\’s love is not offside can we educate outstanding children. Every child has the potential to become an outstanding person. It is the different daily education of parents that gives children a different life. It\’s easy to be a parent, but it\’s hard to be a good parent. Download the complete collection of a real Yu Shiwei lecture: Preschool children’s family education story case selection from all 156 issues. On the road to parenting, remember that the highest level of family education must begin with companionship, immersion in education, and loyalty to three views.

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