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After my son scored 77 points in the exam…

One day two weeks ago, I just came home from get off work. My son came to me enthusiastically and said with a smile on his face: \”Mom, I failed the Chinese language test today. Don\’t blame me!\” Looking at his forced smile, With his flattering expression, I could clearly see his uneasy heart. He must be thinking: What will be waiting for me? A storm of blame? Or nagging? I feel very sad, I seem to see myself in the past. In middle school, I failed to complete the last few big questions of a math test. After I handed in the paper and my classmates left the classroom, I lay on my desk alone and cried. I blamed myself, was afraid to face my teachers and classmates, and didn’t know how to explain it to my parents. \”Why did you fail the exam? Have you analyzed the reasons yourself?\” I asked calmly. My calmness made my son relax. He hurriedly took out the test paper and pointed it to me: \”Mom, I only scored 77 points in the first unit test of Chinese language. But you see, I did very well on the basic questions. The main questions It\’s a reading question. I didn\’t understand the meaning of a few words, and all the questions related to them were answered incorrectly, so…\” 77 points. His son\’s score was unprecedented since he started studying, and he himself felt embarrassed. In fact, I received a text message from the teacher about his score before I went home. I was also surprised at the time, but I wasn\’t angry or anxious, because I knew my child well, and he was either careless or encountered something he didn\’t understand. \”Now that I have analyzed it and know that the main problem lies in reading comprehension, what should I do in the future?\” \”Increase the amount of reading, and when you encounter words and sentences that you don\’t understand, you must understand their meaning. Keep it in mind.\” I smiled: \”Son, you always felt that you read a lot of books and knew a lot of things before, but now you know it is not enough, right? There is no end to learning, and there is still a lot of knowledge that needs to be mastered. And There are no shortcuts to learning, please remember: there is no limit to the sea of ​​learning and hard work is the path to the mountain of books. It doesn\’t matter if you fail once, as long as you work hard and are attentive, you will definitely get good results in the future.\” That night, I saw my son He was reading a book seriously in his room. He hadn\’t finished reading that book for a long time. When he went to bed that day, he had almost finished reading the book. In the next two weeks, although he practiced basketball very hard every day and was almost exhausted when he got home, I found that no matter how tired he was, he would insist on reading a book before going to bed. When you encounter something you don\’t understand, you will ask me for advice. Sometimes he was so mesmerized that he refused to sleep. I handed him a glass of hot milk and asked him to drink it. I said: \”It\’s good to love reading, and it\’s right to cherish time, but you must get enough sleep so that you can have enough energy to study. You still have a long way to go, don\’t be anxious, walk slowly, step by step, As long as you take every step firmly, you will definitely be able to find your own path.\” After listening to my words, he put down the book and fell asleep peacefully. I said good night to him and gently closed the door for him. My dear child, I wish you have a good dream, in which there is no worry or fear, but only beauty and peace. There is a trace of tenderness and feeling in my heart. My child, there are many beautiful things in life, and there are also many difficulties in life. I saw you when you were playing.The joy of learning can also make you understand the hardship and pressure of learning. The only thing I can do is to walk with you when you encounter setbacks, encourage you, care for you, and make you better and stronger, so strong that you can heal yourself, and heal yourself. Can care for others. Two days ago, when I got home from get off work, my son immediately showed me a test paper and said happily: \”Mom, we are taking the second unit of the Chinese language test. Look, my score should be among the top in the class.\” .\” I saw a bright red 90 points. I congratulated him and then said: \”I said, mom always believes in you, you can definitely do it. Come, let\’s analyze these questions that cost you points.\” He came over, and we analyzed each question one by one, and found out Find out what his problem is and what to do next. Scores are one of the indicators for measuring knowledge mastery. Of course, we should pay attention to them, but what is more important is how to treat scores correctly. The correct approach should be: don\’t be proud of high scores and don\’t be discouraged by low scores. After each exam, summarize the gains and losses and analyze the reasons so that you can do better in the future. Faced with their children\’s low scores, parents do not need to be too nervous, nor should they yell and scold their children. If the child does not do well in the exam, the child will already be very nervous and sad. If the parents cannot provide comfort and encouragement, he will only be more worried about gains and losses and lose self-confidence in the future. There is no need for parents to be complacent if their children get high marks in the exam. It is just a test, which cannot represent the whole story and cannot predict the future. Life is a long road. Teaching children how to treat exams and scores correctly, cultivating good learning methods and attitudes, and setting ambitious goals is what we should do. It is also beneficial to children\’s physical and mental health and long-term development. Finally, there is a famous saying by Shelley that I often mention to my son, and I would like to share it with everyone: the past belongs to Death, the future belongs to you.

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