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After reading Fu Lei’s book 10 times, I summarized 18 iron laws of education.

\”Fu Lei\’s Family Letters\” can be called one of the most famous family letters in modern China. One hundred of the family letters record the father-son friendship of Fu Lei and Fu Cong, and also reveal the truth about education. Jin Yong once said: \”Mr. Fu Lei\’s Family Letter is a Chinese gentleman who teaches his children how to be a true Chinese gentleman.\” If you don\’t know how to educate your children, you might as well read the iron rules of education in \”Fu Lei\’s Family Letter\”. How to Improve Emotional Intelligence Education Piggy and Elephant picture book Elephant and Piggie, 25 volumes in total PDF + reading package + video + audio to educate children, first teach them how to be a good person. \”Be a person first, be an artist second, be a musician third, and finally be a pianist.\” This was Fu Lei\’s only advice before his son Fu Cong left to study abroad. Raising children is like planting trees. Only by nourishing the child at the root and irrigating it with the nutrients of character can the child have light in his heart. If a child doesn\’t know how to get along with the world, everything is in vain. Open \”Fu Lei\’s Family Letter\” and you will find that Fu Lei is particularly attentive in teaching children how to behave. \”Never get angry, as it will cause misunderstanding.\” \”Don\’t be arrogant when you are right, and be forgiving when you are reasonable.\” \”Be courteous and open-minded.\” \”The most important thing in life is to avoid making shallow remarks and deep words.\” Teach children to get along with the world. Ability is the greatest protection his parents have for him. Parents are most proud of their children\’s ability to integrate into society and thrive. Parents with foresight know how to push their children. Behind every good person, there is a \”cruel\” parent. Fu Lei is notoriously strict when it comes to his children\’s studies. He only has one sentence for academic instruction: \”You will never get good grades without suffering enough!\” As the saying goes, spoiling a child is like killing a child. Those parents who \”force their children\” actually live the most understanding. If the best age for children to learn is missed, they will never come back. Rather than letting your child regret it in the future, I would rather let him blame himself now. Don’t neglect the cultivation of children’s “reverse quotient”. The so-called \”adversity quotient\” refers to a person\’s ability to withstand setbacks in adversity and his ability to resist adversity. Raising children is never as simple as keeping them fed and clothed. Frustration education is a required course in children\’s life. Fu Cong\’s becoming a great man is inseparable from his super strong willpower and ability to withstand blows. As Fu Lei said: \”It doesn\’t matter if a person endures hardships or encounters difficulties, as long as he learns lessons, that\’s what the so-called education in life or society is about.\” Good communication comes from \”listening\”. Effective communication in education comes from three steps: first, listening and letting children speak their minds. The second step is to understand, put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and understand the meaning of the child’s words. Finally, give advice. For Chinese parents, listening is the worst among the three things. Fu Lei and Fu Cong wrote letters back and forth, and after understanding the child\’s thoughts, the two became closer. There is a saying that goes well: \”Good communication can only be heard.\” If you want to understand your children, you must first listen to their children. Children who grow up in \”reading\” are no different. Fu Lei is addicted to books, and he also requires his children to read more and read good books. Reading is the best habit for a family and the best education for a child. A child who grew up in \”reading\” is not far behind in any case. There are children who can readKnowledge, vision, and structure. As long as he keeps his inner kindness, what does he have to worry about in the future? Parents who don\’t know how to let go cannot raise promising children. There is a \”fishbowl law\” in education: the goldfish in the fishbowl cannot grow more than three inches. After being placed in a pond for two months, it can grow up to one foot. The same principle applies to raising children – the protection of parents is like a fish tank, and it is difficult for children under the protection to grow. Therefore, we must give him free space. Fu Lei loves his son deeply, and he also knows how to \”let go\” and let his son study abroad and continue to grow. When raising children, remember not to overstep and do everything. The safety education content of the first lesson of school, the complete collection of popular science knowledge of Lebi Youyou, 52 episodes. If you want your child to fly high and far, let him walk the way he should.

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