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After the national epidemic is over, these three types of families will prosper


Oct 1, 2023

An epidemic has destroyed countless people and caused countless families to begin to decline. Mencius said: \”The foundation of the world is the country, the foundation of the country is at home, and the foundation of the family is the body.\” A family cannot prosper without the joint efforts of the whole family. After the epidemic, the following three types of families will slowly prosper and become more smooth, happy, and contented. A down-to-earth family Fan Zhongyan once warned his descendants: \”Be an official with a pure heart and do not seek personal gain.\” To make a family prosperous, it must be carried out on the right path. A house that practices crooked ways will suffer retribution sooner or later. Even if it was once extremely glorious, it will inevitably decline one day. During the epidemic, a woman in Shanghai stockpiled 9 tons of medical alcohol at home in order to make a profit. She was later arrested by the police. Under the temptation of money, women take risks and touch the bottom line of the law. As everyone knows, the sky net is vast and sparse. Improper paths often lead to a dead end. There is a saying in the Book of Changes: \”A house that accumulates good deeds will always be blessed, and a house that accumulates bad deeds will have lingering disasters.\” People are doing it, but God is watching. The out-of-print collection of the full text of Zeng Guofan\’s family motto is available in PDF. A down-to-earth family gathers wealth bit by bit, and one day, it can pile up into a mountain and become prosperous. A healthy family. Living a healthy life is a responsibility for oneself and for the family. A healthy body is the most precious treasure of a family. In life, there are too many cases that reveal the social reality that a serious illness in one person\’s life can destroy the entire family. When one person gets sick, the whole family suffers. A college student suffered from \”synovial sarcoma\”. The family spent all their savings, money from donations, and debts, but in the end they failed to save this young life. Not only that, in the days to come, the living people We still have to live with huge debts. Families like the one mentioned above are not alone in their decline due to illness. In life, there are many families who are unable to bear the expensive bills, pain and mental torture caused by illness. So, collapse in despair, decline in collapse. A baby boy in Shenzhen was diagnosed with cerebral palsy less than half a year after his birth. His mother took him to seek medical treatment, but after two years, he still didn\’t get better, so she took her son to jump into a lake. A family that loses its health will fall into ruin no matter how rich it is. Good health is a person\’s best investment, and putting health first is the foundation for a family\’s long-term prosperity. A harmonious family has a saying in \”The Hanging Mirror of Life\”: \”If there is no hostility, the family will not decline; if there is no harmonious energy, the family will not be prosperous.\” Everything in a harmonious family is prosperous, but the decline of the family is endless. I once read a piece of news: A fire broke out in a household in a community in Guizhou. The reason was that when the wife was using a hair dryer, she heard her child crying while she was blowing it. She went to change the child\’s pants and put the hair dryer on directly on the bed. Explosion due to excessive temperature. When such a tragedy occurred in the family, the husband had mixed feelings, but he did not complain or accuse the other party as soon as he opened his mouth. Instead, he comforted his wife: \”It\’s just a house. If we renovate it, we can live in a new house.\” After a few words, Not only did he propose the best way to deal with the aftermath, he also comforted his wife and turned the tragedy of the fire into the comedy of moving to a new home. This not only avoids a unnecessary quarrel, but also enhances the relationship between the couple. As the saying goes: \”The rooster\’s crow brings prosperity for thousands of years, the dog\’s bark makes everything prosperous, and harmony brings good luck.\” ThoseA truly happy and prosperous family is one where everyone is very talkative and harmonious. When encountering problems, we will not use harsh words to blame, but use tolerance and understanding to solve problems and overcome difficulties together. A family that is not prosperous, even if it is rich and powerful, will not be truly happy. A prosperous family will lead a happy and fulfilling life even if it does not have a huge fortune. A prosperous family does not happen overnight, but is the result of long-term efforts by the family. As long as the family lives in harmony, lives a down-to-earth life, and maintains good health, the family can become more prosperous and stronger day by day.

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