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After watching the video of the Chinese women’s volleyball team winning the championship, I quietly returned my daughter’s birthday gift

The movie \”Win the Championship\” will be released on September 25. After coming out of the cinema, I took out my phone and returned the birthday gift I wanted to give my daughter as a surprise. I am not the kind of mother who likes to preach, feed my children chicken soup, and nag. Why did you suddenly return your daughter’s birthday gift? Maybe the following text can give you the answer. Daughter: Happy birthday! In the past fourteen years, this year\’s birthday gift should be the cheapest: a movie ticket for \”Win the Championship\”. It’s not that your mother is reluctant to buy you other gifts, it’s just that in this movie, there are too many things that your mother wants to say to you and the principles of life that she wants you to understand. Perhaps because my mother has feelings for the Chinese women\’s volleyball team born in the 1970s, she couldn\’t wait to buy movie tickets as soon as the movie came out. While watching the movie, there were many scenes that made people cry. The movie brings back many childhood memories for my mother, and there are too many stories I want you to know. So on your birthday, mom wants to give you a few words. You don’t have to be someone else, you just have to be yourself. “You don’t have to be someone else, you just have to be yourself.” This is a text message Lang Ping sent to athlete Zhu Ting before the match between the Chinese team and the Brazilian team at the 2016 Rio Olympics. This is also what your mother wants to tell you most. You are 14 years old, which is actually a very critical period in your life. The intense study in junior high school and the rebellion of adolescence collided strongly. Sometimes I feel unconfident and anxious, and sometimes I can’t see the way forward clearly. You also want to be a top student like so-and-so classmate, and you also want to be as versatile as so-and-so, but you forget that you are you, a unique you and irreplaceable you. In the movie, Lang Ping and Zhu Ting had such a conversation. Lang Ping: Zhu Ting, let me ask you why you play? Zhu Ting: For my parents. Lang Ping: Then you will never be able to fight. Think again, why? Zhu Ting: For myself. Lang Ping: Then what do you want? Zhu Ting: Be you. Lang Ping: Then you are wrong, you will never be me. Daughter, please remember how important it is to be yourself. Everyone has their own unique color. Believe that you are the most beautiful color. Chernyshevsky said: \”Since there are black spots on the sun, it is even more impossible for things in the world to be without flaws.\” \”Venus with Broken Arms\” has always been considered the most beautiful Greek female statue discovered so far. . Therefore, no one is perfect, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Find \”yourself\”, find the belief that you believe in yourself and become yourself. There is also a line in the movie that I remember deeply. \”I think we didn\’t lose the last game. That\’s because the game only has five rounds. If we play another two rounds, we will definitely win.\” This is the strong self-confidence after the tenacity and self-awareness in the face of failure. Daughter, although adults always say that we all have to spend a long time and walk a long way to finally become ourselves. However, mom hopes that you can become yourself without spending too much time on this road. I have everything, but I don’t have volleyball in my heart. I have everything, but I don’t have volleyball in my heart. This is the conclusion Lang Ping came to about the state of the women\’s volleyball players at that time after taking over the Chinese women\’s volleyball team. In the questionnaire survey given to the players, Lang Ping included a question: \”Do you love volleyball?\” But on this issue, almost no oneanswer. When she asked you do you really love volleyball? One player actually raised his hand and said that he didn\’t like volleyball, so this player chose to leave the volleyball team. Daughter, look, this is the national team! To be able to enter the national team, this player must have good innate conditions and professional abilities. But even such high-level national team members sometimes have unclear goals and lack of motivation. Do you remember an issue we discussed two days ago? The teacher asked: \”Do you have any goals?\” The answer: \”Yes!\” From the first day of junior high school, we have listed our long-term goals and short-term goals according to the method recommended by teachers and many education experts. Analyze your existing knowledge loopholes from the actual situation and also list ways to improve them. However, no matter whether it is a long-term goal or a short-term goal, none of them seems to be the motivation for you to study hard. Instead, the \”goal\” becomes a \”dream\” in a living way. How to make your goals motivating has become a difficult problem for us recently. I remember that in the movie Huang Bo said such heart-wrenching words to those players who, although they were already members of the national team, still couldn\’t find the motivation to play. Huang Bo pointed at the wall of the Zhangzhou training ground and said: Did you see that every ball mark on the wall was carved out one by one by the old women\’s volleyball players. At that time we had nothing to play with, but we had this in our hearts. Now you have everything, but sometimes you can’t find it. Looking at the pits on the wall, my mother thought that the \”this\” in Huang Bo\’s mouth should refer to his immense love for volleyball and the spirit of the women\’s volleyball team. One of my mother’s former colleagues was a member of the Bayi Men’s Volleyball Team. After retiring as a national first-level athlete, his height of nearly two meters made him encounter many difficulties in employment. In the subsequent chat, I learned that he was unable to make a major breakthrough in volleyball technology because of his injuries, and finally reluctantly chose to retire. But he never regretted choosing volleyball, because the high-intensity training every day was his most painful but also happiest time. No matter how many times he rolled on the floor or how much the cartilage in his knees wore out, it was just because he loved volleyball. This may be the experience of pain and happiness. Although it hurts, it is loved at the same time. Therefore, my mother hopes that you will do the same, don’t do everything just for the sake of completion, but really think that you should take it seriously and get the joy of success from it. Only those who persist can reach the end. When Lang Ping, who is 1.84 meters tall, was specially recruited into the national team by coach Yuan Weimin, the coach never let Lang Ping touch the ball due to the light weight. She has always believed that only by working harder can she get the ball. I joined the national team at the age of 18. Others thought I was smooth, but they didn\’t know how hard I trained. The veteran team members are all more skilled than me, so what else can I do besides endure hardships than others? But here, everyone can endure hardship, and I can\’t even win against others. This is Lang Ping when he was young. When Lang Ping found that he couldn\’t compare with others even with his hard work, he didn\’t give up. Instead, he relied on his stubbornness to train himself into an \”iron hammer\” among a bunch of hard-working Saburos. Mom is telling you this, maybe you can’t understand the belief and spirit, but for the volleyball players in the 1980s, winning the championship was a result of their hard work.The meaning of force. They practice hard every day and repeat the training millions of times and hundreds of millions of times before they can develop their subconscious correct movements. Only those players who persevere can stand on the field of the World Series. Daughter, this is a bit like your situation now. Faced with the pressure of the high school entrance examination, no one wants to fall behind, and everyone is running as hard as they can. Maybe your serious study can only ensure that you don\’t fall behind. If you want to catch up with others, you have to pay more than the word \”effort\” can cover. Remember, there is no shortcut in this world. If you take it, you will have a bright future. Hayao Miyazaki said: \”You can accept failure, but you can never accept yourself who never worked hard.\” When you are fourteen years old, you can work hard regardless of the cost and burn regardless of the consequences. Even if you fail completely, it is better than what you should do. Having nothing done is a hundred times better. When you are fourteen years old, you are in the prime of your youth. You must not have an indifferent attitude. The real indifference is to squeeze out the last drop of sweat from your body and use up your last bit of strength before you can say coolly to any ending: It doesn\’t matter. So please: learn to be like an adult and know how to control your desires; learn to be like an adult and understand the importance of taking one step at a time; learn to be like an adult and understand that not being afraid of hardship is the prerequisite for doing everything well. It’s still the old saying: If you don’t suffer the hardship of study now, you will suffer the hardship of life in the future. Not only can you play ball, but you must also be a real person. \”Volleyball is our job, but it is not the whole of our lives.\” This is the principle that Lang Ping told the players after taking over the Chinese Women\’s Volleyball Team. In the movie, Lang Ping once said to the players: \”A foreign reporter once asked me, why do you Chinese value the winning or losing of a game so much? I said, because our hearts are not strong enough. One day, our hearts will When we are strong, we will not regard winning as the only value of the game. I have the responsibility to help you, enjoy the sport itself, and play happily.\” My daughter, you see, as the times progress, China becomes stronger, and the women\’s volleyball team does not Then regard winning the championship as your life goal. People should be well-rounded and have different interests and hobbies. Although you are still a student, learning is not everything to you. You must know how to relax. Find your own interests and hobbies other than studying. They will be your partner when you are sad, your punching bag when you are angry, your fuel when you are happy, and your stress reliever when you are tired. Scores can only accompany you for a small part of your life, but interest can accompany you for the rest of the way. Daughter, at the end, I hope you can truly understand after watching the movie \”Win the Championship\” that success means getting up once more than falling down. From \”Impossible!\” to \”No! Possible!\” They are not insurmountable truths.

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