• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Age comparison chart for helping mom with housework, she is reluctant to use her child which is what hurts her

Out of love, many parents are reluctant to let their children do some housework. Some mothers also believe that housework is an adult\’s business and that children should just study hard. But will children be better off if they don’t do housework and concentrate on studying? A 20-year study by Harvard University shows that children who love to do housework have an employment rate of 15:1 compared with those who do not, have an income that is 20% higher than the latter, and have happier marriages. A survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences on 20,000 families with primary school students across the country also showed that families where children do housework have a 27 times higher proportion of children with excellent grades than families where children do not do housework. There are many examples that prove that if you want your children to become elites, it is essential to let them do housework. The American super-wealthy Rockefeller family has been a member of the elite for six generations and has never produced a prodigal son. It is because of the family rules that children have been asked to keep accounts and do housework since childhood. Zhao Xicheng, the father of the new U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, has raised five very good daughters because he has asked Chao Xiaolan to take his sisters to do housework and help the family with expenditure planning since they were young. Because they have helped share the labor with the family since childhood, each child is independent and simple, neither arrogant nor impetuous. When they grow up, they have become elites in various fields. In fact, starting from the age of 3, mothers can consciously train their children to do housework. By comparing the housework age chart below, mothers can better understand what housework their children should do at what age. Housework age chart In many countries, it is almost a consensus that children should be involved in housework from an early age. Elite education has never been limited to in-class learning. Exercise in family life can bring more to children. The independence, self-confidence, and self-improvement that seemingly simple housework brings to children are lifelong treasures. Parents should learn to let their children experience housework. Children take a step forward and adults take a step back. This is called growth.

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