• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

alert! These foods can harm your child’s brain development!

1. The fat in fried and smoked food, fish, and meat can easily be converted into lipid peroxide after frying in hot oil above 200 degrees or being exposed to the sun for a long time. This substance can cause premature aging of the brain and directly damage the brain. development. 2 Foods that are too fresh and contain MSG will cause severe zinc deficiency in children under one year old. Zinc is one of the most critical trace elements for brain development. Therefore, even if the child is older, he should eat less food containing a large amount of MSG. Fresh food, such as various puffed foods, dried fish, instant noodles, etc. 3. Pickled foods include pickles, pickled mustard, bacon, salted fish, bean paste and various pickled candied foods. Containing too much salt will not only cause high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, but also damage the brain arteries. It causes ischemia and hypoxia of brain cells, causing memory loss and mental retardation in children. 4. Excessive lead in lead-containing foods is difficult to eliminate after entering the blood, and will directly damage the brain. Beer contains a lot of lead, and the sealing caps of traditional iron cans and glass bottles also contain a certain amount of lead. Therefore, parents should let their children eat less of these \”canned foods.\” 5 Alum should be added as a hair-raising agent when making foods containing aluminum, and alum (aluminum trioxide) contains high lead. Regular consumption will cause memory loss and slow reaction. 6. Excessive white sugar. White sugar is a typical acidic food. If you eat more foods with high sugar content before meals, the harm will be particularly obvious. Because excess sugar in the body will cause blood sugar to rise and make you feel full and full. 7 Coffee Caffeine is an alkaloid that has a stimulating effect on the human brain. Under the influence of coffee, the blood flow to the brain will be reduced. If parents give their children too much coffee, it will seriously affect their children\’s intellectual development. 8. Foods such as excessively polished rice and white flour are daily staple foods. However, during the production process, all the beneficial ingredients have been lost, and what is left is basically carbohydrates; carbohydrates can only play the role of \”fuel\” in the body. . Therefore, these foods are not brain-friendly foods, but brain-damaging foods. Therefore, it is necessary to give children some whole grains appropriately. 9 In a life of excessive fat and meat, many parents feed their children a variety of meat products every day in order to keep their children healthy. They have meat soup for almost three meals a day, or cook meat porridge for their children. Such accumulation over many years will cause the brain to react slowly. Scientific experiments have proven that if the content of meat in a child\’s diet is too high, it will seriously affect the child\’s intellectual development.

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