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All ancient poems and mathematical formulas for grades 1-6 of primary school, please give them to your children quickly!

Ancient poem \”Jiangnan\” Han Dynasty Yuefu In the south of the Yangtze River, lotus can be picked, and there are fields with lotus leaves. The leaves of the lotus are to the east, the leaves of the lotus are to the west, the leaves of the lotus are to the south, and the leaves of the lotus are to the north. \”Ode to the Goose\” King Luo Bin Goose, goose, goose, singing to the sky, with white feathers floating on the green water, and anthurium stirring the clear waves. \”Ode to the Willow\” He Zhizhang\’s jasper makeup is as tall as a tree, with thousands of green silk ribbons hanging down. I wonder who cuts the thin leaves? The spring breeze in February is like scissors. \”Climbing the Stork Tower\” Wang Zhihuan The sun sets over the mountains and the Yellow River flows into the sea. If you want to see a thousand miles away, go to the next level. \”Liangzhou Ci\” Wang Han\’s luminous cup of grape wine reminds him immediately when he wants to drink pipa. Don\’t laugh when you are lying drunk on the battlefield. How many people have fought in ancient times? \”Farewell to Xin Jian at the Furong Tower\” Wang Changling entered Wu in the cold and rainy night, and saw off his guest Chu Shangu in the bright light. Relatives and friends in Luoyang ask each other like a heart filled with ice in a jade pot. \”Chile Song\” Northern Dynasty folk song Chile Chuan, under the Yin Mountain, the sky is like a dome, covering the surrounding fields. The sky is clear, the fields are vast, and the grass is blown by the wind, and cattle and sheep can be seen low. \”Wind\” Li Qiao\’s leaves fall in three autumns and can bloom in February. Thousands of feet of waves are crossing the river, and thousands of bamboo poles are sloping into it. \”Liangzhou Ci\” Wang Zhihuan Far up the Yellow River among the white clouds, there is an isolated city on Wanren Mountain. Why bamboo flute complain willow, spring is not degree Pass. \”Spring Dawn\” Meng Haoran slept in spring without realizing the dawn, hearing birds singing everywhere. How much do you know about the sound of wind and rain at night, and the falling flowers? \”Out of the Fortress\” Wang Changling The moon was bright in the Qin period and the Han period passed, and the people who marched thousands of miles have not yet returned. But the flying generals of Dragon City are here, and Hu Ma is not taught to cross the Yin Mountain. \”Lu Chai\” Wang Wei saw no one in the empty mountain, but heard people\’s voices. Returning to the deep forest, the light shines on the moss again. \”Send Yuan Er Envoy to Anxi\” Wang Wei The morning rain in Weicheng is light and dusty, and the guesthouses are green and willows are new. I advise you to drink a glass of wine and leave Yangguan in the west without any old friends. \”Reminiscences of Shandong Brothers on September 9th\” Wang Wei is a stranger in a foreign land, and misses his family even more during festive seasons. I know from afar that when my brothers climbed to a high place, there was only one less person planting dogwood trees. \”Quiet Night Thoughts\” The moonlight shines brightly in front of Li Bai\’s bed, which is suspected to be frost on the ground. Raise your head to look at the bright moon, lower your head to think about your hometown. \”Gu Lang Yue Xing\” Li Bai didn\’t know the moon when he was a child, so he called it a white jade plate. I also suspected that the Yao Tai Mirror was flying in the blue clouds. \”Wang Lushan Waterfall\” Li Bai\’s incense burner produces purple smoke when the sun shines on it, and the waterfall hangs in front of the river in the distance. The flying stream plummeted down three thousand feet, and it was suspected that the Milky Way had fallen into the sky. \”A Gift to Wang Lun\” Li Bai Li Bai was about to set off in a boat, when he suddenly heard singing on the shore. The water in Peach Blossom Pond is a thousand feet deep, and it is not as deep as Wang Lun\’s love for me. \”Yellow Crane Tower Farewell to Meng Haoran in Guangling\” Li Bai\’s old friend bid farewell to the Yellow Crane Tower in the west, and fireworks descended from Yangzhou in March. The shadow of the lone sail in the distance is gone in the blue sky, and only the Yangtze River can be seen flowing in the sky. \”Early Departure from Baidi City\” Li Bai said goodbye to Baidi among the colorful clouds, and returned to Jiangling after a thousand miles in one day. The apes on both sides of the bank can\’t stop crying, and the boat has passed the Ten Thousand Mountains. \”Looking at Tianmen Mountain\” Li Baibai\’s gate interrupted the opening of the Chu River, and the clear water flowed eastward and returned to the north. The green mountains on both sides of the strait stand out from each other, and the lone sail comes from the sun. \”Farewell to Dong Da\” The sky is full of yellow clouds and white sun, while the north wind blows wild geese and snow. Don\’t worry, you have no friends in the future. Who in the world doesn\’t know you? \”Quequatrains\” Du Fu Two orioles sing in the green willows, and a row of egrets ascends to the blue sky. The window contains the snow of Qianqiu in the Xiling Mountains, and the door is docked with ships thousands of miles away from Dongwu. \”Spring Night Happy Rain\” Du Fu knows the season when it rains, and spring will happen. Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently. The wild paths are all dark with clouds, but the river boats are only bright with fire. Look at the red and wet place at dawn, the flowers are heavy on the official city. \”Quequatrains\” Du Fu Chiri, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, and the spring breeze is fragrant with flowers and grass. The mud melts and swallows fly, and the sand is warm and mandarin ducks sleep. \”Walking Alone by the River Looking for Flowers\” Du FuIn front of the Huangshi Pagoda, the river is east, and the spring light is lazy and relying on the breeze. Peach blossoms bloom in clusters without owners, lovely deep red and light red. \”Night Mooring at Maple Bridge\” Zhang Jiyue saw the sky full of frost as the crows fell, Jiang Feng fished and the fire faced Mian Mian. At Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City, the bell rang for the passenger ship at midnight. \”The Song of the Wandering Son\” Meng Jiao\’s loving mother has the thread in her hands, and the wandering boy is wearing his clothes. Departure thick seam, meaning fear of delay in return. Whoever speaks of an inch of grass will be rewarded with three rays of spring light. \”Jiang Snow\” Liu Zongyuan\’s birds flew away from thousands of mountains, and all traces of people disappeared. Boat PC World Weng, fishing alone trees and snow. \”Fisher\’s Song\” Zhang Zhihe egrets fly in front of Xisai Mountain, and peach blossoms and flowing water are fat to mandarin fish. Green bamboo hat, green coir raincoat, slanting wind and drizzle do not need to return. \”Song under the Fortress\” Lu Lun Yue Black wild geese fly high, Shan Yu escapes in the night. When I want to chase Qingqi away, the heavy snow covers my bow and sword. \”Looking at the Dongting\” Liu Yuxi\’s lake light and autumn moon are harmonious, and there is no windshield on the lake surface that has not been polished. Looking at the green mountains and rivers of Dongting in the distance, there is a green snail in the silver plate. \”Lang Tao Sha\” Liu Yuxi\’s nine-bend Yellow River has thousands of miles of sand, and the waves and wind are blowing from the end of the world. Now we go straight up the Milky Way to the home of the Morning Glory and the Weaver Girl. \”Farewell to the Ancient Grassland\” Bai Juyi left the original grassland, and withered and flourished every year. Wild fire, in spring. The distant fragrance invades the ancient road, and the clear green meets the deserted city. I also sent the king and grandson away, full of love. \”On the Pond\” Bai Juyi\’s little boy used a small boat to pick white lotus secretly. Without clearing up the hidden traces, the duckweeds bloom together. \”Recalling Jiangnan\” Bai Juyi Jiangnan is good, and the scenery is familiar to him. The flowers on the river are as red as fire when the sun rises, and the river is as green as blue when spring comes. Can you not remember the south of the Yangtze River? \”Children\’s Fishing\” Hu Lingneng\’s disheveled child is learning fishing, sitting sideways with strawberries and grass reflected in his body. Passers-by asked and waved, fearing that they would be frightened and ignored. \”Compassion for the Farmers\” It was noon when Li Shen was hoeing the crops, and sweat dripped from the crops on the ground. Who knows dishes on the menu, A Journey. \”Those who seek hermitage will not meet them\” Jia Dao and Matsushita asked the boy, saying that the teacher was going to collect medicine. Only in this mountain, I don’t know where the clouds are. \”Mountain Travel\” Du Muyuan went up the Hanshan Mountain where the stone path was slanted, and there were people living in the white clouds. Stop and sit in the maple forest at night, the leaves are as red as the flowers in February due to frost. \”Qingming\” Du Mu It rains heavily during the Qingming Festival, and pedestrians on the road want to die. May I ask where the restaurant is? The shepherd boy pointed to Xinghua Village. \”Jiang Nanchun\” Du Mu\’s orioles are singing thousands of miles away, and the green is reflected in red, and wine flags are blowing in the water villages and mountains; in the 480 temples in the Southern Dynasties, there are many towers in the mist and rain. \”Le Youyuan\” Li Shangyin felt unwell in the evening and drove to Guyuan. The sunset is infinitely beautiful, but it’s almost dusk. \”Bee\” Luo Yin, regardless of the flat land or the top of the mountain, the infinite scenery is occupied. After harvesting flowers and turning them into honey, it will be sweet to whomever you work hard for. \”The Fisherman on the River\” Fan Zhongyan is obsessed with people coming and going on the river, but he loves the beauty of sea bass. You see, a boat is in and out of the storm. \”Yuan Day\” By Wang Anshi The sound of firecrackers marks the end of the year, and the spring breeze brings warmth to Tusu. Thousands of households always replace old talismans with new peaches. \”Boarding at Guazhou\” Wang Anshi\’s Jingkou Guazhou is separated by water, with Zhongshan only separated by several mountains. The spring breeze is green again on the south bank of the river. When will the bright moon shine on me again? \”Book of Mr. Hu Yin\’s Wall\” Wang Anshi\’s thatched eaves are long and swept clean without moss, and the flowers and trees are cut into borders by hand. A river of water protects the fields and surrounds them with green, and two mountains with rows of gates bring in green. \”Drunken Book at Wanghu Tower on June 27th\” Su Shi\’s black clouds rolled over the mountains without covering the mountains, and white raindrops jumped into the boat. The ground wind blows away suddenly, and the water below the lake tower is like the sky. Drinking on the lake, it is sunny and then it rains Su Shi It is good to be clear when the water is shining, but it is also strange when the mountains are empty and covered with rain. If you want to compare the West Lake to the West, it is always better to put on light makeup and heavy makeup. \”Hui Chong Chun Jiang Xiao Jing\” Su ShiA few branches of flowers are a prophet of the warmth of the spring river. The reeds are all over the ground and the reed buds are short, which is when the puffer fish is about to come. \”Inscribed on the Wall of the Western Forest\” Su Shi saw it as a ridge on one side and peaks on the other side, with different heights near and far. I don’t know the true face of Mount Lu, just because I am in this mountain. \”Summer Quatrains\” Li Qingzhao was born as a hero, and died as a ghost. I still miss Xiang Yu and refuse to cross Jiangdong. \”Shi\’er\” After Lu You died, he knew that everything was in vain, but he was sad that he could not see the same as Jiuzhou. Wang Shibei set the Central Plains Day, and he never forgot to tell Naiwen during family sacrifices. On an autumn night, when dawn is about to come out of the fence to welcome the cool weather, \”Four Seasons Pastoral\” Fan Cheng goes out to work in the fields in the daytime and lays hemp at night, and the children of the village are responsible for their own affairs. The children and grandchildren are still working for farming and weaving, and they are also learning to grow melons near the mulberry tree. \”Little Pond\” Yang Wanli Spring silently cherishes the trickle, and the shade of the trees shines on the water, loving the clear and soft water. The little lotus has just revealed its sharp corners, and a dragonfly has already stood on it. \”Sent Off to Lin Zifang at Dawn from Jingci Temple\” Yang Wanli After all, the scenery of West Lake in June is different from that of the four seasons. The lotus leaves touching the sky are infinitely green, and the lotus flowers reflecting the sun are uniquely red. \”Spring Day\” Zhu Xi\’s victory in the sun found the shore of Si River, and the boundless scenery was new for a while. It is easy to recognize that in the east wind, there is always spring in a thousand colors. \”Title of Lin\’an Residence\” Lin Shengshan, Qingshan Tower, Outside Tower, when will the singing and dancing of West Lake stop? The warm wind makes tourists drunk, and they think Hangzhou is Bianzhou. \”Visiting the Garden Is Not Worth It\” Ye Shaoweng Ying took pity on his clogs and his teeth were stained with green moss, and the door of the small buckle firewood could not be opened for a long time. The garden is full of spring scenery, and a branch of red apricot comes out of the wall. \”April in the Countryside\” Wengjuan is all over the mountains and rivers are white, and the rain is like smoke in the sound of Zigui. There are few idle people in the countryside in April, so they are planting sericulture and planting fields. \”Ink Plum\” Wang Mian The tree at the head of the pond where I wash inkstones has blossoms with faint ink marks. Don\’t let anyone praise you for the good color, just leave the pure energy to fill the universe. \”Song of Lime\” Yu Qian hammered and carved out the deep mountains. He was not afraid of being burned by the fire, but he was not afraid of being shattered into pieces. He wanted to leave a green and white color in the world. \”Bamboo and Stone\” Zheng Xie insists that the green mountains will not relax, and his roots are still in the broken rocks. It has endured thousands of blows but is still strong, regardless of the winds from east to west, north and south. \”What I Saw\” Yuan Mei, a shepherd boy riding an ox, sang in the forest. He wanted to catch the chirping cicada, but suddenly he stood up with his mouth closed. \”Village Residence\” The high cauldron grass grows and the orioles fly in the February sky, and the willows are blowing on the dike and drunk with green smoke. The children came back early from school and were busy flying paper kites in the east wind. Mathematical formula 1 Number of copies per copy = Multiples Multiples ÷ Multiples = 1 Multiples 3 Speed ​​× time = distance ÷ speed = time distance ÷ time = speed 4 Unit price × quantity = total price Total price ÷ unit price = quantity Total price ÷ quantity = unit price 5 Work efficiency × working time = Total amount of work Total amount of work ÷ Work efficiency = Working time Total amount of work ÷ Working time = Work efficiency 6 Addend + Addend = Sum and – One addend = Another addend 7 Minuend – Minuend = Difference Minuend-difference = subtrahend difference + subtrahend = minuend 8 factor 1 Square C perimeter S area a side length perimeter = side length × 4C = 4a area = side length × side length S = a × a2 cube V: volume a: edge length surface area = edge length × edge length × 6S table = a×a×6 volume=edge length×edge length×edge length V=a×a×a3 Perimeter of rectangle C SArea a side length perimeter = (length + width) × 2C = 2 (a + b) area = length × width S = ab4 cuboid V: volume s: area a: length b: width h: height (1) surface area ( Length × width + length × height + width × height) × 2S = 2 (ab + ah + bh) (2) Volume = length × width × height V = abh5 Area of ​​triangle s a base h height area = base × height ÷ 2s =ah÷2Triangle height=area×2÷base Triangle base=area×2÷height 6 Parallelogram s area a base h height area=base×height s=ah7 Trapezoid s area a upper base b lower base h height area= (upper bottom + lower bottom) × height ÷ 2s = (a + b) × h ÷ 28 Circle S area C perimeter ∏ d = diameter r = radius (1) perimeter = diameter × ∏ = 2 × ∏ × radius C=∏d=2∏r (2) Area = Radius × Radius × ∏9 Cylinder v: Volume h: Height s; Base area r: Base radius c: Base perimeter (1) Side area = Base perimeter × Height (2) surface area = side area + base area × 2 (3) volume = base area × height (4) volume = side area ÷ 2 × radius 10 Cone v: volume h: height s; base area r: base radius Volume = base area × height ÷ 3 total number of parts ÷ total number of parts = average sum and difference problem formula (sum + difference) ÷ 2 = large number (sum – difference) ÷ 2 = decimal sum multiple problem sum ÷ (multiple – 1) = decimal decimal × multiple = large number (or sum – decimal = large number) difference problem difference ÷ (multiple – 1) = decimal decimal × multiple = large number (or decimal + difference = large number) Tree planting problem 1 Unclosed line The tree planting problem on the road can be mainly divided into the following three situations: ⑴ If trees are to be planted at both ends of the non-closed line, then: number of plants = number of sections + 1 = full length ÷ spacing between plants – 1 total length = spacing between plants × (number of plants – 1) Plant spacing = full length ÷ (number of plants – 1) ⑵ If you want to plant trees at one end of the non-closed line and not plant trees at the other end, then: number of plants = number of segments = full length ÷ plant spacing total length = plant spacing × number of plants plant spacing = full length ÷ number of plants ⑶ If Do not plant trees at both ends of the non-closed line, then: number of plants = number of sections – 1 = full length ÷ spacing between plants – 1 total length = spacing between plants × (number of plants + 1) spacing between plants = full length ÷ (number of plants + 1) 2 On closed lines The quantitative relationship of the tree planting problem is as follows: number of plants = number of segments = full length ÷ spacing between plants. Total length = spacing between plants × number of plants. Spacing between plants = total length ÷ number of plants. Profit and loss problem (profit + loss) ÷ difference between the two distribution amounts = number of shares participating in the distribution (big profit – Small profit) ÷ The difference between the two distribution amounts = The number of shares participating in the distribution (big loss – small loss) ÷ The difference between the two distribution amounts = The number of shares participating in the distribution Encounter problem Encounter distance = Speed ​​sum × Encounter time Encounter time = Encounter Distance ÷ Speed ​​and sum of speed = distance to meet ÷ time to meet Catch up problem Catch up distance = speed difference Speed ​​= Still water speed – Water flow speed Still water speed = (Flower flow speed + Counterflow speed) ÷ 2 Water flow speed = (Flower flow speed – Counterflow speed) ÷ 2 concentrationQuestion Weight of solute + weight of solvent = weight of solution Weight of solute ÷ weight of solution × 100% = concentration Weight of solution × concentration = weight of solute Weight of solute ÷ concentration = weight of solution Profit and discount Question Profit = Sold Price-cost profit rate = profit ÷ cost × 100% = (sold price ÷ cost – 1) × 100% increase or decrease amount = principal × increase or decrease percentage discount = actual selling price ÷ original selling price × 100% (discount < 1) Interest = principal × interest rate × time After-tax interest = principal × interest rate × time × (1-20%)

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