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Answers to 5 parenting misunderstandings, especially the last 3 that are the most intolerable

In order to ensure the healthy growth of babies, moms and dads can be said to have taken great pains, care, thought, dedication, and spared no effort… That is a lot of energy in feeding and raising children~ What is the sleep trilogy: Turn off the lights , shut up, close the curtains, what are the trilogy of feeding: add sugar, eat salt, drink juice, what are the trilogy of development: squeeze the nipples, pinch the bridge of the nose, and use a walker when learning to walk… Don’t blame Du Dehui for throwing cold water, these so-called Don’t trust the “parenting experience” given, because some of it is not only useless, but will actually harm the baby. Today, we will reveal the top 10 parenting misunderstandings that trap children, and bring peace to the world… Myth 1: It is best for babies to sleep without making any noise. Infants and young children do need a relatively quiet sleep environment, but it doesn\’t have to be silent. why? Because babies stay in a silent sleeping environment for a long time, they will become extremely sensitive and easily frightened. They will not sleep well at the slightest movement, which will affect the growth and development of the baby. Therefore, parents do not need to tiptoe or whisper when the baby is sleeping. They should maintain a normal tone and living conditions and not make any loud noises. Misunderstanding 2: Keeping the curtains closed when sleeping during the day. In order to ensure that their babies can sleep well, many parents will close the curtains in the bedroom even during the day to create a dark environment for their children to improve their sleep quality. However, in the newborn stage, doing so can easily lead to the child sleeping more during the day and sleeping less at night, causing frequent awakenings at night, which is not conducive to cultivating the baby\’s concept of day and night. Therefore, for babies under six months old, it is recommended not to close the curtains during the day and to keep them dark and quiet at night. Misunderstanding 3: Let babies eat condiments too early. In terms of diet, babies under 1 year old have many taboos. If they accidentally step on them, the following hazards will occur. For example: Sugar: prone to dental caries, obesity, picky eaters, and dependence on sugar; Salt: increases the burden on the kidneys, and can be fatal in severe cases! It also affects calcium absorption and increases the risk of high blood pressure in the future; Honey: There is a risk of botulism poisoning; Fruit juice: It is prone to obesity, tooth decay, and affects chewing ability, so drinking fruit juice is not as good as eating fruit; Vegetable water or rice water: It occupies the stomach It is not nutritious and can easily affect the baby\’s normal growth and development. If you want to use lemon, bitter melon, etc. to test your baby\’s taste, this is no problem. Myth 4: The amount, thickness and color of shaved hair mainly depend on factors such as genetics, nutrition and physical health, and have nothing to do with whether to shave lanugo or the frequency of haircuts. Baby\’s skin is thin, tender, and has weak resistance. Not only can shaving easily damage the skin and cause skin infection, it may also damage the hair follicles and prevent hair from growing. Therefore, there is no need for babies to shave their heads! Misunderstanding 5: The bad habit of squeezing nipples for newborns will not only cause nipple inflammation and bacterial infection, but may even induce sepsis, putting the lives of newborns with extremely low resistance at risk. Therefore, medical science does not advocate the act of squeezing nipples for infants and young children! Misunderstanding 6: There is no scientific basis for pinching the bridge of the nose, and pinching the bridge of the baby\’s nose randomly may damage the baby\’s nasal mucosa, make the baby susceptible to respiratory diseases, form cross-eyes, induce otitis media, and affect facial features.Beautiful appearance and a series of injuries! Misunderstanding 7: Eating \”adult rice\” too early can cause harm to your baby by affecting chewing ability, premature intake of seasonings, and affecting calcium absorption. Therefore, do not let your baby eat adult food too early. After the baby is 2 years old, you can gradually let the baby eat adult food. When cooking in the early stages, parents need to change their past cooking habits and follow the principles of less salt, less sugar, and less condiments. Myth 8: Wearing open crotch pants for a long time. Babies who wear open crotch pants for a long time are more likely to have their private parts invaded by bacteria, damaged by the outside world, easily bitten by mosquitoes, have a weak sense of privacy, cross-infection, and cross-emotional syndrome. Therefore, you need to do the following when wearing crotchless pants for your baby: ❶ Do not wear them outdoors and ensure hygiene and cleanliness at home; ❷ It is best to wash the baby’s private parts with warm water after wearing crotchless pants; ❸ You can wear crotchless pants when your baby is under one year old, but they must be worn with Use with diapers or diapers. Misunderstanding 9: When using a walker to learn to walk, it is better to let nature take its own course. Normally, babies slowly start to learn to stand after ten months. Early and long-term use of walkers may cause lower limb deformities, prone to foot inversion and foot valgus habits, and the inability to accept balance training well. Since the baby\’s ability to control the walker is limited, there may be safety risks such as sprained feet, falls, collisions, and overturns. It is recommended that parents not rely too much on walkers to help their babies learn to walk. The healthiest way is to let their children practice crawling. Firstly, it can exercise the coordination of the limbs. Secondly, it can better exercise the leg muscles. When the baby can naturally support When you stand against a wall, you are not far away from learning to walk. Misunderstanding 10: It is not recommended to give poop and pee to babies under 1 year old! Because babies at this age are unaware of peeing and pooping, peeing and pooping is an act of adults deliberately controlling the baby\’s behavior. Also, frequent pooping and peeing can cause abnormal stimulation to the hip joints and anal sphincter. In addition, the baby\’s bladder sphincter is immature, so try not to force the baby to urinate. It is recommended that parents let nature take its course and change diapers or diapers frequently. The road to raising a baby is like the surface of the moon… there are \”pits\” everywhere. If moms and dads don\’t have some medical knowledge and parenting knowledge, they will fall into pits without paying attention and be unable to extricate themselves! Therefore, you must always learn and update your parenting knowledge so that your baby will not suffer.

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