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As a parent, don’t let love wear the mask of violence

Yesterday, while walking in the community, I met a young mother disciplining her child. The girl, who was about 7 years old, kept crying: \”Mom, Mom.\” The mother yelled at the child in a sharp voice: \”You don\’t eat well when I ask you to eat! You don\’t do your homework well! What shame do you have?\” I want a toy?! Your parents work hard for you every day. We love you so much, but you are not obedient at all. How could I give birth to a child like you?!\” \”Stop crying! Do you still have the nerve to cry? ? Don\’t go home at night, don\’t follow me!\” Seeing that her mother was really going to leave, the daughter reached out to pull her mother\’s clothes, but her mother pushed her away: \”Don\’t touch me!\” Then, her mother didn\’t look back. Go forward. The girl almost fell down. She wanted to continue but didn\’t dare to follow. She ran forward a few steps, stamped her feet on the ground hard, and cried heartbreakingly: \”Mom, mom.\” Parents are the most important people in a child\’s heart. Everything is closely related to parents. However, for some children, their parents always make them submissive and fearful. Love is soil, love is sunshine, love is everything for children. Every parent wants to give their children selfless love so that they can grow up healthily and happily. However, sometimes, their love wears a mask of violence. Education expert Yin Jianli said in the book \”A Good Mother is Better than a Good Teacher\”: You don\’t become a gentleman by wearing a suit, and you don\’t become a parent by giving birth to a child. Being a parent requires learning and learning how to love. Learning to love is a big proposition and needs to be learned slowly. The simplest first step is to stop beating and scolding children and stop being a savage in a suit. As a parent, don’t let love wear the mask of violence. I once read a piece of news on the Internet. A young security guard father, because he and his wife are uneducated, are particularly concerned about their children\’s studies, hoping that their children will be successful in the future. One night, when his daughter was doing her homework, her father happened to walk by and found that her daughter was copying her homework. Impulsively, he dragged his daughter to the carport and beat her, then tied her body with a rope and left alone. Half an hour later, he returned to the carport again. His daughter\’s breathing and heartbeat had stopped. Sanmao once said: Most Chinese parents regard their children as their lifeblood and the extension and continuation of their own lives. They hope that their unfulfilled ideals and glory in their lives will be realized in their children. Under this pressure, how many children have lost the warmth of their families and their happy childhood. A few days ago, a joke circulated in the circle of friends: At around 10 o\’clock in the evening, a woman\’s roar came from upstairs: \”What relationship?! Ah. What relationship?! Tell me! What is the relationship?! My gossipy heart is going crazy. He jumped up, lay down on the window sill, propped up his ears and listened carefully to what was going on. The woman continued to shout angrily: \”Are they opposite numbers?! …\” I closed the window silently. For a while, the circle of friends was flooded with this joke. Parents with children expressed: \”I was tortured to tears\”, \”Parents who accompany their children to do homework cannot afford to be hurt\” \”During the day I work so hard and have to go home to study with me at night, it’s like a nightmare.” Everyone complained happily and happily. Has anyone ever thought about what the child who was “bombarded” would look like at that moment? how frightenedHelpless? If the circle of friends is the world of children, what will the comments be like? Many parents like to use their own experience to measure a child\’s cognitive and understanding level, which is really sad. As an adult, there are many unknown areas. Suppose someone is explaining a concept to you over and over again, but you just can\’t understand it. Then that person yells at you, calls you a fool, and wants to beat you. How would you feel? Will you just punch him? Don\’t do to others what you don\’t want others to do to you. But we often make this mistake with weak children. Child education expert Sun Ruixue said: We like to preach too much. This is because we are suppressed too much and have no way to deal with adults, so we have to deal with weak children. Adults don\’t realize how bad they are. A child who grows up in this environment has no creativity at all. All he learns is to observe words and emotions and act according to the situation, in order to alleviate his poor living conditions. It is heartbreaking to think about a child who is as innocent as an angel, but has to please his parents in order to alleviate his poor living environment. As a parent, don’t let love wear the mask of violence. Please click here to enter a picture description. A good friend safely put down his high-paying job and went home to spend time with his children. She is often seen posting photos of her playing with her son and eating delicious food. Other children go home and do their homework as soon as school is over. Her son goes to play for a while and relax before doing his homework. When she encounters problems that her children don\’t understand, she never criticizes or scolds them, but always explains them patiently over and over again. She said: When I was little, my mother slapped me in the face because I couldn’t always distinguish between ‘minuend’ and ‘minuend’. From then on, I didn’t like mathematics very much. I don’t want my son to become talented or famous in the future. I just want him to be an ordinary, happy person. Accompanying children and feeling the joy and beauty of life\’s growth is an infinitely beautiful thing for parents and worthy of gratitude. Parental love is the foundation of virtue. Parents\’ love is the cornerstone of children\’s mental health and happiness in life. Children who are bathed in the care of their parents can develop soundly both physically and mentally. No other love can compare with the love of parents, especially when a person is hurt or encounters difficulties. The greatest happiness for a child is to meet a pair of good parents. Senior family instructor Liu Chenglian and her husband advocate the educational concepts of \”harmonious parent-child relationship is the prerequisite for family education\” and \”happy education, happy growth\”, and apply it to their own parenting practice, cultivating a child with both good character and academic performance. daughter. In the process of children\’s growth, they act as observers, recorders, guides, and appreciators. They constantly switch their roles among parents, teachers, playmates, and friends, and enjoy every detail of their children\’s growth. They can spend a month patiently completing a puzzle with their children; they can also let their children grow mung beans and morning glories in the bedroom; they can also let their children raise fish, shrimps, screws, tadpoles, and snails; they give them food every day. Children\’s \”play time\” and Sunday as \”family day\”, on this day, no matter adults or children can arrange other things, everyone can do activities together. They created a relaxed family atmosphere for their children, and the children developed a cheerful, optimistic and tolerant spirit., studious, strong, compassionate and other good personalities and excellent qualities. The child\’s grades have never been at the top of the class, but he was admitted to Peking University and the University of Hong Kong at the same time during the college entrance examination. Liu Chenglian said: \”Children\’s progress is a natural and unstoppable process. Parents only need to accompany them with their wholehearted love, and quietly wait and appreciate.\” Youth education expert Yin Jianli said: Let children Grow naturally like a flower, otherwise it will only be haste and waste. Children are complex living beings, an independent small universe, and they have their own subjective consciousness. There is no magic touch in education. As parents, what we need to learn is to respect and care for every individual life. There is no standard for success, and life is inherently diverse. The healthy growth of children\’s body and mind is the success of education; inner peace and tranquility are the source of happiness. For children, what is love? Love is kindness, love is attention, love is companionship, love is patience, love is tolerance, love is understanding. Don\’t let \”busy work, high pressure, no time, bad mood, it\’s all for your own good\” become an excuse for you to be violent with your children. If you really love your child, make him happy, keep him away from anxiety, sorrow, sadness, and fear, and let him grow up healthily and happily. As a parent, don’t let love wear the mask of violence. You give your children happiness, and your children will also bring you a golden future.

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