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As a young boy, you broke 600 million and exposed the true face of Chinese parents!

The recently popular movie \”Better Days\” received countless applause upon its release and received constant praise. In just 3 days of release, the box office exceeded 300 million. Not only did it receive a high rating of 8.5 on Douban, but it was also praised by teacher Li Yinhe on his blog. I went to watch this movie yesterday with great expectations. To my delight, I not only saw the amazing acting skills of Zhou Dongyu and Yi Yang Qianxi in the movie. What impressed me even more was the realism presented by the film\’s control over details, and the depth of the plot that made the audience think deeply. Friends who have watched the movie commented: \”It made me cry.\” To be honest, I couldn\’t help crying several times while watching the movie. If you really understand it, you will find that the reason why this movie is so popular is because it expresses more than just \”school violence\”. It is also the influence of parents\’ education on the establishment of children\’s three views and on the children\’s life. The first category: \”Parents blindly tolerate, and it is difficult for children to hold their heads up and be a good person.\” Chen Nian\’s parents divorced very early. In order to support Chen Nian\’s education, his mother often went to work in other places to make money, leaving Chen Nian at home alone. Chen Nian is very impressive. Although his family is poor, his academic performance has always been at the top of his grade. She was about to graduate successfully in one month, but she was involved in campus violence because of the suicide case of her classmate \”Hu Xiaodie\”. That day, after Hu Xiaodie jumped from the teaching building, all the students gathered around Hu Xiaodie\’s body as if they were watching a show. Only Chen Nian took off his clothes and covered Hu Xiaodie\’s body. Afterwards, he mustered up the courage to call the police and told the police about the school violence that Hu Xiaodie had suffered during his lifetime. But after a series of investigations, the matter was dropped due to lack of substantial evidence. But for this reason, Chen Nian was targeted by the leader of the bullying, the class bully \”Wei Lai\”. First, in physical education class, she was hit by classmates with a ball intentionally or unintentionally. She was deliberately tripped while walking and fell down the stairs. Later, Wei Lai and a group of people guarded her at the door of her house and violently tortured her. In order to hide, she got into the smelly trash can and did not dare to cry. Even on the way to school, Wei Lai and his classmates blocked her for haircuts and nude photos. You can\’t even imagine that this is something a group of teenagers can do. At this time, her mother, who was hiding from debts because of her failure in starting a business, would only say to Chen Nian every time: \”Son, just bear with me and pass the college entrance examination. You will grow up and our lives will be better.\” That\’s better.\” These words sounded so harsh. Parents who will only avoid tolerant parents when encountering problems make it impossible for children to hold their heads high and behave in life. Even in the face of violence, he would just hide and endure it. Such silence made Chen Nian, who had been grudged for a long time, finally explode and kill the perpetrator by mistake, creating an irreversible situation. As parents, if we had noticed something strange in our children earlier, taken our children to the police earlier, and actively faced and solved the problem, perhaps we would not have caused the tragedy of the two families today. Those parents who are used to being patient may not know that their children have experienced many of the darkest moments in life because of their wrong education methods. They will never understand the tragic price their children will suffer. Category 2\”Parents have twisted hearts and cannot raise healthy children.\” As the biggest villain of the show, he is also the most incredible character – Wei Lai. Wei Lai\’s parents are both top students. She comes from a wealthy family and has excellent academic performance. She should be a gentle and decent lady. But in fact, she is a perpetrator of school violence who appears to be well-behaved and sensible in front of her teachers and parents, and privately bullies her classmates for fun. Even when he was interrogated by the police because he was involved in a classmate\’s suicide case, his angelic face revealed a devilish, cold and ruthless expression. I couldn\’t understand why a girl with such excellent conditions would do such an incredible thing. It wasn\’t until the police went to Wei Lai\’s home to investigate the \”Hu Xiaodie suicide case\” that the conversation between her mother and the police revealed the truth: Our children will not be violent to others. Others may, but Wei Lai will not. Yes, she is different from other children. Her father and I gave her the best education. The child who committed suicide may have had a poor family education and a glassy heart. Her classmates made a few jokes with her, so she couldn\’t bear it and jumped off the building to commit suicide. For a mother who has such an extreme mentality and blames others beforehand, it is no wonder that Wei Lai feels no guilt and even a little righteous when he hurts others. Wei Lai\’s father also liked to use cold violence against her. Previously, Wei Lai had to repeat a grade because her test scores were not satisfactory, and her father did not speak to her for a year. This reminds me that many parents like to use brainwashing expectations to put pressure on their children: You are different from others, others are inferior to you, and you are the best; the education your parents give you is always right, others say Everything you say is wrong; you cannot give up or fail, otherwise your parents will be disappointed in you. Children who grow up in such an environment will work hard to achieve their parents\’ expectations, and even do whatever it takes to achieve results. Like Wei Lai\’s parents, who \”satisfied material needs but incomplete personality development.\” How can such family education help children grow up healthily? As parents, what we should give our children is praise and support after hard work, and understanding and encouragement after failure. Instead of using the standards of the adult world to demand him or even criticize him as an adult. You may not know that your judgment of your child is your child\’s judgment of the world. The third category is \”The parents don\’t care, the children are desperately injured.\” In the whole drama, the most distressing one is Xiaobei. His father abandoned their mother and son when he was very young and ran away, and his mother also abandoned him when he was 13 years old in order to reorganize the family. Xiaobei, who has no source of income, fights with a group of people from time to time in order to make a living. Every day I returned to that dilapidated little house with a bruised nose, a swollen face, and injuries all over my body. Despite this, he never darkened his heart because of the darkness of life. In the process of being beaten, Chen Nian, who was passing by, called the police out of kindness and met this girl with a similar fate to his own. Once, Xiaobei was beaten until his face was covered with blood. When he returned home, he was asked by Chen: Does it hurt? He was moved to tears and had never felt warmth before. From then on, he made up his mind to protect Chen Nian to the death. In Xiaobei\’s eyes, Chen NianIt was the white moonlight that shone down in his devastated life. When he learned that Chen Nian\’s dream was to become the smartest person and protect the world, he said to Chen Nian with firm eyes: You protect the world, and I will protect you. How many viewers’ hearts did this sentence capture? Although I was moved, I felt more sorry for Xiaobei. Chen Nian\’s world is protected by Xiaobei, but what about Xiaobei\’s world? Who will protect me? The lack of education and love for their children from their parents made Xiaobei stay strong as long as possible. In order to make a living, after being constantly injured, he learned to support himself. Even when you meet the one you love, you will only destroy yourself to achieve the other person\’s success. This kind-hearted boy, even if he lives in the gutter, still wants to work hard to let the girl he likes look up at the stars. Seeing this, I couldn\’t help but sigh for Xiaobei. What kind of splendid life would such a soft-hearted young man have if he had the protection of his parents? If you are a parent in front of the screen, please protect your child with all your heart and never give up on him, no matter how good or bad his grades are, or whether he is cute or not. Of course, it is not only necessary to protect him from being bullied by others, but also to protect his healthy mind so that he does not bully others and does not treat others indifferently when they are bullied. This is the most fundamental way to prevent school violence. After watching the movie and walking out of the cinema, I couldn\’t wait to post it on WeChat Moments and recommend this good movie to my friends. A friend who is a father left a message below and said: Is it suitable to take children to see it? I replied to him: It\’s suitable, but after reading it, you need to give him a correct understanding of school violence. The so-called protection of minors is not only physical protection, but also a gentle and pure ideological construction for minors. It should not only be society and the law, but also the parents themselves who do this! I think this may be one of the meanings this movie really wants to bring to the audience. Here, I want to praise this movie again. Maybe it is not perfect in the eyes of many people. But it is a great progress for youth movies and reflection on education.

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