• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

As parents, if you don’t watch, your child may be the next one to be bullied.

A few days ago, another video of student violence on campus was widely forwarded on WeChat Moments. Several big boys surrounded a weak boy, punching and kicking him. The boy who was beaten fell to the ground and kept begging for mercy. His cries were heartbreaking, but the person who beat him was unmoved at all, like a cold-faced killer. , they kicked and laughed at him, spitting from time to time, and one even grabbed the little boy\’s hair and asked him to kowtow and apologize. Several older boys laughed and were satisfied, and someone even filmed the scene with their mobile phones. So cruel, so inhumane. Everyone who saw it was angry, and everyone felt heartbroken and uncomfortable for the child who was beaten. It turns out that childhood is not as pure as adults imagine. In the bloody and cruel world of children, there is naked predatory power. School violence is like a huge torrent, sweeping all the children. They are addicted to it, struggling desperately, but they can\’t break free. Even when he grows up, he still has sequelae that can never be healed. One incident of school violence is enough to leave a psychological shadow on a person for a lifetime, enough to make him have nightmares and fear every time he thinks about it in the future. They may even develop a withdrawn character that will affect their entire lives. School violence is far scarier than you think. I once saw a public welfare short film about school violence. The opening scene started in the library, where many people were reading quietly and whispering. Suddenly, the library door burst open, and a thug rushed in, holding a gun, and shot everyone regardless of the group. Suddenly, the whole library was covered in blood, and everyone screamed. Only the thug burst out laughing, killing people while laughing, cold and ruthless. Then, the short film reverses itself and presents the complete growth history of this thug like a cocoon. He suffered school violence, was bullied and ridiculed at school, was alone with no friends, and always sat in the farthest corner. So, Reading violent books alone, posting horrific remarks on social media, and always talking about revenge. Finally, he turned his words into reality. He rushed into the library with a gun and killed people. Ignoring their screams and begging for mercy, he laughed and shot. He died of all the people he saw, just like those who abused him in the past. They ignored his cries and howls and beat and kicked him indifferently. He returned to the world exactly what he had endured! Don’t think that school violence is just a joke. Don’t think that school violence is just a fight between children. Have you ever seen a joke like “forcing primary school students to drink urine”? Have you ever seen a fight like \”putting a toilet trash can over a little boy\’s head\”? As the saying goes, three years old makes you look older, and seven years old makes you look older. Any pain a child suffers when he is a child will be reflected on others when he becomes an adult. He was bullied when he was a child. When he grows up, he will try to make things difficult for others. He was isolated when he was a child. When he grows up, he will not have the warmth of any family. His wife, children, all They may become the target of his violence. The American Journal of Psychiatry published a study. The impact of childhood violence on a person,It will last from adolescence to middle age. Children who were bullied as children will encounter more psychological distress than others. They are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. In severe cases, they may commit suicide, or like that short film Like the thugs in it, take revenge on the world. They are more pessimistic, isolated, irritable, and have poor emotional control. Such people especially like to beat their children and spouses. These are the lifelong effects of school violence. Those psychological shadows left by his childhood will definitely turn into nightmares in the future and tear his life apart! Maybe you feel lucky that your child has not been involved in school violence. It is probably just that you didn\’t notice it. A survey by the Survey and Data Research Center (CEPS) of Renmin University of China shows that school violence is extremely common on Chinese campuses. More than 80% of students have suffered at least one school violence, including verbal violence and cold violence. More than 20% of students have suffered actual physical violence on campus. Your rejoicing only shows that you don\’t care enough about your children. Maybe you think that verbal violence is not violence, but being scolded is also violence? Of course, if it\’s just an occasional quarrel between classmates, it\’s definitely not violence, but what if it\’s a long-term insult? Isn’t that considered violence? Don’t think that only physical conflicts are considered school violence, and don’t think that only physical injuries are considered injuries. The psychological damage caused by verbal violence and cold violence has an even greater impact on children. Hitler developed a character that was hostile to the world because he was always placed in the last row. This is by no means alarmist. Only those who are always assigned to sit alone in the corner of the last row understand the pain of cold violence. It is a kind of loneliness and helplessness that goes deep into the bones, as if abandoned by the world, and they will subconsciously think that they are this. There is an extra person in the world, and no one cares about him, so he becomes lonely and isolated. Many children are not necessarily willing to tell their parents after suffering school violence. It may be because of face, being threatened, or other reasons. At this time, parents need to pay more attention. If you find that your child\’s temperament suddenly changes for a certain period of time, and you don\’t even recognize him. He becomes angry for no reason, cries at every little thing, is extremely emotionally unstable, has insomnia, is afraid of going to school, and has physical problems. If there are inexplicable injuries, then your child is most likely to have encountered school violence. At this time, as a parent, you need to be child-centered and comfort the child first. The sooner you calm the child\’s emotions, the less psychological damage will be done. This is more important than dealing with the violent incident itself. Don\’t say to your child: \”You must be the one who caused the trouble, otherwise why would I just bully you?\” Or even blame your child: \”Why are you so worthless? He beats you, but you don\’t know how to beat him?\” Doing so is not only a jerk but also ignorant. . The child has been hurt, which means that he can\’t solve the problem, so he turns to you for help. As the person closest to the child, you say this, causing secondary harm to the child when he is most helpless, even more harmful than school violence. Even more so. Then, solve the problem itself, stand firmly on the child\’s side, and neverDo not condone abusers. Even if a lawsuit is filed, the perpetrator must be punished accordingly. On the one hand, I tell the abuser that my child is not someone who can be bullied casually. On the other hand, it can also hint to children that your parents will always be your strong support and will never abandon you no matter what happens. Every child has worked hard to be with his parents, and every parent has worked hard to give birth to a child. In this case, you must protect your children. I hope every child can be in a sunny and safe campus. thrive here.

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