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As parents, why do we have to work so hard?

A few days ago, I went to Xiaobai\’s dance studio. Watching her grow from a small studio to a large classroom now, I traveled across a city to see her and was really happy for her. I hadn’t seen her for a long time, and I was sitting in her office waiting for her. She looked more and more like Aunt Su—her mother, that thin but determined woman. Xiaobai once told me that when she was 18 years old, perhaps the reason why she insisted on her dream was because she saw her parents. Xiaobai and I have known each other since we were young. Xiaobai likes to dance. In our normal understanding, the best way for a person is to go to junior high school, high school, university, and then find a job. However, in the second year after Xiaobai was admitted to an ordinary high school, he transferred to an art school. Everyone is puzzled. But what surprised many people was probably her parents. Her parents completely respect her decision and fully support her. Aunt Su stopped all the rumors. She told Xiaobai that it\’s okay, just do what you like and work hard. If it doesn\’t work, your mother is here, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Her parents were born in a rural area, and their family situation was very poor. They were afraid of hunger and poverty, so the two of them ran to the city and started working as part-time workers. Later, she started to set up a street stall; with savings, she started to open a shop specializing in various stationery; later, her father had some art skills and designed drawings for others, and later opened a decoration company. \”My parents\’ efforts let me know that no matter how hard I am today, I will always get better tomorrow. And my parents gave me a prosperous life. This makes me feel a sense of security after many years. It is the confidence my parents give me.\” , I know that no matter where I go, I don’t have to be afraid. And I also hope to use my own efforts to give future children a future without panic.” “There was a very hard time, and when I was hard, I just thought about my childhood. At that time, if you compare your parents\’ life with the present, you can persevere. We only had a meal for an hour and didn\’t talk any more. She took me to her new home, where her daughter was talking to her new daughter. Playing with toys, she also lived a relatively prosperous life among her peers. As parents, why do we have to work so hard? Except for ourselves. Maybe it is to give our children more confidence in life; maybe it is to let our children have more confidence in life; The child can live more calmly; perhaps it is to give the child more choices in life; or perhaps it is to allow the child to have a big house to shelter her from the rain and dew after all the hardships; and to allow the child to have choices after many years The person you like does not have to satisfy your never-ever vanity for money and status. But in a sense, it is also to let your children know that if you work hard, you will be the best version of yourself at the moment. I like it very much In a sentence: All the clues in a person can be traced back to childhood. And everything that parents teach by words and deeds may have an unforgettable memory for every child. Because her memory of growing up includes the memory of her parents. The harder parents work, the easier it is for their children to work hard in adulthood. I once attended a lecture. This girl, who was once among the top five in the college entrance examination in a certain city, stood on the stage to share her learning experience. She was dressed plainly and stood on her feet. On the stage, she said something,The meaning is: My family background is very poor, my father died young, and for my mother, the parent-teacher conference may be the biggest holiday. Because that day, as the parent of an outstanding student, she had the right to become proud. However, I am proud of my mother. In my mind, she is a very hard-working adult. She worked several jobs in order for me to be as good as my peers, and then my family\’s financial situation gradually improved. She let me know that if you work hard, life will always be full of hope. Many people say that the best way to treat children is to give them a lot of money and a lot of love. Of course, this is important. But it is even more important to let children see that life will become full of hope because of hard work. I think of many years ago, when my friend won a very recognized award, a reporter interviewed her and asked, who is the person you admire most? She said, My father. The reporter asked, who is your father and what does he do? She said, my father was once a laid-off worker and now he is also a small boss. When he was in his forties, his business collapsed and he was thrown back into society with nothing but his bare hands. But he was not discouraged, and he threw himself into it with high spirits. We went through very difficult days, so hard that we had to eat an egg for two meals. On shivering winter nights, we went to the street to sell belts. Later, we In this way, the days slowly passed day by day. My father relied on his savings to open a small supermarket. He got up early and stayed in the dark, and his life became really better. One father I admire very much is Zhang Jifou, the father of the four famous Zhang family sisters. There is a description like this: Zhang Jifu, an enlightened educator, followed Cai Yuanpei\’s advice to first set up a school in Shanghai, and then moved his family to Suzhou. Zhang Jifou set up a school in Suzhou and advocated new education. His Leyi Girls\’ Middle School once hired Zhang Wentian, Liu Yazi, Ye Shengtao, Kuang Yaming and others as teachers. Leyi Girls\’ High School is a new-style school. All students have short hair, and they also hold sports meets and perform in dramas. Then, in \”The Collection of Waves\” and \”The Song Ends with People\”, you can see a father\’s courage in facing the chaos of war and his persistence in education. This is still revealed in the narrations of the four sisters many years later. Nothing left. That kind of respect for their father may have lasted for many years in the lives of the four Zhang sisters, and then they grew into what many people loved. As parents, perhaps, most of us are ordinary, or even not good enough. However, this does not prevent us from running forward. For ourselves and to give our children the best future we can, we must continue to work hard and move forward. Such a future, in addition to material things, may also give her the nearest encouragement in life, telling her that life is always in her own hands, and your future depends on your efforts. How far you go will be how hard you work. Time is ruthless, but hard work is. And telling children the meaning of hard work is also the greatest significance of our education as parents.

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