• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Babies don’t sleep well and are easily awakened. Here are three common reasons you need to know

Question 1: My child is 2 months old. He has not been sleeping well recently. He keeps turning his head this way and that, as if he has an itchy head. He also keeps holding his head. Sometimes he rubs his eyes, twists his body around, and pushes against the quilt. What\’s going on? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: This condition is seen in ① lack of vitamin D, malabsorption of calcium, early stage rickets, and occipital baldness with a ring of worn-out hair on the back of the head. ②The child eats too much and cannot digest it. His stomach is uncomfortable and he twists and turns and cannot sleep well. ③ If a child has body heat, he or she will be impatient if covered with a quilt as thick as an adult. Parents can rule it out one by one. In addition, we need to look for other reasons. Children at such a young age usually need to nurse once every two hours at night. After feeding, they have to poop or pee. They will turn around, kick their legs, and twist around before defecating or peeing. , this is normal, just let him eat well and wash him clean in time. After three or four months, the lengthened interval between feeding at night will be relieved. Question 2: My child is four years old. He was found to have chickenpox yesterday. He was infected at school. How should he be treated? Can’t go out anymore? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: Apply calamine externally and take antiviral oral solution three times a day. Be careful not to scratch. The scabs usually form in about a week. If there are babies at home, they should not play together and they need to be quarantined for half a month. You can go out and play, just be careful not to infect other people. Question 3: My child is two and a half years old. He found a black spot on his big tooth. He used a toothpick to smash it and it turned out to be a small hole. He complained of pain after eating sweets and brushed his teeth in the morning and evening. Is it necessary to go to the hospital for treatment? Dr. He Jiexin’s answer: If necessary, go to the hospital and let the doctor take a look. If it can be replenished, just replenish it. If it can’t be replenished, just get treatment and then replenish it. If there is a hole, show it to the child, regardless of whether it is like a rotten apple, the worse it gets, the bigger it gets.

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