• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Baby, don\’t be like me

Baby, mommy loves you very much. Mom is here today to tell you frankly about my past. I hope you can learn from it and not make the same mistakes as mom. Don’t fight for toys with your friends. Mom used to be good friends with a girl from the neighbor. The girl wears two braids and goes to and from school with her mother every day. But we broke up with each other for a long time because we were fighting for a nice goose-yellow hairpin. Later, your grandma asked me to apologize to her, and we slowly reconciled. Don\’t lose a precious friend because of a toy. Toys can only accompany you for a short period of time, but friends may be lifelong friendships. Maybe your friend is more playful and likes to take possession of other people\’s things. However, as a friend, he will also fight for you and share his favorite toys and snacks with you. Friends can bring you a lot of new things and fun things, which toys cannot do. What\’s more, you will always get tired of playing with toys, and no toy is as interesting as friends. Toys or partners, which one do you think is more important? Don’t compete with others. When my mother was studying, teachers would only pay attention to those students with good grades. Each of us is called to emulate them. My mother’s grades were only in the middle range, and she was very envious of her children who had good grades at that time. Under the guidance of the teacher, I became a little inferior and felt that I couldn\’t hold my head high in front of those top students. But in fact, just because they have good grades does not mean that they are excellent in all aspects. Moreover, I once saw a top student in the class secretly take the money from his deskmate\’s schoolbag. This incident had a great impact on me. It was then that I began to realize that teachers’ ideas may not always be right. We live in groups and can’t help but compare ourselves to others. For example, you see other children dressed better than you, playing cool and smooth with water guns, or always being the first to speak and being praised by the teacher. You may feel a little disappointed, or complain about why you can\’t be like others. I hope you don\’t get affected by these things. You don\’t need to be better than others in every aspect. In my eyes, your pace of growth is unique. You have your own choices and rhythm, and you don\’t need to follow others step by step. Two days ago, when I picked you up, I saw your classwork. Every child drew a big green watermelon, but only you carefully outlined the lines. To be honest, I was very surprised at the time. You observe carefully and attentively. So, little one, don’t compare yourself to others. Make the most of your own shining points, and you can become a very good person. However, it doesn\’t matter even if you don\’t have any outstanding qualities. What I hope to see most is your healthy growth and the development of correct values. All other aspects are secondary. Read more interesting books. My mother never had the opportunity to come into contact with so many books before. Every time a friend shares their new book, we get together and have a lively discussion. We all read with gusto the black and white picture books of Journey to the West and other famous stories. Every time there is a new book, every child takes turns picking it up. Finally returned to the owner\’s hands, the brand new book has changed its appearance. There is a friend among us who has a lot of books at home, and he often shares various stories with us. I still remember that when everyone listened carefully to his story, his eyes were shining. And the stories in his mouth are also vivid and fascinating. However, compared with the current environment, my mother’s access to books is still too few. If you have such an opportunity, you should cherish it. There are all kinds of book resources around, little lazy boy, there is absolutely no reason to be lazy now, right? Reading books will make you an interesting and lovely person. Recently, I found that you seem to like reading a little bit, and I am quite happy. I would be happier if you could share your story with me. Baby, although reading can\’t make you a great person, it can make you a more sensible person and let you know how to take care of other people\’s feelings. It may also allow you to establish new ideas and open up another possibility for life.

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