• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Baby, mommy is right behind you

During the Spring Festival holiday, I went to visit my cousin’s house. We were sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching TV and chatting. My cousin\’s youngest son was doing homework in the bedroom. He would come out to get a glass of water, get a bag of snacks, and go to the bathroom. My cousin\’s face turned ugly once she saw him. When her son came out for the fourth time, her cousin finally got mad: Is it difficult for you to study quietly? I can\’t sit still all the time, I don\’t listen well to the lectures, I don\’t write my homework seriously, and I am fifth from the bottom in the final exam. If I were you, I would be embarrassed to eat! I secretly sweated in my heart, saying that the child was so cruel in front of outsiders, how could his young mind bear it? Unexpectedly, my cousin\’s son looked calm and retaliated: You play cards and go shopping every day. Why do you ask me to study hard? I haven\’t seen you read a book even once! At this time, the cousin\’s husband came back from outside and happened to hear the conversation between their mother and son. He scolded his son: Your mother is an adult, she can play, you are a student, and your task is to study hard. Why don\’t you hurry back to the house and read to me? go! With an expression of dissatisfaction, the child turned back to the house and closed the door hard. My cousin became even more angry and said to me: I can\’t control him when he is only eleven years old. When he grows up, he won\’t go to heaven? Not even half as good as his sister, how worry-free his sister is! I laughed: Your daughter is worry-free, but there are too few children with such self-discipline, and more are like your son. My cousin is a veteran in the mahjong world. When she was pregnant, she had a strong reaction and even vomited when she drank water. But as soon as she sat down at the mahjong table, she was more energetic than normal people. When her daughter was in elementary school, I went to her house to play. My cousin was having a heated fight with a few May friends, and her daughter was doing homework next door. It was already past seven o\’clock in the evening and the child hadn\’t eaten yet. I asked, baby, aren\’t you hungry? The child said, \”I\’m hungry. I\’ll ask my mother for money to buy instant noodles.\” I asked in surprise: Do you eat instant noodles every day? The child nodded and said: \”Mom doesn\’t have time to cook, so I will buy noodles by myself.\” I touched the child\’s head and didn\’t know what to say. Mahjong is something that I have no connection with. Let alone playing it, I feel sleepy after watching others play two rounds. Therefore, I have always had a deep understanding of people who are addicted to playing mahjong. However, no matter how addicted you are, you can’t ignore your children, right? You are messing around in this room and don\’t even provide your child with a good learning environment. How can he study with peace of mind? My cousin\’s daughter originally had good qualifications, but in such an environment, it was difficult to break through. Her college entrance examination scores were average, and she only attended a vocational college. Jimmy has a comic saying that all mistakes are the fault of adults. yes. If you want a child who strives for self-discipline, you must first be a parent who strives for self-discipline. A child is a copy of his parents. The original copy is barren and pale. Why do you want the copy to be full of flowers? I remember one day last year, I took a colleague\’s car home, and he picked up his son, who was in the second grade of elementary school, from school. It was just a few days after the mid-term exam, and I asked casually: Honey, how was this exam? The child happily said that he was second to last in the class in Chinese and third to last in mathematics. I also laughed: You did so poorly in the exam and yet you are still so happy? My colleague couldn’t help but say: He plays all day long, so it’s strange that he can do well in the exam! His son retorted: You watch TV every day and you are so noisy that I can’t even study. Colleagues get angryTo put it bluntly, which adult doesn’t watch TV? Ask Aunt Su Xin if she watches it too? How can her little sister study well? The two men\’s verbal quarrel actually dragged me into it. I laughed: I don\’t watch much TV. I only watch some special programs for a while at most. That\’s true. When my daughter was in elementary school, I made an agreement with my husband that when our children were studying in the evening, we would accompany them to read or write, and we could not distract them by watching TV. My daughter had excellent grades when she was in elementary school. I never thought it was because of her high talent. Her qualifications were mediocre, which was evident when she entered junior high school. There were too many courses in junior high school, and she became very busy. Her grades fluctuated and she was no longer as calm as she had been in elementary school. After one final exam, I went to attend her parent-teacher meeting. When I got the report card, I found that she had extremely poor grades in one subject and was ranked very low in the class. When I got home, I didn\’t blame my daughter for a word. I took the report card and analyzed the reasons with her and tried to find a solution. It can be seen that she was very uneasy that day. I kept encouraging: Honey, it\’s okay. Fortunately, there will be a month\’s holiday next. Mom will take annual leave to make up for this course with you. My daughter looked at me, the confidence in her eyes returned. During that vacation, I accompanied my daughter to catch up on the missed course every day, reviewing it from the beginning chapter by chapter. During the day, we are the only mother and daughter at home. She does homework, and I read, or sit in front of the computer and write. The sun shines in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the house is filled with tranquility. On the second day of school, during their school grade exam, their daughter ranked among the top ten in the class. I told my daughter: Baby, you are great, keep up the good work. Remember, you are not fighting alone. When you are strong enough, your mother will give you blessings; when you are not strong enough, your mother will give you strength. Don\’t be afraid, mom is right behind you. My daughter hugged me tightly. Yes, there is a frightened deer living in the heart of every child. Even as an adult, I have been in the examination room in my dreams countless times. My anxiety, anxiety, and fear are no different from when I was a teenager studying. I woke up crying from my dreams again and again. In a family, no one should be an island. As a parent, you must be your child\’s strongest supporter. You push your child into the vast sea and let him swim alone. You neither encourage him nor give him strength. You only make demands on him. How strong does he have to be to become his own ferryman? Just like at the Chinese Poetry Conference not long ago, Dong Qing\’s performance surprised so many people. Have you ever seen her walking with her parents behind her? And now, can you turn off the TV, put down your mobile phone, pick up a book, and wait quietly by your child\’s side? For a child, the company of his parents is his greatest confidence and strength. This confidence and strength can illuminate a child\’s path forward, warm his immature heart, and strengthen his weak shoulders, allowing him to move forward courageously and unstoppably.

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