• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Bad kids and the unbearable lightness of life

You must have seen this video: it’s not surprising that someone was killed after such a violent beating. Fortunately, the outcome was not that bad. The naughty kid was only slightly injured. Guo, who hit the person, was detained for 15 days and fined. The parents ignored the \”naughty child incident\” and it was too late for the violent maniac to take action. Guo, who beat the person, sympathized with him. Of course, it is extremely politically incorrect and unreasonable. Even if he was kicked three times by the naughty child, his revenge was not consistent. Proportionality principle, punishment is too severe. If you were in Guo\’s situation, if you told a child to be quiet and was kicked three times in response, 99% of the people would consider themselves unlucky and the most they could do would be to give it a scolding. Because if you do a little deduction, you will know that almost all of your responses are inappropriate: Are you being reasonable? If you listen to the truth, you won\’t become a naughty child. Scolding and fighting? People who eat melon think you are a joke, competing with a child. Besides, if you have scruples and don\’t dare to use force, you may not be able to take advantage of the child. In front of the naughty child, almost all victims have no choice but to endure it and pray for him to leave as soon as possible. And his guardians, parents, grandparents, often think he is extremely cute. If you don\’t appreciate it, you are a cold-blooded weirdo. Claiming that your little cub is cute and claiming that your dog won\’t bite are two famous self-deceptions. After the news came out, there were many comments that were sympathetic to Guo, and it also made many people feel scared, thinking that society is so hostile. Don\’t worry, if they encounter naughty children in their lives, even if they are kicked, they won\’t have any overreaction. After all, humans are rational animals. After weighing the pros and cons, they will always make choices that benefit themselves. The vast majority of naughty children can grow up smoothly, and most of them grow into troublesome adults as they wish. Naughty children are like all the unsatisfactory little things in life. They are serious and not worth it, but they are really torturing your nerves. This is the so-called unbearable lightness of life, a great disaster, a great evil. If you use all your will and strength to fight against it, it will be more tolerable. A minor annoyance, the sound of a sharp knife scraping the glass, a child kicking you a few times, it is as inconspicuous as a flame, but if you accidentally ignite the explosive, the consequences will be destruction. That Guo who beat up the naughty child is a person who cannot be analyzed by normality. He can be regarded as mentally unstable and has weak emotional control. In short, he is a patient. Of course, what I mean is not that the patient can escape punishment, but that punishment is meaningless to the patient. Crimes of passion suddenly hurt or kill people. They are usually normal people with qualities no lower than average and even very smart. But in the moment of passion, their reason is wiped out, leaving only animalistic rage and hurt. People had to go to jail, and murderers had to pay with their lives. These terrible punishments were beyond their imagination at the time. There is a certain proportion of these people, just like naughty children. If you violate them, it will not be surprising at all to provoke disproportionate retaliation. You will suffer great harm or even die. Then punishing him will not change your misery. There is a cliché that the law can protect us. In fact, it is not strict. In this kind of crime of passion, the law cannot protect you. You are dead, so what can it protect you? One protects oneself, one protects one\’s children, and most importantly chooses a less risky lifestyle.Why should children be taught to be polite and not to infringe on others? This is to allow him to live safer, this way is low risk. He won\’t cause trouble when he goes out, and he won\’t provoke opponents who are far more powerful than him. The characteristics of naughty children are absolute self-centeredness, threatening crying and violence. Their parents give in endlessly, have no principles, and think that others should do the same. In this way, children lack a sense of boundaries. His sense of boundaries must be established only after he is violently blocked. If he is lucky, this blockage comes from someone of the same age, with equal strength, and he suffers a little pain. If unlucky enough to provoke a stronger, more manic opponent, the block could be fatal. It is extremely dangerous to send the message that \”the whole world will pamper you\” to your child, because the truth is that no one else will pamper him except his family. A naughty child who is spoiled by his parents is often the object of hatred by others, and the risk is also magnified. Don\’t let your children turn into bears. The biggest beneficiary is your own child.

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