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Bai Yansong: The most worthy of complaints about Chinese education are parents

Parents are their children\’s first teachers, and family education is their starting point. Only when parents become outstanding can children become even better. In the past few days, Bai Yansong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People\’s Political Consultative Conference, mentioned when answering questions from netizens, \”In the draft of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Vision Goals, there is a sentence to explore the implementation of parental leave.\” Bai Yansong also said that he hoped that he would say this sentence The words can be trending! As a famous speaker on CCTV, Bai Yansong has always paid special attention to family education, emphasized the importance of family education, and called on all sectors of society to provide support for parents in child care. At the same time, he often makes sharp comments about family education, directly poking at the pain points of family education, and calling on parents to face up to the problems that exist in family education. Let’s take a look at what opinions and suggestions he has! Bai Yansong: My child, if you want to take the first place in the exam, sever the relationship between father and son. The most worthy thing to complain about in Chinese education is the parents. I always feel that it is difficult for parents who play mahjong at home every day to teach their children to read. I think that in Chinese education, the most worthwhile thing is first It is the parents who complain and complain, not the society and the school. How many parents in our lives are still in the process of progress? Many parents always complain that their children are not making enough progress, and then describe the responsibility as a social problem or an educational problem. In fact, a large proportion of these complaints include shirking their own responsibilities. Becoming a parent does not necessarily mean you are a qualified parent physically. Parents need lifelong learning. In the process of children\’s growth, parents bear at least 51% of the responsibility. Don\’t always complain about others, you must change yourself first. Otherwise there will be more and more naughty children. In the process of children\’s growth, no force can replace parents\’ daily communication with their children. Similarly, no teacher can replace parents and provide children with the content they need in childhood. My son is the protagonist in his life. His mother and I are not responsible for writing his scripts. We only want to be competent viewers and appreciators. … Life is not an arena, don’t fight to be first. Tell me the story of my son. After the results of the Beijing High School Entrance Examination were announced, I soon knew that my son’s score was “a high score.” I breathed a sigh of relief, not only because my son \”did well\”, but also because he \”didn\’t do too well\”. Before the high school entrance examination, I made a joke with my children, \”If you get admitted to the best high school in Beijing, I will be anxious for you. If you get the first place in the examination, I will sever the father-son relationship with you.\” I once mailed to my children I wrote a \”life email\” in which I particularly emphasized \”Don\’t fight for first place.\” \”Life is not a competition, and there is no need to regard hitting the finish line as the greatest honor. The person who is the first may be fragile, and has tasted the taste of being above everyone. If he falls again, he may feel desolation, and then he will always be there. Before. The person who stands in the first position is not necessarily the winner. Every first place is always a temporary glory, but it cannot bet on a smooth life.\” \”People who compete for the first place always keep their eyes on their opponents, in order to get First, maybe many unkind methods will come in handy. Maybe, you have won every battle, but in the dead of night, one wound after another will shock you. Why treat the first place as the trophy of life! Each of us is just a person racing against himself.\” There is no point in reasoning. Words and deeds are the most important.There is usually a misunderstanding about me from the outside world, that is, as a \”national face\” known to people across the country, I should not be a good father. \”He is so busy, how can he have time to spend with his children, and how can he influence his children?\” The highest education level Realm is \”teaching without words\”, which is the dream that parents bring to their children through their own actions. For example: I am a fan of the Argentina team. My wife and I either read books or listen to music at home. Apart from watching football games, we rarely watch TV. I have never guided my children to which team they like, and I have never said that you should like reading books. wait. Now my child is a fan of the Argentina team. He never reads e-books and the room is full of paper books. For example, I live on the top floor of my home and take the elevator home every night. After getting to the top floor, I would press \”Floor 1\” to let the elevator go down. Because most people go home in the evening, it is convenient for other people going home and shortens the waiting time. Later, I discovered that when I came home every night from now on, the child would naturally develop this habit, and I had never said \”what should you do\” to the child. Parents are a silent role. As for teaching by words and deeds, do you think it is useful for children of this age to stay here every day and talk to them about big principles? Children’s interests do not need to be cultivated deliberately. Fortunately, my mother did not stop me from reading all kinds of books when I was a child. There were no reading materials suitable for us at that time, so I read adult books, children\’s books, and even many strange books. I also used my mother\’s two reading cards to borrow books everywhere, so I developed the habit of reading. The habit has stayed with me to this day. My son is a book lover. When he was about to graduate from elementary school, he became obsessed with Jin Yong and read the entire collection in one sitting. After that, the children became interested in the history of the Qing and Ming Dynasties, and looked for books on this subject. In addition, I think it’s great that my children also like rock music like me. Many people may think that this is just blind listening. What’s the use? However, while listening to rock music and translating one lyric a day, his English improved rapidly. I never deliberately cultivate my children\’s interests, and it can even be said to be almost \”indulgent\”. Once, when there were classes the next day, I agreed with my child to watch football at midnight on the first day. As a result, the child came home from school the next day and proudly told me: \”No one in our class dares to do this.\” I didn\’t I believe that \”watching football is blind and of no use\”, which is very important for children\’s growth. May I ask where in life there is such a good opportunity to let children feel that if they don’t give up, the results may change. It cannot be given in class. Choosing a school is not as good as choosing a teacher. Choosing a school close to home. Nowadays, many people spend a long time sending their children to school every morning in order to send their children to a good elementary school. My children go to elementary school only 30 meters away from the community, and it is not a famous school. I had two ideas when choosing a primary school: First, choosing a school is not as important as choosing a teacher. “Teacher selection” is the most important thing. The real key to whether a child can grow up healthily, not get tired of learning, develop good habits, and be confident is the kind of teacher you meet in the first place. The teachers you meet along the way, from a certain perspective, determine your life.Maybe I was lucky. Although my grades fluctuated greatly when I was in school. I was among the best when I was good and fell behind when I was bad. I also received a lot of criticism from teachers along the way. But as long as I had achievements, I was always encouraged. Self-confidence has never been truly destroyed. Instead, under the careful care of the teacher, I have the courage to move forward. The second is that the school must be closer to home. This way the children can sleep a little longer and won\’t hate going to school because they get up too early. Be rich spiritually and be hungry materially. When children are young, we need to be rich spiritually but be poor materially. Let your children be \”hungry\” often, so that when they want to get something material, they have to wait a little and stand on tiptoe to get it. This kind of getting is the happiest. The best meals in life are eaten when you are hungry, and the most joyful things are those you have waited for for a long time. The only thing that can be believed about \”Pin Dad\” is to become better. We are the first batch of news program hosts in China. Just like cacti appearing in the desert for a long time, we are regarded as \”green plants\”. As the times become more normal, generations of people are \”queuing up\”. The post-70s generation is preceded by the post-60s generation. When the post-90s generation enters the workplace, the post-80s generation has been working hard for a long time. In this case, no matter how hard you try, it will be difficult to pass. Only a few people can overtake in corners. Everyone works hard, no matter you are born in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, just like squeezing into the subway every morning, you only have a small space. Sometimes people will say that in today\’s society we have to \”fight for our father\”. This phenomenon certainly exists in life, but it is useless to believe in this. The only thing you can believe is to make yourself better and use your wisdom and creativity to overtake others in corners. Sports teaches children to lose with dignity. In 2012, I participated in covering the London Olympics. The slogan of the London Olympics was to inspire a generation. At the end of the Olympic Games, a reporter asked people from the London Olympic Organizing Committee, how do you understand sports to inspire a generation? What did it inspire a generation? The head of the London Olympic Organizing Committee said that first of all, sports teach children how to win within the constraints of the rules. Then he said the second sentence, which had a huge impact on me and left a deep impression on me. He said that first of all, sports teach children and young people how to win within the constraints of rules, and then they teach children how to lose decently and with dignity. So, when have we ever taught our children to lose gracefully and with dignity? If we cannot teach generations of Chinese people to lose with dignity and dignity, and elevate losing with dignity and dignity to a concept called \”the second kind of success,\” it will be difficult for fundamental changes to occur. Don’t limit your children with standard answers. A game from my childhood once deeply affected me. I remember that one semester, my uncle, who was a math teacher, had been playing a game with me. He gave me a geometric figure every day. After he drew the first auxiliary line, he asked me to draw the second one. Under normal circumstances, if you only need to draw one auxiliary line for a question, you will get full marks even if you have solved it. But in fact, there are several auxiliary lines that can solve this question. It wasn’t until many years later, when I was praised for having many different ideas, that I realized it was my uncle’s game.The play changed my thinking, that is, don’t give children a standard answer. Our education always tells children that it is over with a standard answer, which stifles children\’s curiosity. So, how can they become innovative talents when they grow up? Mathematics requires standard answers, but why do our poems, compositions, movies, music, art, etc. also have to use a framed answer? During the rehearsal of an event, I interviewed a \”filial boy\” and asked him: \”Your family\’s financial situation is not good, but why do you two siblings learn to dance ballroom dance?\” He said: \”First, you can exercise. The second is to make money to support the family.\” Such a simple and true answer! But then I asked him again, and the answer became the standard answer guided by the teacher – \”Dancing allows us to feel the beauty of art.\” We should no longer restrict children with those so-called correct answers and let them enter a closed box from now on. Children have a lot of imagination and curiosity, and we need to activate their curiosity. Fortunately, my uncle gave me games with more than standard answers when I was a child, letting me know that many questions stop at the first answer, and that is \”what everyone else says\”; but the process of finding the second or even third answer It will be more interesting and creative. Therefore, we should respect children\’s thinking and let them know in elementary school: there is more than one answer to many things. Even if you are wrong, you have discovered a new way of thinking about the problem. Future excellence and creativity may lie in a wrong answer that changes the angle at the beginning. Reading cultivation is so important! I\’m thinking if I hadn\’t been 18 years old, poetry had let me know what words I should say; if I hadn\’t been 18 years old, Sanmao had told us where the distance is with her series of love-related books. I think I can\’t resist hunger. I feel that I am very grateful to reading, because reading planted so many seeds that could take root and bloom in my life when I was 18 years old, making me what I am today. More importantly, I think it is so important that my today is not the one I was tired of and hated when I was 18 years old. Statistics show that teenagers between the ages of 10 and 19 read the most, but a large proportion of those books are not books they love to read, but books that are related to current exams and so on. Because I read utilitarian books, I did not develop the habit of lifelong reading. 20-39 years old, busy with fame and fortune, under great pressure from career, no time to study. Between the ages of 40 and 49, when they are least likely to study, many people feel that at this stage of their lives, their lives have been finalized and they no longer need to study. In old age, reading begins to increase. Because I left the front line of my career, I no longer rushed for fame, fortune, and power, I passively approached the true meaning of life, and picked up books again. At this time, reading returned to its greatest essence, which is fun, turning useless into useful, and nourishing life. This situation urgently needs to be changed, so that young people can enjoy the fun of books and not just read for utilitarian purposes. It is necessary to develop reading into a lifelong habit and the best way of life during adolescence.

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